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Knocks you straight back down to earth

My tv thing was just on the news: how embarrassing!!! They did all these cheesy shots of my eyes and the keyboard and played this sci-fi music in the background. It's weird to see yourself on screen; it's like I've been looking in the mirror all these years at something completely different. My hair is way too long.

Also today a guy came to my house to take a photo for a local paper. One thing I've learnt is that photographers and camera people are reeeeally weird. He made me stand on the fire escape in my garden, and then he kept making me laugh so I'll end up looking like a crazed maniac! My Nan thought he was 'dishy' so if your reading Mr photographer man, she may be 73 but she's available!

I bought some jeans dye, but decided it was too aqua. Then a pen burst in my bag before I could swap it so I'm stuck with flouro blue jeans! Hmmm maybe not. And my poor bag! It's full of smudgy blue marks.

Anyway, the actual purpose of this post was to talk about two girls me and Melissio saw in the Topshop concession in Selfridges, who were hands down the coolest girls I've ever seen in person. As in beyond facehunter cool. One was wearing a big, baggy, smocked pinstripe white shirt, with a tropical, floral dress over the top that had a puffy short skirt and lil sweetheart neckline which tied around her back. Her shoes were rouched little pointy boots that reminded me of Edwardian shoes, and she'd teamed it all with white tights with lined patterns in them. I didn't really even look at her friend properly as I was so in awe, but I did notice she was wearing vintage glasses, not sunglasses; clear lensed gold rimmed spectacles. I've never seen anyone dress like that here. In the changing room she said 'all the stuff I'm buying is so pretentious!!' You leave your house thinking yeah I look ok today, but seeing girls like that just makes you realise how far out you could go to challenge normal dress sense. It all about putting clothes together rather than wearing something individual. I can't wait to go to a whole new town and start university, where you don't need to apply to any rules or expect people to insult you if you wear something even remotely different!

And hi to new readers! Don't be afraid to say hello

No pain no gain

I know alot of people who are getting tattoos now. I think it's just because everyone is old enough to stop caring what their parents say. Princess Lou got her pink star pattern on her ankle when she went to London for a gig, and had to cover it with a plaster for the bar mitzvah, saying it was a 'shaving cut.' She got hers because its in the exact place to show when you wear leggings, which she does all the time. Is it best to get something subtle, or a huge statement. Melissio has a design she created herself across the bottom of her back, which people never really see; she had it for her own benefit. It's not so huge, but her back is teeny so it takes up the whole space.

In ID this month they did an article about tattoos, but they only chose men, who were relatively similar. I considered a tattoo on and off for a while, mainly as it would be like a constant accessory, and would be a talking point; something to remind me of when I was young and didn't care, etc. Hmmmm.

I've been looking at ebay pictures, as the vintage models always have little tattoos that seem to compliment the super cute dresses, but hint at something cheeky...

I've increased in number, as the first girl is something I would consider. They're cute but could be well hidden, and definitely improves her natural first impression (in my opinion.) The second girl's bicycle arm and words must be personal to her, which is cool in itself, as it would make people wonder. The town on the 3rd girls arm is interesting (i wonder what town it's actually meant to be??) but the bird (which I think is a humming bird?) is fairly common. I know a girl who just last week got one on her back.

To get a little more hardcore I had to look at Suicide Girls, the alternative glamour models. Now if parents/young children are in the room do not scroll down!!! You have been warned...

It's probably mandatory to have some tattoos to actually be a suicide girl! Huge tattoos like this are defining rather than something you thought might be fun for a while. I think all these girls are sooo cool, but I've decided that I won't follow my crowd and get inked, as I really can't imagine doodles on my arm for the rest of my life. Never say never though!

It might slip out

Me and Melissio went to the library to revise (we are now officially geeks. No more dancing every weekend and coming in at 5am this month! Eat your heart out Einstein) I wore a slip with high waisted jeans, even though it was hot hot hot. Also, huge progression on the yellow shorts- we are now in dying process! Melissa is here to stay ze night, so we will probably do the usual: dirty dancing, chemistry and tequila. Lets see how much revision we can do when were drunk enough to do our patrick swayze impressions. Nobody puts baby in the corner!!

