Nails Of The Week 29: On Cloud Nine

I have been on the hunt for the perfect lilac/powder blue/grey polish for SO LONG and it has finally joined my life, along with a valuable lesson. I'm sure you know the experience of trawling makeup stands full of shiny treasures and spotting the lipstick/blush/polish colour that looks perfect. Just the right shade, tone and texture on the back of your hand or in the bottle; the one you know will compliment perfectly. Then you walk out of the shop, try it on, and it is not perfect at all. It has somehow morphed into something totally different to what you envisioned and your £5 is down the drain.

I've bought lots of powder blues in hope of finding a muted lilac or cornflower blue but none were right. Barry M's Gelly Blueberry looks like it would be but it comes out much darker and richer than its bottle shade. Gah!

However the lesson I have learnt is to buy from swatches rather than the appearance. I Googled around and found a few blog posts with Revlon Cloud, a white/lilac in the bottle but a powdery indigo on the nails! I bought it from eBay as I'm not sure if the colour is in stores and when it arrived I was dubious, but it was true to the swatches and never has a colour felt so on point. I've compared it below next to it's closest shades in my collection and realise Barry M just doesn't do soft shades, which is no negative as they are famed for opaque, rich colours. For now, Revlon has my total attention and I'll be browsing swatches before I buy in the future!

Pointed or 'stiletto' nails will round off very quickly, especially if you type as fast as me, so I have just filed mine into points again ready for Wireless tomorrow! The London based festival has already been going on for the past two days and it has been so exciting but a little torturous to see everyone already there; I can't wait to wake up tomorrow! 

Nails Of The Week 28: Hyper Bright Pom Pom

Nails of the week, nailssss of the weeeek! Nailsoftheweek! Working on that theme tune guys! The only way to photograph this nail colour was in the blinding Saturday sunlight as W.I.P 's Pom Pom is neon. It is a very 80's pink with a coral tone and I love it on pointed nails. No matter how long they are, pointed nails never feel long. How long can I go?! I got this polish at Urban Outfitters and it was one of those colours that was just the perfect shade. Sometimes you go to the salon with 100 colours and not one single shade is just quite right so it is best to invest in your cult favourites and take one along.

I had to include this beautiful butterfly I spotted when taking this photo too - spring is here! Bring it on! I visited home this weekend and hung out with my sister too, and I took my nan to bingo where I won £10! Maybe I should invest that in a new makeup treat; watch this space.

Nails Of The Week 27: White

Nails of the weeeeeeEEEEk! If there was ever a nail theme tune, these blog posts need it. I've got the nail bug again and there is something that just feels right about dressing up your hands as you use them so much of course. On your phone, tapping at a keyboard or munching on lunch, it always brightens your mood a little when you catch sight of lovely nails. I'm a fan of over-the-top glitz and everything cute so I do jazz mine up a little, and now loads of salons offer bigger gems and bows.


I have got a shoe box full of bows, studs and miniature decals (and considering how small they individually are, that's a lot!) and would probably start taking my own into the nail salon as they charge £1/2 per bow when 100 would only be around £3 on eBay! The guy who did my nails stuck these bows on with acrylic solution so I might try that next time I DIY it as it is much stronger than the false nail glue I usually use.


I got these nails done at home in Birmingham and they were super cheap but not the best finish. I've decided white nails are best on square tips and I'm not sure quite which colour I want next. Maybe neon! The cat liked then though.

Nails Of The Week 26: An Old Favourite and a New Ring

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I do not have much to share in the fashion stakes as I am going through a process of spring cleaning my wardrobe and selling anything and everything. I see my wardrobe almost like a bank account and as I don't buy a large amount of cheap, fast fashion, usually I can sell most things on. I only like to wear a dress for a night out a few times too so I sell those on eBay often!

I'm waiting until I've sold anything I know I won't be wearing anytime soon and then I'm going to assess anything new I really need. I've also been thinking about the items I grab quickly to wear on a daily basis and how they can be dressed up even more easily. Say if it is so easy to grab leggings, I can swap those for Riding Pants or high waisted jeans and wear ankle strap kitten heels instead of flats. Both only take the same amount of time to throw on but then you are stepping it up in the style stakes!

As you start selling things, you become quite tentative about putting things back into your wardrobe. If I buy something new now I wonder how much I can sell if for a few months down the line! Topshop items often sell well for example because they are so memorable. This is where accessories enter the menu! A new piece of jewellery can kick a shopping craving and can be mixed and matched with everything, so is a worthwhile buy. H&M does such chic jewellery on a budget and you don't have to dodge past any skulls or crosses usually. I was the ultimate magpie with this ring and for someone who wears so little jewellery like me, it makes enough impact alone. I love anything iridescent!

