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The dress that fell apart...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I bought this fabric off ebay america and made a puffball dress, which was suprisingly easy. It did how ever fall apart totally. I used my friends ID to get into Snobs, and I danced 'til my legs fell off! Unfortunately the hem and top and belt all fell off too. Also, I was a pin cushion! Damn my crappy sewing!

Skins verdict...

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The HUGE hype that has surrounded this programme has got to be commended. I don't know anyone who didn't watch it, and love it. I liked the style, I liked the fashion, I liked the music. I didn't like the stupid storylines; the drug dealer, the stolen car, the prostitutes, etc. That does not happen in real life. Of course they're not trying to create real life shocking drama here, but it was the fact that they were trying to be 'cool' and failed. No one says 'safe' anymore. No one plans the popping of your mate's 'cherry.' No one is as bad of an actor as that about a boy kid. It looked staged and he looked awkward. The other actors were their part, but he was just acting confident. It wasn't believable. I know it's meant to be a fun, silly programme, but they could have produced a more realistic drama without the cringe worthy protrayal of hormonal teens. It was good for Thursday night tv, but the hype was a let down. They made dirty, corrupt, juicy issues like drugs, teen sex, anorexia and partying into silly, harebrain, childish stints. They could have based it on a totally different level. Though I'm glad theyve finally acknowledged the youth culture right now; we're not all chavs!

Fruitelina style...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhile neon and new rave trends are rapidly growing, I've been carrying this AMAZING bag since the summer. It was made for me by my fab friend Daniella Fruitella who has some amazing clothes and charity shop finds. It was her that got me wearing prom dresses normally. She's made loads of bags, covered in felt writing and shapes. Her Michael Jackson bag, branded 'I heart kiddie fiddlers' attracts alot of attention, along with the barbie one, the pacman one, the sailor one, etc etc.
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Mine has dancing fruit on one side and 'Fruitelina' on the other with random words and shapes. I huge and carries all my college crap rather well. Dani's planning on making a dress covered in felt shapes too. She is too fabulous!

High waist hunting

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI set out through the Bullring today on a hunt for high waisted jeans. Topshop's versions were simply not high enough! I tried eveeerywhere and eventually gave up and vowed to purchase the corset pair from the TS website when low and behold: Mango had the perfect pair! I didnt want skinny jeans, but realistically it will be a few months before the wide leg jeans arrive, so I purchased these for the spectacular sum of £39.99! I had to sew down the sides to make them skinny enough, but the waist is perfect and I shall definately be wearing them tomorrow when I had out cvs in the dire hope of a new job! Daniella Fruitella and I are planning a trip to Paris for her birthday. Oolala! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

18th Amendment love

The Saturday Guardian style section features some beautiful 18th Amendment jeans: dark denim, high waisted, slightly flared. In a bid to abandon the curse of the skinny jean once and for all, I'm looking to invest in some high waisted wide leg jeans. I recently watched a film called Dazed and Confused set in 1976 Texas on the last day of high school. The clothes were amazing- I know this season is all about the 60's Edie vibe, but it's all about the 70s for me! I'd like some huge bell bottom jeans that are right up to my belly button! If only I had straight hair to complete the look!
18th Amendment is a Sydney based Australian label launced by Rachel Rose and Rebecca Dawson, inspired by the icons and rebellions of the 1920s. Each jean style is named after an icon, including Monroe, Dietrich and Hepburn. The key style for 2007 will most likely be the high waisted skinny fit 'Lollobrigida,' inspired by Gina Lollobrigida...
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I'd settle for the Topshop version and save £££!
I have a problem with light denim, yet if these Colbert flares were dark they'd be perfect...
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I am truly in love. I'm sure Kate Moss' Topshop line will feature high waisted flares and within a week 99.9% of the population will be wearing them. Therefore I must buy them now now now! The GORGEOUS pair featured in the Guardian article are inspired by Lauren Bacall (right)...
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They are perfection. If only I had £185. IF ONLY!

