Birthday Nights

Hello guys! I hope you are all doing very well. I thought I felt very emotional last week because it was my birthday but I think it was just hormonal in the end! I am the grand age of 25 and I'm sort of going along a path of trying to get rich but also travel, shop and push myself to succeed. It's a working balance in progress! I've also started driving lessons which makes me feel even more like a certified grown up. I just need to stop laughing as I'm driving and it should be fine!

So my birthday was finally chance to wear a dress that has been burning a mini hole in my wardrobe. I say mini because it is rather small! I had a big night out on the cards but it was bitter sweet as one of my friends is also moving to Abu Dhabi soon, so it was a joint celebration with my friends on Saturday night.

I follow so many brands on Instagram and Pepper Mayo seemed the Australian answer to Missguided. It was certainly a risk ordering one size from so far away as I usually order a variety of sizes, especially when a £10 customs fee was slapped on by Royal Mail. The sheer amount of things I buy and return is quite crazy as I only like to keep things I really, really love, with the perfect fit. The fashion Gods were smiling though and the dress fit like a dream, even if a little short! It's call the Victoria Dress and the plunge effect is actually due to a built in V shaped wire, so there is no danger of flashing. I absolutely love crochet and it’s quite unique in black. I was going to get the white version of the dress but only the black dress had my size in stock and so it was meant to be. As it was so short, I added a plain black bodycon skirt underneath, and teamed with some shoes I actually bought myself from Choies. Has any blogger actually purchased things from those cheapie Asian websites?! Maybe I'm the first! I was looking for a copy of the Giuseppe Zanotti shoes that eventually fizzled down to Zara, and these fit the bill. They also have them in nude which I would totally go for if they wouldn’t get so stained in a club.

I also spent a night in the swish Bloc Hotel Birmingham through a work contact and felt like a total lady of leisure. It is even in the Jewellery Quarter, an area of my city that a few of my friends enviously live in! It's the cool, cosmopolitan hub of Birmingham and definitely matches the trendy day trippers of the city, with a chic, compact feel but first class features. I settled for a night of TLC in the king-size bed lavished with Egyptian cotton sheets, after soaking up a monsoon drench shower, hooking up all of my gadgets and admiring the pink lighting. I'll just move in, thank you! There is nothing better than watching movies snuggled in bed. I have a fantasy of having a bedroom literally empty of things apart from an incredible bed and fur rug. I’d so much rather clear things out than buy loads of cutesy homewear! Twenty five ain't looking so bad :)

All about Amsterdam: Part 2

Hey guys! So here are the final instalments of my Amsterdam trip. I really want to book another holiday already! After our first arrival night, we still weren’t totally sure of our surroundings but woke up nice and early to being our tourist travels. We went towards Anne Frank House with a pit stop for breakfast, and got slightly lost along the way. Once you figure out which canals are which, Amsterdam is quite easy to navigate though. Bicycles nip down the cobbled streets much more frequently than cars and the air was humid and close, with canals littered with pretty flowers. A man sitting outside a café exclaimed ‘You girls are so fashion!’ and we approached a very trendy barbers to ask for directions from various tattooed, bearded men! Amsterdam vibes are very chilled so after asking many people, we finally found our destination. There was a queue of around two hours but we hovered and finally reached the doors to Anne Frank House, and toured around the actual rooms where the families hid for years. I’ve read Anne Frank’s diary but there weren’t too many extracts in the exhibitions, possibly to keep the visitor flow going through. It was quite eerie and very sombre; one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

For the whole holiday I wore these white sandals from Quiz which divided my friends as one hated them and one borrowed them every night and bought a pair when she got home! They are so satisfyingly chunky and comfortable due to that platform, but they are super easy to walk in and don't look like a heel at all. I've seen loads of cute girls wearing these 'ugly' sandals with Joni jeans et al, looking really sweet. Other outfits you've seen before but it was so hot that we couldn't handle wearing much!

After our first stop, we had a wander around a few shops and tried a very tasty strawberry tart from one of the many bakeries. It’s quite annoying when going on holiday and only finding touristy restaurants and cafes, but Amsterdam haunts weren’t too bad for day time eating, even though it took us a while to find decent evening places without photographs of the food in the windows! We took a hilarious trip around the Sex Museum, which was so bizarre to see rude selfies taken in the 1900s. Even when cameras were first invented, nudie photos were taken!