Also my favourite nail polish of all time made a comeback, W7's Fluroescent Pink 2. The fluro coral is ridiculously hard to photograph but it gets lots of compliments. I'm on a kick for brights as I've had nude nails a couple of times already. Oh the perils and indecisions of choosing nail colours!

Nails Of The Week 25: Celestial

I was hoping Topshop's Celestial would be like Essie's Lapis of Luxury, which Rihanna wore in her What's My Name video, but it seems even better! It's a bright, clear sky blue and very opaque so it looks almost gummy. I love 'unnatural' colours on nails like green, blue and purple as they stand out the most. I really wanted rounded nails again even though they don't wear very well and can look quite messy when they grow out a little. I went to the nail salon on the evening before Valentine's day though so it was too busy to ask for anything time consuming, although a girl next to me had some amazing pointed nude nails. She asked for designs on her index fingers of a gun and a knife and the nail technician was so confused haha! Definitely Valentine's appropriate?!

I only have a couple of Topshop polishes but their colours are so deep and opaque that I'll make a beeline for more if there is a specific shade I am craving. I might jazz these up with some 3D gems this week if I get bored.

Nails Of The Week 24: Nude Sparkles

Oooo I got my nails did! I just googled a picture of this polish and I found one of my own from a few years ago when I did some crazyyy nails with this colour! It's called Linen by W7 and it's a creamy white with a hint of pink. When I first had it applied at the salon I worried it looked like a dirty white but in daylight it has milky, nude tones, which are super chic. I have a couple of W7 polishes and they have the best colours.

I fancied a bit of bling and actually did these on the train to Manchester on Friday! The guy next to me probably thought I was crazy but one nail doesn't take very long. I realised that the gems and glue would be more effective if the surface was rough so I filed the nail a little so make it less smooth. I'm quite tempted to do a few more nails for the weekend, and of course fashion week is coming up! I've decided my outfit (mostly Motel of course!) and am rather looking forward to hitting the cobbles of Somerset House!

Nails Of The Week 22: Ashes and Fire

I was so pleasantly surprised when I bought this polish as it looks like a green glitter! Topshop do a rainbow range of glitters but Ashes and Fire is actually holographic instead of the festive green that it looks on the shelf. I put on three coats and it became a glitter bomb of constant sparkles; the perfect Christmas polish!

I had my nails filed into points last time I hit the salon and loved it! They felt really spiky but they seemed to get more rounded after a few days so they weren't as effective. I might get my nails redone before it is party time this weekend onwards, and might go back to square for the moment. I can't stop reblogging pointy nails on Tumblr though!


Nails Of The Week 21

I haven't had my nails done in sooo long and on Saturday I had a major pamper day of getting my eyebrows, nails and even makeup done. You know I'm a big fan of MAC makeovers as you get such value for money, and I really needed a few new ideas as my routine was becoming dull! A much needed refresh after four months of buying none.

I've moved house finally to somewhere lovely and bustling, so I popped to my new local salon and immediately found OPI Blue My Mind, perfect for my Ariel Halloween costume! Most colours do look good on fake nails but the metallic blue is very polished and makes your nails petite and rather aquatic! I'm going to get a berry red version next time, but for now the blue is perfect with red lips!

It's approaching the busiest season at work so I'm gearing up for the action - bring it on! I'll be keeping up with my blogging of course and hopefully will have lots to share x


I have a new obsession with white nails. I think I have gone through the entire rainbow of nail colours and now I am back to white - and I can't think of anything else I'd rather have! Literally no other colour appeals to me. Have you been liking any colours for autumn?

At first I thought stark white may look like tippex but when you pay enough money at the nail salon to get truly perfect nails (expensive habit!), you might as well choose a colour that really shows that off. I expect white is a hard colour to get right if you paint your own nails but on gels/acrylics they look great, even if they are nail destroyers! The nail person may be confused that you want white nails, not white tips though - the lady doing mine said 'White...... really?' when I said it, haha!

The white really sets off any jewellery and gives an eye-catching flash of nails without being a bright, in-your-face colour. I love the white with pastels and have been wearing this Topshop ring I got years ago in a Freedom sale and constantly wearing these cute Miss Selfridge heart knuckle/midi rings too! The heart actually fell off one so I wear that plain now, but I am on a huge jewellery kick at the moment and want some more knuckle rings. I think it's because I'm trying hard not to spend a lot on clothes so maybe jewellery can update my wardrobe a little. Here's hoping!