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Outfit: rainbow legs?

The library is totally making a come back. Actually, was it ever in? Anyway, Melissio and I have been going to the town library everyday after college to revise. I know, I shock even myself! Today she had the flu so I strutted in with my huge pile of books alone. I was deciphering a tricky equation when someone brushed past my desk, and I looked up to see some creepy chav guy had put his number on a piece of paper. He then went and hid behind a bookshelf waiting to see what I'd do. I was like eeeek, and he kept coming closer and closer until eventually I gave him a really funny look, which made him clear off pretty quickly. Sorry 'Nabz,' but your trackie just didn't do it for me! Then some boys sat next to me and one randomly started telling me how hard his gcses were. I was like hunny, you ain't seen nothing yet! And then these gross 40 year olds started saying things about my hair, and one came over to 'ask the time.' That is the worst conversation starter ever. Then he asked 'Do you come here often?' and I practically sprinted out the door (but we all know I would never run!) The library seems to be a social, if not strange, hotspot. I think I'll just hide behind a bookshelf in future.

Outfit posts may be a little lack-lustre at the moment, due to limited funds. BUT I've saved up to buy ALOT of new clothes; if only the weather would brighten up so I could actually wear them!

Also, I posted a while ago about some white drains I have, but have decided to dye them. What colour though hmmmmmm. I've seen bright blue around which are yummy, but there are so many other colours out there! Either purple, yellow, green, or stick with the electric blue. Decisions, decisions!

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