We hit a few bars for drinks and ended the night with plans to go on a bar crawl the next day, as we weren’t too sure where best to go and still didn’t want to be all dressed up and walking the streets in our usual heels and get up.

And then it was Friday – another chance for us to see the sights. We sipped fresh mint tea before embarking on a trip around the Heineken Experience. I managed to get a complimentary trip for the girls and I through my work so we made our way through the hilarious tour through the factory, smelling hops and mixing the barley (maybe!?).

They had a crazy ride where you took a trip through the real beer making process, before sampling the complimentary refreshments in the bar rooms which pumped out the music. This definitely put us in the mood to hit the town, but first we visited the iamsterdam sign and took a look around the Van Gogh museum. After finding out he was rather mad, we realised over dinner that the day had ran away with us and the pub crawl we had planned to go on would start in an hour! We vowed to get ready in the nick of time and speed walked towards the hotel, before bumping into one of the guys dotted around the city advertising the crawl and realising the first bar stop lasted two hours – not the whole crawl. OH!

So we all managed to shower and add as much makeup as possible in our tiny compact mirrors, before trying on all of my outfits in attempt to look dressy but not too dressy. In the end we just went with our usual glam outfits and walked to the first bar. When we paid, we worked our charm on the organiser and he gave us ‘special’ purple wrist bands and a mention in his 'speech'.  Well it turned out that half of the 200 people were purple and his speech consisted of telling everyone how messy and wasted we would get! When he mentioned ‘four sexy girls from Birmingham’ we literally stayed silent and hid haha! We realised everyone around us was already drunk and were either 18 or on a racous stag do, so it took us a few terrible shots and free watered down drinks to warm up. By the second bar we were laughing at the drunk people and avoiding the lurching stags, before reaching a final place where the toilets were 50 cents to use. This made our decision for us and we took the risk to abandon the crawl, even though we didn’t know quite where we would end up. Funnily enough, a bar that was recommended earlier to us was right infront of our eyes, so we stepped in and had some very reasonably priced sweet wine and soaked up some electro. I asked a group of hipsters where a club called Jimmy Woo was, as I had heard from many sources that it was the top club. Even more coincidentally it was right next door, so we walked up to the guest list queue and after looking down his list, the bouncer said we were (magically) on it and we walked straight in! This turned out to be the most perfect club with a heaving dance floor and a song list that we would have created ourselves.

We danced for the entire night and it was such a perfect sequence of events that we were content with just that night out, since having done so many activities during the days. This was proved by our late rise the next day and hangover breakfasts at 1pm. If we would have been out every night, we would never have visited so many parts of the city in the day, so really it’s either/or when choosing holiday priorities. Our main aim of the final day was to rent bikes but that didn’t quite happen, so we observed a really random photoshoot where some girls in matching playsuits started swimming in a pond, and then rounded off our trip an awesome restaurant with a gorgeous menu of delicate dishes, and we toasted our short trip. But oh no, it did not end there – we still had a few key places to see! The infamous red light district on a Saturday night was heaving, and due to the key time slots, the girls in the windows were amazing!! Literally like supermodels but with a lot less clothing and a lot more sass. We also saw a sex show which had a number of ‘acts’ in succession, each more crazy than the last! There are things I have seen that I can never unsee!!

After a few more cocktails to toast this craziness, it was time to grab a pizza slice and hit our beds, setting the alarm for a 6am rise for the airport. All in all it was a very expensive trip and we had so many more experiences that didn’t involve a three day hangover! We had loads of stories to tell and it’s a city you definitely have to visit once. Next I’d like to travel further afar to Prague or Budapest maybe, and then I might head towards my first long haul holiday. Better start saving those pennies!

Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Three

Hi guys, happy Friday! I have that Friday feeling and I hope you do too! I'm starting this post on my lunch break but will likely add the photos and publish later, which is my usual posting pattern. When I'm on my laptop, I'm usually in bed so it's more difficult to write the reams I usually do!

