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Hi guys! I am in the mist of a very stretched week as I move out of my house into a new one and tackle a very serious drama involving an exploding smoothie. Yes, somehow my bedroom walls and ceiling are covered in strawberry smoothie, rather similar to a bloodbath shooting, and I am trying to scrub if off to get my deposit back, eeek!

Drama aside (if I don't laugh, I'll cry), I had a lovely weekend visiting home, dashing around friends and family in order to see everyone. The train home itself is £33 so I can't go as often as I would like sadly! My Mom lives outside of central Birmingham now so my sister visited her on the same night as me and I helped dye her hair. This is almost like a self-narrated guest post and it was her hair, but I thought some of you might be interested in the new L'Oreal Ombré hair dye kits! My sister Chloe works in Superdrug so she bought this before it hit the shelves, probably within the next week or so.

The kit is essentially bleach with a comb, coming in three shades to achieve blonde if you have dark blonde - dark brown hair. Chloe already had blonde ends but wanted to take it up a few inches as her hair has grown. I know nothing of bleaching or hair dying but it was a doddle! You simply squeeze the creme onto the brush and comb it onto the very ends; then comb it lightly on the bits you want to fade. To get an even line, I would get someone else to do it so you aren't reaching around the back of your head, and make sure you lightly brush the underneath too. Chloe's went fine apart from a more obvious brown - blonde line at the back underneath which I must not have brushed properly! I would also tie up the top section of your hair if you have layers so you can spend some dedicated time making them perfect, as that layer will be shown the most!

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