Take it to the max

I really want a full maxi dress, and have been searching for ages to find the perfect material to make one with. I'm no textile expert (haha understatement of the century- I couldn't even get to gcse textiles. My faux denim side split trousers were hooorible!) but a dress would just be a band around the bust, some straps and then a long stretch of material, sewed with a bit of gathering at the top? I wore a black dress today that I picked up for £3 in a discount charity shop. It does ze job, but is a little lifeless. Any suggestions? The Marc Jacobs maxi dresses from last season will hopefully continue a trend through to winter so there will be a nice alternative to trousers all the time. Topshop have some marvy skirts in their sale (buy one get one free too!)


I could never carry off the skirt like Ashley. My wardrobe has no grunge spirit (oxymoron??)

Thoughts and sights-

The two super cute girls at my college who must be in the lower sixth, but are both teeny, who always wear really fab outfits with brightly coloured tights, polka dots, shorts, mini hoodies and today the girl with the curly afro hair wore a red feather in the side. I will take a photo one day; every time I walk past I wanna say yes! someone individual! They are part of the approx. 4 people at my college who dress in any way originally.

There is one big pro to living in Birmingham- Cadbury World!! Ok, maybe the cadabra ride gets a little dull after the age of five; I mean the cadbury world shop, where all the poor, forgotten chocolate goes to find a nice new home. 25p dented easter eggs, 8p broken flakes, all this for £3!!

I got my exam timetable. 14 exams eeek!

And as the world mourns the loss of the lives in the Virginia Tech shootings, maybe you should consider the 30,000 children who die everyday in undeveloped countries. Surely they deserve as much compassion? Just a thought.

Shiny awards!

So I was sitting in further maths contemplating suicide when a college lady comes in and says 'can I have a word with a selina?'

I was thinking 'uhohhh what have I done??! Have they discovered I go on eBay in college time??? Or that we buy toast from the adult canteen???' She gave me a number to ring and it turns out I'd won the Youth blog award!!!!!!!!

I'm really really pleased as I put loads of effort into the blog and hopefully people must like it!!

I was speaking to a lovely lady called Zoe (hi Zoe!!) who told me I was needed for a radio interview and a tv appearance and an interview with Jason Bradbury of the Gadget Show for the Metro pod cast! My first thought was jbfbfirwthsyjtyswryhwoiqndng????!!! Then of course, omg tv! what am I going to wear??!!!!

I had the first radio interview last night which was veeery strange and I just rambled and rambled about who knows what. This morning I had to get up in the middle of the night (6am!) to go the the very posh Mailbox (trendy mall of shops, restaurants, apartments, and offices) to the BBC studies where they film the Midlands news and host the radio shows. I had to sit in the little room with the red 'on air' light and talk into a mic with headphones on opposite the morning DJ!! In my head I was like oooooooo but I had to reserve myself and act like a normal human being to represent the world of blogging. Again, I have no idea what I said; all I remember is mentioning I sometimes post about trying to get into clubs, and the DJ said 'ahh but you don't do that do you, 'coz you're only 17....!!' and I was like 'hehehehe...'

I went off to college in a huge bubble of happiness. The news thing was to be filmed at my college, who were very happy to host the interview and get in some college promotion! I think I'm going to be in the local newspapers too because of them, but it will be more of a 'one of our students wins awards; our college is great' kind of feature I guess!

I had to pretend to type for about an hour while the camera shot a gazillion different angles, but the actual interview only lasted about 3 minutes! Then I had to stand on the grass in the middle of the path in the college entrance to 'accept' my award and take some more shots. The ENTIRE student body seemed to walk past at that exact time and they all looked at me like I was craaaazy, while I died of embarrassment!

After, I had the interview with the Gadget Show presenter over the phone, who was hilarious and totally asked the best questions! We had a fab fab chat about being individual and drumming to your own beat etc. He called me a 'blogette,' which made me think of bagettes, which made me start a little thought train about tiny bags and their useful/annoying potential, when I had to remind myself I was on the radio and had better think of interesting things to say about blogs!