But lets rewind to the final day of Wireless and I woke up wondering just why I had hit the town the night before, but we were just in such a good mood! We knew a few more people going to the third festival day and it was again an even busier day than before, and seemed to go much quicker. I woke up and had no idea what to wear but I consulted my Wireless moodboard and added a bright Iggy Azealia matte pink lip and some hefty jewellery by my own standards. I'm having a bit of a shorts crisis recently as mine just seem too short, and wanted something that covered me a little more than the short-shorts I would wear at a camping festival. I had pulled out all of my optional outfits before the festival started, and picked out my Topshop bralette which is super sturdy and I've had lots of wear out of for night time, plus a pair of shorts from a Rihanna x River Island co-ord set. The aquatic blues somehow worked together and it was never an outfit I would have imagined in my mind but I liked it! I also wore my Roche Runs again which are so cute and make your feet look teeny tiny - so sweet!

We headed to the festival site and planned to sit back and soak everything in for that day. We were just right on time for Iggy Azalea, who I was seriously excited for out of the whole line up. I just like her songs and her crazy vibes! She had one of those relentless sets that pumps out the tunes non-stop, pow pow pow. She was really loud and clear too so everyone heard every expletive and she played my favourites too! Her dancers were also awesome! Sassy x 1,000,000!

This was followed by Tinie Tempah, who I feel like I have seen before but maybe I haven't. Playing a festival really needs you to bring something different and to interact with a crowd who maybe aren't all fans, so Tinie literally spun the audience into a frenzy and was super energetic. I think he is at V Festival so I'd definitely watch again!

Then we found my sister's friends and Pharrell came out to play a very slick, smooth set that was actually very warm and fuzzy. He brought some of the crowd on stage and even serenaded a girl, giving her life advice on stage. It was very sweet and we had such a great spot so we could see everything, especially when the artist walks to the side of the stage that you are at!

Then the weekend was crowned with a memorable performance from none other than Kanye West, plus that rant about the media. I was just more in awe of him because he was Kim Kardashian's husband! It was dark by this time and the hugely glittering, glowing stage transformed the day's field setting into a huge, monstrous music power house, and everyone knows the words to Kanye songs!

And then it was a wrap - the festival was over! Phew!! When I have holiday from work, usually my thoughts aren't far away, but over the weekend I was totally transported into music heaven and just had the best time ever! Thank you Live Nation! I've never danced so much.

Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Two

Hey guys, I have returned from my Amsterdam holiday and am back with a bang! The bang of the plane that is, as I spent yesterday sleeping and watching Friends re-runs to feel up and ready for the new week ahead. I ran out of time before going away but I have been so excited to tell you about the second day of Wireless and one of my favourite festival days ever!

The weekend is still a blur but after the first day of torrential, relentless rain, I woke up in my own bed instead of a tent, washed my frizz-ball hair, and had a facial. Yes, a facial! I was a £10 one at my local market at a Chinese medicine stand, but the lady is my favourite person right now and I've been going to her for months as I sometimes get shoulder pain from typing on a computer all day. She suggested a facial last time I went, and after 20 minutes I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe the difference! After a day in the rain and wind, my face was scultped and smoothed, with no puffiness at all. Magical!

We didn't hit the festival until around 3pm and it was thankfully such a beautiful, sunny day. I was waiting until the final day but I bit the bullet and donned the most vibrant Lemonade co-ord from Motel that I have ever laid eyes on! The lemon stamp print is absolutely gorgeous and really warms up a fair skin tone like mine, and literally feels like a ray of sunshine all day long! Also a skirt is much more handy in those festival portaloos, which I can say were so clean at Wireless! I also wore my black Roshe Runs that I usually wear to the gym as they are dream-comfy and it wasn't muddy at all!

The festival site was much busier as we expected after the first Drake day, and we found a spot on the grass for J. Cole, who I rather like but admired from a distance. We were accosted by some dudes from London (and swiftly sidestepped) and a random boy asked if I was Selina and named the place I work before just walking off - so bizarre! We grabbed a snack and caught a few notes from Ellie Goulding, before cramming into the BrumBrum tent for a totally classic set from Sean Paul! The tent was rammed and we squeezed through the crowd to find a decent dancing spot. Last year at V Festival I met a new friend in our camping group of gals, who was literally a pro at weaving through the crowd with so much charm that any standing crowd members didn't even notice her chatting them up and subtly maneuvering in front of them before continuing towards the stage! I however do not have these skills, so we danced in the middle of the crowds to the old school songs and new favourites, Got To Love Ya beings our Madrid holiday song from 2012! It was awesome!

