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Uni visit 2: Leeds

I can see what people mean when they say Leeds is a laid back place, so have decided it's not the town for me. It's actually kinda expensive, even the charity shops were over priced! I went into one vintage shop and asked about the night life, but the assistants were quite pretentious; like when you walk into a shop and they all watch you as you browse, as though you shouldn't be touching anything. It wasn't glamorous enough for me, but I could see many of my friends liking it there; it's just not my style. The Uni was nice though, and the student tour guides where honest about the useless parts of the course, and how much studying you actually have to do.

In other news the V Festival line up was announced. Rather good, but now going is more of a tradition. Lets just PRAY it doesn't rain all weekend like last time. Our tent was just a plague of sickness!

Style Stalkers

Susie Bubble recently posted about 'cool-clocking'- when someone gives you the fashion once over, rating your outfit for inspiration or scrutiny. She was so spot on! It's too true that where ever you go, if you're wearing something eye catching people will openly stare, look you up and down and even pass judgements to friends right in front of you.  I'm sure in London, when surrounded by a bigger ratio of fashion-knowing people the looks are more admirable, but here in Birmingham they just feel rude and strange.

Take high waisted jeans. People know of them, they've filtered through to the weekly rags.  Yet I haven't seen anyone in them apart from a girl stocking them in TopShop. I'm not one to walk with my head down, so it gets to be annoying when you walk past people and their eyes immediately dart down to your stomach. Nothing to do with a weight issue; it's just it is rude to stare. I think everyone dresses for other people to a certain extent: to show others what type of person you are.  But after a while the glances feel less complimentary, when you think, 'Wow, people are interested in what I'm wearing,' but make you more self-conscious, and you start to wonder if the 100 people you just passed were judging you in a bad way. It's one thing to be noticed, another to be stared at. You can see a woman's mind working as she looks down. I do it myself! But it would be nice if people didn't just gawp and rush off, but instead make eye contact? Give a knowing nod or smile? Compliment? I try to give people compliments as much as I can as one from a girl is far more flattering than a wolf whistle from a builder! It's just after a while you start to feel like a walking light show.

I guess I'm complaining now, but it's far worse when a girl actually says to you 'ew, what are you wearing.' People in my college do actually do that. And even though you don't know them, and they are usually in a tracksuit, it's still effective. I don't want to be a walking light show. Feel free to notice my clothes, but don't bump into a lamp post from gawping!

My eBay loves...

Sunday is meant to be my 'homework' day, but always turns into the big 'check every website/blog/seller' day. Each week I go through my favourite sellers to see what's new in the eBay world.

I've read countless interviews promoting Sophie Ellis-Bextor's comeback, which all highlight her love of eBay. I think there's a big difference between how she represents the sight, and how 'normal' people use it. It seems she can use eBay as an inspiration to find random things to spend her fortune on. Where as the general, poor public are all looking for an eclectic bargain. I do think S.E.B has a beautiful flawless signature look, and it made me think how you could be last-minute outbidding celebrities or fashion figures and you'd never know it. Are they the people that bid ridiculous amounts for the average charity shop find.

The vintage paraded in cute photos are usually found at jumble sales, charities and car boots. I know that vintage shops ship clothes from countries like Poland and Russia, who, through war and famine, had to recycle clothes and were not exposed to westernised fashion. As I'm a seller I know all the tricks used to display an item. I honestly only sell nice things, as my sister will refuse to model a moth-eaten rag, and mainly because I find amazing gems that, if they don't fit me/aren't my style, I want someone else to enjoy!

I mostly buy eBay vintage from America, as British vintage is pricey and there's less choice. These are my ULTIMATE favourite sellers, as I have over 100 favs already (an expensive habit!)

The Big Guns:

Bleubird Vintage

Boho, cheveron styles specialising in the super cute goodies. The layout and logos are darling.

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The Le Robo Store

Amazingly desirable dresses, always beautifully coloured and modelled

Super Retro:

In The Rain Vintage

I LOVE this shop! I think the owner is the perfect model for retro, mod jumpers and dresses that are each loved and original.

ANOUK Vintage

The ultimate store for sceneter clothes and 80's retro glam

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Vintage Novelties

Kitschy unique, celeb inspired vintage modeled with amazing detail. I love that rather than the predictable vintage there are one of a kind materials and shapes that you couldn't find anywhere.

Crazy Cute:

Bitter Sweet Styles

Perfectly modelled sweet dresses and coats for teeny retro glamour girls.

Love Love Love

Another absolute fav, mainly because the layout it the cutest ever.

Lullie Vintage

Babydoll mania!

Mama Stone Vintage

You can't actually get any prettier.

*sob* This has been a painful post. I need to find a millionnaire to marry. FAST!

No clothes allowed!

I'm on a clothes ban. It's serious this time. Festival tickets are looming and I simply can't afford to buy more clothes! I'm allowed to boy shoes, accessories and bags though (hehehe)

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I've been wanting a pillar box hat with netting for a while, seems as I never really do anything with my hair so it would make a change.

I also really want a Carrie necklace. Alot. It would help people know what my name is in clubs , as Selina seems to be hard to understand over music...

I'd rather have a superbly cheap, dull gold one, but everything on offer seems to be high on the chavtastic scale.

Tatty Divine have coloured plastic name chains that are a nice alternative, yet at £25 they're a little over my price range for one necklace. It's on my ever growing shopping list though.

