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V Festival 2014 - The highs, the stories, the scandals

Guys! Hey! So I'm working chronologically through my recent happenings and I have so many funny, amazing and downright crazy things to tell you from V Festival. I've seen quite a few blogger festival posts this summer so I've kept it to the nitty gritty, juicy bits and some things I am fairly confident you will NOT expect!

1. SO we bounced down the motorway in Stacey's ride and luckily I had peeked at the festival map before travel (a seasoned V attendee right here!), so we knew to drive to a certain car park and be right by a campsite. No walking from the car laden with bags like camels! We camped in the quieter Gold campsite but it did make us feel quite far away from the atmosphere so we might change that next time. Our morning routine was to wake up to the sounds of children (yes really - see below) and go to sit in the car for about an hour, drinking two litres of water, as it was so close!

2. We met many a fabulous person, as detailed soon. My best buddy Barrie from work is potentially the best festival wing-man ever and even brought us both festival presents and made us loom bands while watching Rudimental! Can I just make a side note and say how much I fancy one of the dudes in Rudimental. I had to state how much of a nice man he seems many, many times while gazing at the Main Stage screen with heart eyes. I've seen Rudimental a few times this year and they just know how to work a festival stage, even if they're not the typical band or singer.

3. Back to the first day of Friday evening where they open the arena before the bands kick off on the Saturday, and I was especially keen to hit club MTV in the massive circus tent, followed by a silent disco. Many (I was going to say a few but I'm old now!) years ago at Reading Festival, we had to run to the queue for a silent disco even before the headliner had been on, so I wanted to be all queued up and prepared for this baby, and make the most of the first night. We ventured down to the arena before grabbing out wrist bands from Barrie on the gate (he worked there!) and partied it up in the club/tent! At one point Stacey made me go on a fairground ride which I am so scared of (and made her go on them on her own at Wireless Festival), but I was talked into a swinging, spinning, upside down monster, and screamed and closed my eyes throughout! We queued for the silent disco and we danced with 18 year olds until 3am to the two different DJs playing different songs simultaneously - you just flick a switch on your headphones to change the song and everyone is dancing and singing to different things! Amazing!

4. The next day but embarked for my only favourite act of the weekend, Jhene Aiko. When I saw Jhene on the line up I nearly whooped out loud on the train to work and immediately felt very excited. She was so lovely and sweet and just amazing, and not many people were watching her so we were very close. I had already looked at a recent set list of hers so when some girls infront of us were saying 'I don't know this song? Maybe it's new?', I could input 'She's covering Tupac'. Now I don't particularly know a Tupac song from any other but they were very impressed with my worldy music knowledge until I did reveal to Stacey later that I only knew because I had read it recently! Haha!

Mounting created Bloggif

5. The second surprise highlight was Childish Gambino, who I have only been listening to recently and did a major set at the MTV stage to a crazy crowd. His dancing and strutting across the stage really drove everyone wild and instead of sitting to eat pizza with Stacey, I decided to venture towards the thick of the crowd at the stage and go back to Stacey after a few songs. Somehow I always end up getting into VIP areas, backstage and behind barriers where ever I go, through no effort of my own really. A man next to me was also alone and after a few songs feeling like we really should start talking to each other, he started up a conversation and it turned out he was the DJ at the cocktail tent! Now this 'cocktail tent' was more of a huge open VIP house with fancy bars and a DJ platform high above the bar, so you could only see the DJ if they hung over the wall in front of the box. Around the clean, plastic bars were dance floors spilling out onto the festival field and music pumping, so as you walked by you were almost drafted into a totally new section! In fact some people spent more time there than watching bands! The DJ said we should stop by for some drinks, so I returned to Stacey with news of my new friend, and we went to meet Barrie to see my dreamboat Rudimental dude and party with him.

6. We felt the festival vibes and skipped off to the cocktail tent, where I waved down the DJ and we got some cocktails and met his male model friend - well hello there! They both took a break to come with us to see Jason Derulo, who was smooth like a smoothie from the veeery far away place we were standing as it was SO busy.

7. We decided for myself and DJ man to go back to the cocktail area for his set, and Stacey go with Mr Model to watch their favourite Paolo Nutini. I'm not a Paolo fan so I was eeeking inside with excitement as myself and the DJ went backstage and climbed the ladder up to the cocktail DJ floor/box, where you looked over the whole crowd dancing from above. Of course my exterior was cool and collected, but as usual when you are backstage, inside you are thinking 'Well this isn't daily life! Hell yea!', just like a rock star. I put in my favourite requests and channelled my inner Kate Moss festival vibes, and soon enough the DJs friend returned... without Stacey. Somehow he was lost her along the way and we had no phone signal so we were stuck!! Red alert! 

8. I made the most of hanging out in the cocktail area with all of the crew before saying goodbyes and skipped off. While considering my plan B now that I was alone and couldn't get hold of Stacey, one of the barmen I had been chatting to a little while before when I was partying with the DJs (be nice and chat to everyone - a good life motto) said he was going to see Chase and Status at the big circus tent with another dude while on their bar breaks. I said 'Sure!' and by then it was night time so I found myself in a strobe lit, floor shaking, 10,000 deep crowd all raving to thumping dance music in the dark. It was wild! And I found Stacey, wahoo!

9. The second day was all about the music, with so many swooning gals at the Ed Sheeran set, and a host of indie bands bursting out tunes. Justin Timberlake rounded off proceedings very nicely and added a new twist to the day's line up.

10. And we find ourselves at number 10! I'm sorry I deceived you into thinking I would summarise my experience but I have just ended up typing and typing for hours tonight! Onto my outfits - I wore my lemon Motel set again as I love it and a festival setting is the perfect place for it, and a new identical set in a green tropical print! Stacey also wore all Motel, with the sunflower skirt and off shoulder dress! I wore some nail decals on my face (also asked to borrow from a random girl in a crowd?!) and a head piece, although it was very wonky and falling off most of the time but I did feel very cool!

Until next year, Weston Park!

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