White on White: Nike Air Force 1
Marseille 2013 Part Two

Nails of the Week 31: White Out

Another white look. I have a white lifestyle right now! It's such a fuss free colour that still makes a clean, sharp statement. I think it will transition into autumn but there is nothing like white in sunshine. I opted for classic white nails for my Marseille holiday as I just couldn't decide on a colour that would go with all of my outfits. I really loved the matte red of last month and that will certainly make a comeback, but it was too dark for a sunny holiday. It's the first time I've worn longer nails to my new work and I think they are OK as I don't have many meetings so they are not so in-your-face. I might make another move into decorated nails soon as the party season is on the way. It will be a change to working in fashion and absolutely being snowed under during Christmas time!

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