This flowed beautifully into the cool vibes from Outkast at the Main Stage, which was pretty damn rad to see - especially their outfits! It felt a bit like being transported back in time to when I watched music channels as a teen (when YouTube didn't even exist!). Knowing it would be the last song, we hit the BrumBrum tent again for Robin Thicke's set just as he closed with Blurred Lines, which was hilarious! Is there a better feel-good song?!

Now the headliner for Saturday was Bruno Mars and I wasn't a fan before. He reminds me of an old idiot boyfriend and I just didn't get him. Howwwever his set was SO fun and SO happy and his live band moved in sync, almost like a fabulous boy band. It was still light as they played and while standing at the side of the stage, it felt like they could see us as we danced away! It's so funny that you get to a festival and tentatively side step the mud and attempt to walk casually in wellies, but soon enough you're dancing away in a field! Amazing! We were so hyped up we decided to head into town and carry on dancing (in Snobs of all places for you Birmingham residents!) and seriously looked forward to the next day full of even more acts. To be continued!

Postcards from Wireless

I'm SO tired but SO delighted after an amazing weekend at Wireless! I'm just gathering up all of my photos and footage, whilst also trying to coordinate everything for my holiday on Wednesday! Eeek! I'll give all the details of the crazy happenings tomorrow and I have the day off work so will also share my holiday vibes and plans! I just heard Holland are still in the World Cup and whilst I'm not a football fan, it's sure going to be amazing to watch the game live in Dam Square! Speak soon!

A Wireless Wardrobe Countdown

Hi guys, welcome to a new week! I spent the weekend in Sheffield as a random change of scenery with a few friends and it was fab! Just the right size to explore for one afternoon and the night life was made of a few buzzing strips with the bars spilling out into the streets. I'll do a longer outfit post this week!

It's going to be potentially the most hectic few weeks of my year as I'm going to Amsterdam next week as my 4 day 'summer' holiday (1 star all the way!) and before that, I'm going to Wireless Festival this weekend! I've been for the past few years in London, and Wireless is literally my dream festival music-wise, and plus you don't camp overnight in a tent so everyone looks amazing. You can wake up on the day and dress perfectly for the weather forecast - and you can have a shower! I'm extra thrilled it's in Birmingham too this year as it is literally 10 minutes from my house on a bus and I can go home to my own bed (and wardrobe!).

I think Amsterdam will be seriously casual so this week is dedicated to planning Wireless outfits. Looking at the ever changing forecast, it looks to be hot hot hot with maybe a few dotted showers. I can take my bright rain mac and will wear wellies (thanks for the tips Hannah!), but the outfit could be anything! Each year at Wireless, my friends and I have found an awesome spot on the grass at the mainstage and spent the day gossiping, dancing and meeting new people, so your outfit is less about trekking around and can be any sort of style.

For the sake of me only having a few times in my calendar where I can dress in something I love, I want to look slightly different each day! I'm not a mega fan of shorts any more so will not be sporting denim hotpants exactly, but I love a crop top and cute two piece!

For my first outfit I wanted a fresh co-ord, and I wore my palm print two piece from Motel to last year's Wireless. I was considering wearing the same outfit again as the skirt was actually really suited to a festival. It was light, cool, and crucially, it meant ease when balancing over those festival loos! (Wireless has vans of actual real toilets though - win!!)

I spotted this outfit of sunshine though and have refreshed with this absolutely gorgeous lemon stamp set, which literally gives me happiness and life! Yellow is my new favourite colour with my blonde tinted hair and it has just the perfect festival vibes. Motel have a lemon print on a black base too for the more colour-shy (my friends definitely won't loose me!) and I really like the Ballerina body too.

As for the other days, I just don't know! Tonight I'm going to sift through my wardrobe and assess what I have. For one day I'm feeling maybe jeans and a backless body, as the evenings will be cooler and I've never worn jeans before to a festival. Maybe they wouldn't be as appropriate though! I want to look more Iggy Azelia fun than Kate Moss boho. We'll see! Of course I'll be recording said outfits and maybe I'll even do a little vlog!

Krushing on iKrush

Hi guys! I was going to begin this with a rant on my blog going a bit haywire recently in the technical department, but I'm here typing and I'm not going to waste time on that! I just want to tell you about some clothes, as per usual for the last eight years! And in those years I generally don't review things as my blog is more of a diary than a style guide, but I checked out an email from iKrush.com and said ohhh hello to their co-ord category.