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Forgive me...

...for I have been invited to a fancy dress party. Everyone's 18 this year, so there is a continuous stream of parties. Movie and music legends. I have NO idea what to go as, and apparently people are making an effort.

Ginger spice is already taken.


I give up!

I've been googling all afternoon and have found very few alternatives:


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I think not.

Pippi Longstockings:

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Red Riding hood:

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Possibly. Only because it would just involve finding a red gingham (oh god) dress, and making some kind of red cape. Not strictly a movie/music legend, but there isn't much to work with here!


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Possibly. I have a purple dress, thats more 80's prom than 60's, but some pink tights and a green scarf could be easily found, and I'd just bouffant my hair a bit.

I've sold myself to the fashion devil already. This is painful.

Back to the drawing board!


I'll admit that I was wrong. Very very wrong. Manchester was not the city I thought it was. After spending a fabulous day roaming the Manchester streets, I found the most amazing delights!

I had a few hours to spare before my interview at the Uni, so I wandered around for a while, and stopped a super fine guy with a 'fro. He told me to go down Oldham Street, which turned out to be full of charity shops and vintage shops and record shops, oh my! Not just your average vintage shops; each one was beautifully clean and colourful, and not overly expensive! I bought 2 dresses for less that £20! I spoke to a lady working in Retro Rehab (a small, eclectic vintage store) who told me of some fabulous sounding club nights. Rather than the place we went to on NYE, which was a plain old indie club, Manchester offers tones of strange, adventurous nights, like a 20's,30's,40's night where girls wear flapper dresses and finger-curl their hair and boys wear top hats and tail coats. Here in Birmingham we only have the bog standard music nights, rather than special vintage wearing events and retro 60's nights.

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I also found a shop just off Oldham Street called American Graffitti, specialising in 60's and 70's vintage. It looked like an Austin Powers set crossed between Willy Wonka land! There was so much rainbow colour and shiny plastic!

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If I'm ever lucky enough to live in Manchester, I'll be very, very poor! The Uni was huge and had a brand new Maths building for next year. I feel like shooting myself for making assumptions about a city based on one dire club! It's a real incentive to revise (ew) as AAB will be alot of hard work.

Also, they give you £1000 if you get 3 As, so if that's not an incentive, what is?!

When I got back to Birmingham I saw Amy Winehouse as part of a Hugo Boss promo-type tour. She is the tiniest woman I've EVER seen. Definite lollypop syndrome. If size O is a UK size 4, then she must be double O. It was quite scary. In pictures and on TV she seems fairly healthy, but in real life she was skeletal.

She stole my boyfriend!

For the past, like, forever, things have been fairly uneventful on my calender. I stopped liking underground bands a few months ago, as to be honest it's hard work to like a band no ones heard of, go to their shoddy gigs, and then have to spent £££ on arena tickets when they become huge and the world jumps on the bandwagon.
I haven't been to many clubs, due to banning in the best clubs (*sob*), and poor friends.
And the last time I went to a house party was May 2006, where I stole a bottle of Yeti Raki, ate the contents of the poor boys fridge (which consisted of only Dairylea Dunkers) and slept in his parents bed (which was a luxurysleeping place for a party, really!).

My new friend Numsa, friend of the fabulous Melissio, just won tickets to see Amy Winehouse in Med Bar in the veeery trendy Custard Factory (yep, it used to be the Birds Eye Custard factory!) I don't know whether I can actually go yet, as I've got to go to Manchester for a Uni interview tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll get back in time. It would be fabulous though, as she's not really my taste music wise, but I'd love to watch her perform. And of course, she wore that Preen dress to the Brits. I love love looove this dress and the 3 alike. The colour, the shape, ah it's pure love. I'd wear it 'til death did us part, which would never happen as I'd wear it to the GRAVE. I could attempt a cheap, botched knock off with some similar fabric, but I feel it may just insult the real thing, and you can't offend the dress!
Anyway, before I rudely interrupted myself, I may go see her, which mean I'll have to get changed on the coach back from Manchester. When I used to work at a restaurant, every Saturday I got changed in a postered phone box, so it's no biggie (haha!)
If I did go to the gig I'd have to wear something with my leather type leggings, as they are just too fabulous.

On Friday I'm going to a friends 18th, which everyone should be going to. After there's a house party which I guess everyone will follow onto. It's not too far from my house so I may go for a few hours depending who goes.

It's like people always say about buses- there's none for ages and then 3 come at once.

LFW Roundup

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I've studied the catwalks for a few days, trying to organise thoughts and ideas into some kind of sense. I've read dismal reviews, but I think (from online videos and pics!) there was a huge range of styles, ideas and shapes, that may not be so different from last season, but collections that expose audacious and thought provoking designers. I love the way shapes are explored and discovered to challenge traditional tailoring. It opens a new door to new possibilities of style, while existing factors are pushed to the limit with neon and metallic colour, and hard, fetish material like PVC. If only it were Autumn; I'm sure all of us are fed up with the trillion different variations of a smock that have invaded the high street.

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Likes: Nathan Jenden, Preen (as always!), Bora Aksu, Giles Deacon (for the huge knits), PPQ (for that gold dress!)

Dis-likes: Christopher Kane last season was divine, amazing even; yet surely the leather/PVC was pushed too far, without much room for variation? And the orange velvet was fugly. Disagreeing with the masses is hard, but it had to be said!