I picked up the metro on the bus and was delighted to read Style Bubble had won the fashion award (how could she not!!) and shiny media had won the technology award (their blogs are fantabulous!) It's REALLY weird to be in a league with blog geniuses like Susie Bubble, but I'm so happy, and it shows that anyone can have a blog that at first no one reads apart from a lonely searcher who was looking for socks patterns or something, to having your link in a newspaper! Also, the other blogs in the youth category were really fab; a shout out to the other winner at Pole to Polar!

I'm not sure if I get a laptop prize, but I know there's a possibility for me to write an article to be published in the Metro, which is such a marvy opportunity! Who knows what will happen next; I'll just keep waffling on this blog and hopefully you people out there will like it!

I just love maths

Yellow high waisted shorts will be fantastic. I've seen bright yellow demin mini's in H&M and Topshop, but the shorts have stored themselves into that little place in your brain that says 'buy me buy me buy me!'

Outfit: rainbow legs?

The library is totally making a come back. Actually, was it ever in? Anyway, Melissio and I have been going to the town library everyday after college to revise. I know, I shock even myself! Today she had the flu so I strutted in with my huge pile of books alone. I was deciphering a tricky equation when someone brushed past my desk, and I looked up to see some creepy chav guy had put his number on a piece of paper. He then went and hid behind a bookshelf waiting to see what I'd do. I was like eeeek, and he kept coming closer and closer until eventually I gave him a really funny look, which made him clear off pretty quickly. Sorry 'Nabz,' but your trackie just didn't do it for me! Then some boys sat next to me and one randomly started telling me how hard his gcses were. I was like hunny, you ain't seen nothing yet! And then these gross 40 year olds started saying things about my hair, and one came over to 'ask the time.' That is the worst conversation starter ever. Then he asked 'Do you come here often?' and I practically sprinted out the door (but we all know I would never run!) The library seems to be a social, if not strange, hotspot. I think I'll just hide behind a bookshelf in future.

Outfit posts may be a little lack-lustre at the moment, due to limited funds. BUT I've saved up to buy ALOT of new clothes; if only the weather would brighten up so I could actually wear them!

Also, I posted a while ago about some white drains I have, but have decided to dye them. What colour though hmmmmmm. I've seen bright blue around which are yummy, but there are so many other colours out there! Either purple, yellow, green, or stick with the electric blue. Decisions, decisions!

The secret truth

PostSecret is a blog that shows home made postcards people have sent in with a secret on. It's an art project that's being made into a book which displays them all. Here are some of my favourites...

I'm also a fan of Group Hug, an online confessions sight, which can amuse you for HOURS.

My eyes are burning

I found this picture in the Guardian of:

a mother and her three daughters who forced two toddlers to take part in a "dog fight" and filmed it who walked free from court yesterday.

The women, including the children's mother, goaded the tearful brother and sister to punch each other and even use a magazine and hairbrush as weapons. When the boy, who was in a nappy, stopped fighting they called him a "wimp" and "bloody faggot".

Passing sentence at Plymouth crown court, Judge Francis Gilbert said the video taken of the fight was "shocking".

He said: "You laughed at them, you mocked them, you swore at them. You compelled them to hit each other even though they clearly did not want to. You were cruel, callous, clearly causing the children to hurt each other for your own pleasure."

He singled out the children's grandmother, who had told police that she saw nothing wrong with what they had done as it would "toughen them up".

Therefore I feel justified to use the photo as an example of the unnecessary and eye offending things people wear.

1) The t-shirt that is 2897487359793 times too small and WAY too short. We don't want to see that!!!!! I would be a tiny weeny bit better if she didn't have a spare tire hanging out for the world to see. Why would you wear that to court?!?! In front of journalists?!?!? Is it attractive to flaunt that?! Does she think it's not there? I see this look all over the place everyday, and it really is just crazy.

2) Spare tire number 2. Your belly is not an accessory. You don't need to acknowledge it's existence by wearing a tight tight TIGHT white tshirt and making it overhang.

3) The cheap, stretchy, office-ladies-night-out garish patterned top. It's from that 'all under a fiver, out stock fell off a lorry, we're closing down, everything must go' store isn't it? Why haven't you told your sister's about the ever flattering empire line?! Ah, you're the 'attractive' one right?

4) It's finished off with a greased to the sides, centre parted pony tail. I rest my case.

People please, give yourself some credit. Just because you are a disgusting, vile person, you don't need to dress like one.