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My Keratin Treatment

Hiii! Finally an evening to blog, sorry it's been so long! As I said before, the internet has only just been set up in our house and I've got loooads of work! I'm trying to start early though and divide it up over the weeks, which is probably better in the long run but it means I have work to do every day. I'll get back into the swing though! The picture above was from my lovely holiday in Newquay and the first thing I did when I got home was get a Keratin treatment on my hair, or sometimes it's called a permanent or Brazilian blowdry. Basically your hair is made of keratin so it's like turning your hair into new hair! They shampoo your hair loads and then paint on the keratin on dry hair, which kinda looks like gel. Then they straighten it in and you have to keep poker straight hair for day, without tucking it behind your ears or putting glasses on your head or else you'll dent it! One day I did wake up with a few kinks but I just put the hairdryer on it a bit to make it straight again. I was going to get it done for my birthday but it's around £150! Toni and Guy quoted me £200, and seems as it only lasts around 3 months, that's way too much!

But luckily I happened to ask when I was getting my hair done for my birthday at Umberto Giannini in Selfridges and they needed models for their training! Woohoo, must have been good karma! On the day I did have four different stylists doing it though, most for the first time, but it went really well and I washed mine out after only 2 days so it would keep some curl. The treatment takes out all your frizz; literally my hair just won't get frizzy! For the whole of freshers week it rained and rained, but it didn't matter! Before it took around three hours to do my hair from wash to finish but now I could even leave it and it would be fine. And after a month it's still great! I've mainly been wearing my hair with big curls on the ends or back-combing it a bit on top. Drying take 20 minutes! Ultimate hair freedom! I made some videos of my natural hair and when I just had it done, and then after it was washed out, but I've included my September Favourites video too to show what it's like now how I wear it. A few people said there was nothing wrong with my natural hair but I'm not realistically going to ever wear it out like that, it's too crazy! And I always think that the unexpected will happen and feel much more confident when my hair is done, hence why I spent 3 hours doing it each time I washed it for the past three years!

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