Co-ordinating outfits ar rife on the high street right now but they are often with shorts, and shorts might be the least wearable clothing item ever. I hovered over the super sweet trouser sets before ordering these tropical trousers to try for my twist on a co-ord: a mis-co-ord! Mis-matching prints can add something a little more unexpected and I had these in mind for work too with an oversized shirt, smart sandals and a slick yet huge top knot. I  have a one track mind when it comes to fabrics and these are more soft than sheeny, and do not crease. I spend my life trying to find trousers that do not crease!!! And seriously how pretty is the Topshop tropical bralet. I made a beeline when it was restocked and at £20, I feel like putting it in a frame.

Topshop braletiKrush Trousers, New Look wedges

Love & Desire

I have been after a certain dress for a while, and when I really want something, I wilfind it! After shopping online since the year dot of the internet (aka 2004 on AOL), finding things I want, with great discount codes to boot is what gives me ultimate satisfaction. There are a few items I always search for and never leave my wishlist, and this dress worn by Nicole Scherzinger was one of them. It sold out, I lurked eBay, bought other things, gave into winter, and then it came back onto my radar on Desire Clothing. Believe it or not, this was my dressed down attire for the bank holiday as my friends and I hadn't quite decided where to go. My motto is that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed! 

Desire Dress, Miss Selfridge Fluffy Bag, River Island Heels

The best thing would be that the dress is just £15 (hell yeah!) but actually it's that it is rather decent quality. I'm very picky when shopping for black dresses as shiny synthetic fabrics are not my bag, but this is light yet opaque, with just enough stretch to be form fitting, yet stretch to any curve. I wore a stick on bra and usually I feel like they are really unflattering, but the high neck means your bust is just not a focus. Works for me!

Sunday Style

You know I'm partial to a good high waisted jean. Well RIP to my Topshop Jonis as the fabric literally laddered and they are sadly no more. I considered getting another pair as I love the warm blue colour, but my hips don't lie and they were telling me that like other Topshop trousers, I just don't seem to fit them. The Joni jeans aren't quite denim either and so I have returned to my old faithful River Island Tube Pants that I picked up last year. They have lasted, they have kept their shape, they are just amazing. Very, very light denim rather than a stretchy denim-coated fabric. They also have smooth seams, as some jeans I find are too structured in different places so automatically don't fit certain shapes.

ASOS crop top, River Island Tube Pant, ASOS clutch bag, River Island heels

I was all set to slash the knees of these jeans now that I've had them for a while. I'm looking to get another pair in a different wash or try out the American Apparel Easy Jean. However my nan stopped me with the scissors, deeming ripped jeans as not 'smart', and it made me hesistate! Do I want to take scissors to the most decent fitting jeans out there? I've seen a few tutorials and like the fact that if you DIY a pair then you can place the slashes exactly where you want. It makes sense to do this on an old pair, so I'll hunt for my next high waist favourites before picking up the grater again.

Tumblr inspiration

Bralet Starlet

I've always said that in the spring, I only seem to wear jeans or trousers. It's not quite warm enough for bare legs and the air can be prone to a gust of wind, so black tights and skirts are not something I gravitate towards. In fact I haven't worn tights in around a year! I've veered towards midi dresses, maxi skirts, or high waist trousers for day and night, and I just got this ASOS Luxe pair. On the site they are more of a cool pink but in real life they are a blush colour with a slight metallic print. The chunky waist band makes for a more statement, definite high waisted fit but take note: they are rather prone to creasing! I've worn them to work with a blouse and pointy flats but can throw them on at night with a baby bralet. I've tried a few of these and I'm not really lucky enough to fill this one sans bra, but I think they're a new favourite for itty bitty gals like myself. I got this Topshop navy version as the material and cut is much more structured so when you cover your midriff, it's not quite like wearing just a bra. It's also only £22 which I thought was pretty decent for Topshop standards!

While writing this I almost forgot about these shoes! For months I was looking for an upgrade of the classic ankle strap heels, and these are the full throttle version from River Island, with a platform and chunky velcro strap. They sold out right away but there are similar styles here, and after a season of dainty heels, I'm back in platforms!