The luckiest shopping day in history - Part One!

Fancy Copenhagen Fashion Festival?


What are you doing next week? Would you like to go to Copenhagen?? I'm going to Copenhagen Fashion Festival as an ambassador and I've got some extra tickets to give away too! 

The deets you need to know are... 

Copenhagen Fashion Festival runs alongside Copenhagen Fashion Week, offering shopping events, exhibitions and parties for consumers. It sounds like the whole city becomes a fashion mecca and there's literally events from 9am- 5am. The fab thing is that Copenhagen consumers are much like the cool kids above! So you have chance to spend a few days attending events such as a La Glace macaroon party, makeovers and hand massages at ILLUM's cosmetic department, Max Factor makeovers, a Cheap Monday barbeque, champagne with Juicy Couture, and endless competitions, refreshments, discounts, canal tours, and street art. At night there are many events that are free or open guestlist, with parties hosted by Dior, Elite Models and Levis. There's like three parties at least every night so you could try them all! Friday 12th is the Fashion Night Out, with discounts and drinks at every shop from Acne to H&M. There's also the Green Walk, that highlights sustainable and ethical exhibitions and shopping- something I'll be checking out! Take a look at the events schedule to see the jam packed days.

Norwegian fly from London Gatwick twice daily; mid morning and early evening. I believe the flights are flexible across the Festival, so make sure you could be free on these days, or maybe one day either side! I'm going down on the Thursday. If you're a fashion blogger maybe you could apply for some show tickets!

The competition is for two return flights from London to Copenhagen! Travel in style and spend a few days in the coolest city. I could possibly fill a whole month with places I want to visit in that city, but the Fashion Festival events mean it will be a fashion explosion of style and shopping, with many exuberant parties to sample! Also Copenhagen hosts all those Swedish shops you will love... Gina Tricot... Weekday... Monki! Ahhh!

I'm not flying there of course as I just need to make it to Malmö and it's right next door! Maybe you're a blogger and want to go alone to sample the city. Or maybe you can think of a best friend/partner who totally deserves it. I understand many people have school and work so I don't think everyone will be able to apply, but if you can take a few days off and be spontaneous for a once in a lifetime free trip, then leave a comment! Just say if you'd like one or two tickets and if you're a blogger I might be able to sort you out accommodation! Were you planning on travelling this summer? Maybe this is fate! Travel now, sample Scandinavia, and crash some amazing parties! The Festival isn't a strict march, you can drop in on whichever events you like or just fika in the capital!

I'll close the competition on Friday at 9pm and then I'll contact the winners so you have the weekend to confirm. If something comes up this week after you've applied, then I'll generate some more winners. Maybe we can meet up and party together ^_^.

P.S. The last competition I did was ages ago for a super sweet Love Hearts and Crosses pin and I didn't announce the winner! What a bad blogger. I've generated and emailed now! xx

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