A Week With The Nokia Lumia 1020

I said a few posts back that I was thinking about getting a decent camera. By decent I mean one that shows I'm wearing colour, have makeup on, and my hair isn't brown! Your standard digital camera isn't too effective for these which is fine, but when I have some precious time to invest in my lovely blog, I want it to be the best it can be. The problem is I don't quite have the time to work out how to use a DSLR and my family usually take my outfit photos anyway.

Camilla at Nokia saw my post and tweeted me to kindly offer a trial of the Nokia Lumia 1020 for a couple of weeks. Why the devil not I thought, and soon I received a parcel and tipped out a banana yellow phone. This thing means business, with a slab of a screen so bright and clear, the days of squinting south to your lap are over. After a few days I wondered why all phones weren't this smart and clutter free, rather than bouncing with fiddly apps. Windows 8 aside, I would definitely go for the white or black colour as the yellow felt like a beacon in my hand, but I do like large phones and this chunky model felt like a real product rather than something as-thin-as-can- be.

The screen is huge and it's almost like looking at a small TV screen because it's just so clear;  a stonking 41 megapixels to be exact. Just look at the iPhone 5 photo above and the Lumia photos below. You can tinker with techy things like the shutter speed and ISO, which my novice curiosity had a dabble in below at my mom's house. The photos are fantastic from the first click, and there are no fuzzy frames as the clip on case turns a standard phone into an easy-grip camera with a shutter button; even my nan could use this! My recent outfit posts have been taken using it and I barely needed any different shots to choose a top few. I really asked myself why I would pay more each month for a sleek iPhone when I could get a phone and awesome camera in one, and not have to lug around two devices. 

I'm interested if you have took the plunge and invested in a snazzy camera. Was it worth it?

Forever young

I was in The Times today on the Young Times page! How cool! I gave some style tips for 2011, I'll put it up properly when I get a new camera, sorry for the webcam picture! It also features some blogs I love: LLYMLRS, Male Mode, WishWishWish and a new blog to me, Behind the Seams. What a nice boost in the middle of all these exams! Revision is just annoying me now, I almost wish exams were sooner! Let's get this show on the road! My housemate and I went to Yo! Sushi today because you can get a 40% off voucher code online. One of the perks of being vegetarian is that I'm not too spoiled for choice in places like that with loads and loads to choose from. Now I'm off to watch the new series of Snog, Marry, Avoid, one of my favourite programmes! I went to MAC today but it was so hectic I couldn't swatch all I wanted, will have to go back after exams. I've bargained with myself that I'll revise until 11pm and then I can read the latest Elle. I'm so excited to go shopping for this season!xx