Oolala shoes!

The Office sale - wonderful! I just purchased these...

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They remind me of Dorothy shoes, a la The Wizard of Oz, and also I quite like thick heeled shoes to clump around in. I'm thinking they'll be fab with blue glittery ankle socks! I'm seriously trying to save the little money I have at the moment until I get a new job, so I should really only buy one pair :(

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I've been tagged too!

News just in: Tagging fever is sweeping blogs! Haha Blogs have been tagging each other- after being tagged you reveal five things about yourself that no one would ever know from reading your blog and then you tag someone else for their revelations. I've been tagged by the looovely Queen Michelle of Kingdom Of Style so here goes...!

1) I am my own worst enemy. After making fake id, I went to the club Snobs twice a week for about 4 months. It is the best club ever. Dank, sweaty and cramped, yet with the most amazing atmosphere. Anyway, on my birthday I of course got horribly drunk, and announced to evvveryone that it was my 17th. The bouncers heard. I am now banned. :( That was in August. I did straighten my hair, put on glasses and sneak in, but the bouncer gave me a very dodgy look halfway through the night so I don't really think I fooled anyone! I'm trying again soon... watch this space!

2) I quite like maths. UCL in London was my first choice for next year to do pure maths at uni, but that requires miracle grades. I'm looking at maybe Liverpool or Leeds, depending on what grades I actually get...

3) I sleep in the basement. It's more of just a downstairs, but it has no windows, therefore so is a basement. Don't get the impression i'm rich (far from it!) My mom used to run our house as a little guest house where the guests slept upstairs and we slept downstairs under the normal kitchen/lounge type floor. But now there is no guest house and everyone else sleeps upstairs while i'm downstairs. My horrible brother is in the other basement room- living with a teenage boy is not pretty.

4) I'm harassed all the time about my hair: mostly good, sometimes just bad ginger comments! Everyday I get 'Is your hair naturally like that?' It's kinda in spirals, so people assume I do some magic trick. Well I confess- it's not actually this kind of curly naturally. But sometimes I just don't tell people that!

5) I like to describe things in great detail, as you can see! Most of the blogs I read have been 'tagged' so I'm gonna tag Trent who owns the faaabulous Pink Is The New Blog, and Kesh at The Real Kesh, who is sooo super duper cool! Who says this has to be strictly fashion blogs!

There's an Olson in my dress!

The Golden Globes outfits were pretty predictable: some fabulous, some atrocious! Go Fug Yourself remarked how Mia Maestro's dress could be beneficial in many ways: to provide napkins, cushion your behind, and carry round essentials: lipstick, knitting needles, and so on.

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I had a giggle, but then realised: I do that! I have many puffball dresses, and I use the layers to store lists/money/cloakroom tickets - when your handbag is as full as mine always is, up your skirt is a handy storage spot! I tuck things into the folds of puffy lining for safe keeping all the time. My trademark red puffbal dress is especially handy, as I usually stuff the lining with tights or tissue if it becomes a little flat after washing. I find sewing a knee length swing 50's style dress into a puffball dress makes it less formal and more disco friendly. Not that I go to discos- I wish I did! But there's a 90s night in town on a Tuesday that I shall be checking out again soon. There's nothing like dancing to Spice Girls and Shaggy!

Barnardos 99p Shocker!

The day has come. At first I thought it was too good to be true. Then I took it for granted, and assumed it was forever. Now it's GONE! Barnardos Erdington charity shop no longer sells everything for 99p !! I took my knee length size 16 cream lace dress to the counter and prided myself on the fact that I had previously came across these beauties in that very shop... Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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They're all sold to lucky ladies in eBay limbo now. Today I mourn the loss of the 99p revolution, as my dress cost me £3.99. Hopefully the extra £3 will help some kids! I cut the dress super short so it's more of a 60s shift dress. At least i'll feel fabulous in my General Studies exam tomorrow!

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