Outfit: shift dress
My eyes are burning

It's an honour

I love retro kitschy websites with photoshop shapes and bright colours. Mine will be like that one day! (Notice the banner change- a working progress!) I shop at Sveet Couture a lot, and found the sister site Honorable Mention today, which sells retro and handmade accessories like these super cool cassette belt buckles. I always spot really 90s tapes in charity shops, and if you used some string and an old belt you could probably sew a 20p tape onto a buckle...

Cyndi Lauper, Blank, New Kids on the Block

There's also luggage tags and vintage totes

Chandra, the owner, enjoys the finer things in life such as toilet paper, indoor plumbing and packing tape. Her favourite dance move is the robot, especially when done to mr. roboto.

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