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Sailor girl

I got this off eBay a few days ago. It's vintage so it was probably meant for a little girl or something. I have visions of wearing it outside my tent (is it too early to shop for festival outfits??) I had an anchor obsession ages ago when Mischa Barton wore the white sailor dress, but could never find anything for myself. This one was cheap, and I like the HUGE collar.

I'm going to some random gig where Lou's boyfriends dad is DJing, who apparently invented the Birmingham indie scene?? My friend needs her ID back, so I'm not too sure how often I'll be able to go out this holiday, unless I can find another. If I can keep it until Thursday everyone's planning to go to a fabulously notorious gay club where its £7 in and free drinks all night. I'm pretty sure a sailor suit would be quite appropriate! Don't worry though, I will not end up a fag hag*, like many girls that I know!

(*fag hag- a girl who tries to pull gay guys, usually for the lack of straight guys. Leave them be girls!)

MORNING AFTER EDIT: The pub was DIRE. Full of old crooners. We marvelled at one lady who wore a stretchy polka dot pencil skirt, a white blazer and... nothing else! One button was done up so her belly and boobs were hanging out- and might I add she was NOT tiny!! We stayed for a while to keep my friend company, but left after the band played and went to a rock club called Subculture, full of tattooed boys with good hair! Not really my kinda music but it was a good night. And thank you Queen Michelle for your lovely comment!

Turban Testdrive

Damn you Miuccia.

There is nothing more that I want right now than to wear a turban. I never thought I'd say that, even when I saw the first images, but they've even filtered through to weekly rags like 'Look.'

It's easy to tie a satin scarf or shawl around your head with a small knot at the front, like Mary-Kate's, and I think they look better with long wavy/curly hair.

But I would be crucified at college.

A reporter for the Times tried out the prada turban for the day:

Yet on the Tube, not a single person bats an eyelid. I put this down to Londoners not engaging with each other, and being used to seeing crazy behaviour every day. However, my luck runs out on the escalators on the way out to the street.

"I really, really think you should take that hat thingy off," says an old man, and my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

At Oxford Circus, doing a spot of shopping, I am laughed at by tourists. This is not me being paranoid – they actually point and laugh at me. Ordering a latte at a coffee shop, the barista fails to hear my order because he is hypnotised by the shiny beacon on my head. At work, nobody takes me seriously.

When I walk round college people like to voice their opions very loudly, rather than just gossip to friends. The closest anyone's ever came to understanding an outfit is when a a girl said 'Eeeeee silver leggings, omgggg' and her friend replied 'Nah man, I saw em in Primark ya no.' I rest my case.

The worst is fashion pity; when passers-by give you that shameful glance that says 'look love, just take it off, gosh you don't know how silly you look,' when you just want to shout that yes, you do know you look strange, but everyone will be wearing your outfit next season.

So yes, I'd love to wear a turban, or even a turban-style headband, but in the near future, no, it is not a possibility.

Shock tactics

I got the feeling after about an hour of after college shopping. People weren't just looking at me strangely; they were saying things. You'd think people had never seen gold lame leggings before! Er, I reminded myself that actually they probably hadn't. I felt so self conscious of people staring and joking that I hurried into the nearest shop (Oasis) and bought the cheapest pair of black leggings (£6). Quite shocking when you could buy tights for 50p and cut the feet off.
For the past few months I've strictly looked to runway fashion, but maybe it's time to slow down and take a look around.

Outfit: grey jacket & purchases...

Mondays. Ew.

I made the day a bit better by doing cheap(er) charity shopping in places, like the Salvation Army shop, that aren't afraid to put out shockingly bad (yet oh so good) 80's stuff.


I got a bag, some plastic bangles and a green/turquoise slip all for £2.40. Fab! I felt a bit dreary in the morning so I just wore a black dress and leggings, with flats and a lil Topshop jacket. I like the rouching and folds of the material. (Also note the many SATC videos in the corner!)

Fur balls?

"Peta is employing a cheap stunt by using a fox carcass. It's a cowardly and shameful attempt to try to condemn a real industry that provides employment while regulating standards in animal welfare."- Frank Zilberkweit, director of the British Fur Trade Association


I'm probably the words most selfish vegetarian. I watched a horrible video once and can't face meat ever again. This ad depicts why I wouldn't wear fur. Plus, if you can get faux that's the same, does it make a difference?- just tell people it's real if you really must make that statement. Just because something provides employment does not mean it's justifiable.

Source- Catwalk Queen

Number time

I wore my number dress to an indie/electro club last night, which is huge with 7 rooms. Everyone makes an effort and dresses up, rather than just wearing jeans. I bought the material because it brought out the 5 year old in me, and wasn't actually planning to ever wear it, but my friend wore a rainbow glitter dress and we thought what the hey, lets dress up for the night. Loads of people said they liked our stuff and we danced all night. Unfortunately my whole history of ex boyfriends/friends seemed to be there. It was just one after another all night. I've given up caring about what people think now. What's the point? If I want to look like a reception class poster I can!

Also there are bright makeup features in just about every magazine right now. I'd wear a flick of neon eyeliner, but I'm not brave enough to wear orange or magenta lipstick yet!

Image from The Observer magazine

Outfit: high waisted

I still haven't seen anyone else in high waisted jeans. That's probably a good thing.

Mischa Barton was on a bad British show (Dame Edna...?) wearing leather/poly leggings. I'm a lil afraid to wear mine again as my college contains les idiots in tracksuits who like to take the piss out of anything different. Hmmm

And I really want some bright yellow high waisted denim shorts like the ones Carrie Bradshaw wears in the Bon Jovi episode. I may be mad.

Anyway, today i wore high waisted Mango jeans with a loosely tucked in blue bib top.


There's a MOUSE in my house! I closed the fridge and walked over to the bagels, and saw a big mouse run across the surface!!! I screamed and RAN to my moms bedroom and woke her up (it was like midnight.) She said it was probably a little field mouse that's come in from the cold. A field mouse?!?! It was HORRIBLE!

We think it could have came in when the back door has been left open by my brothers playing football, or maybe from behind the boiler when it was fixed. It's so scary. I know just how Queen Marie at Kingdom Of Style feels with her squirrel! This is so freaky...