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December 2006


I WENT TO SNOBS!!! I straightened my hair, wore glasses, and walked straight in. I have a feeling a bouncer recognised me at about 2am, but hey, I got in! My legs were shaaaking as I walked down the stairs. It was TOO good. Exactly the same as before, it was like going back home. Ahhhhhh pure love for that place! I'm satisfied now. This dress is AMAZING.

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If only I lives in paris and knew a criminal gang to steal it :( (pic from facehunter) I'm still searching for a gold skirt to wear as a dress. I've found a sequin skirt, which may be too gold (if you get me) and too short to wear as a dress. Hmmmm. If it doesn't go for £££ I may go for it. I've found out a get paid weekly - niiiice!

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And Nicole Kidman has gone back to being ginger!

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Lil bit frizzy, but I do love it when frizzy is appreciated!

Bad, Bad Girl

I've been naughty. I got paid £109 on Friday and £30 EMA today... and I've spent the lot. I do not joke woops! Last night I just could not resist buying the Viktor and Rolf white heart blouse. You wear clothes to feel good, right? How amazing would you feel walking round in the shirt, with like minded people thinking 'Gosh she got that Viktor and Rolf shirt!'

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Beautiful, no? Also, I checked the gold sequin Primark dress listings. Still about £50 a dress. I do love gold, it goes fab with my hair, but i always thought the sequin dress touched on tacky, and I'm sure Primark didn't exactly 'tack it down.' Also, the shape of shift dresses do tend to be unflattering. So I've turned to gold skirts, which I can wear as dresses

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My computer tends to show strange, deceiving colours, so im not sure on any of the skirts. The middle one seems to be the safest. £1 dress- my kind of price!

My fug...

An amazing website - gave me this image

Oh how I laughed! I have some fugly pics of my own...

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How could this lady sit on the dirty pavement in the beautiful zara coat that cost about £130!!!And pair it with a flourescent pink scarf! It makes my wardrobe weap! Hunny I know neon will be huge next spring, but with silver and fringed boots?!

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Its marv that this girl chose to buy the dress, but who could made a French Connection dress look do awful?! Is it the wrong size? :'( In normal news: I was paid yesterday! YAY! £109.89! I was meant to go out but couldnt in the end :( which I guess saves money. I bought a green bow headband in a Warehouse sale, which I saw a girl wears at Ma Potters when I worked there. Also a hot air hairbrush so my hair can be all marvy bouncy. Im going to get Melissa to get me discount on some grey ribbed tights and today I bought my most expensive item for a while, some TopShop wide leg trousers. Now I've got the problem of finding something to wear with them!! Also (here goes..) Im going to try snobs again. Yes, I do realise there is a 99% chance of not getting in, since actually telling the bouncers im 17, but a girl can try! I'm straightening my hair, tying it up, wearing glasses, and a long black coat. They are used to see me with looong ringletty hair in little summer dresses, so maybe there's a chance! (I'm being optimistic here!?!) Lets see what happens!


Lily Cole left me a picture comment?!

Gosh! I didnt even think she'd accept my add?!

She said I look 'so much' like Vlada Roslyakova

I honestly see no resemblance but I'm still very flattered! I haven't posted in a while, much for the reason I cant see much point! But today i felt like it :) I don't really feel up to date at the moment, as I can't really further my needs until that spring/summer collections are out! I would like some tartan; maybe a shirt? Also some gold, as I love my brocade coat! A gold dress would be fab with my hair. Time for eBay!