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Being one step ahead of trends has to be vital if you don't want to look like a keffiyeh wearing clone (which have sparked so many muy interesting discussions on blogs recently) Also I guess you need to have some guts; I haven't seen anyone in high waisted jeans at all, and now the trend seems almost over. I think it's assumed that they would be unflattering at the hips/ass, but that couldn't be more wrong. They're actually slimming! And they come in wide leg, what's not to love?! Plus if i wear mine in town, the stares from women have gone from a scrutinise, to an appreciative smile or the light up of trend recognition.

So I was considering coloured jeans, as Luella is one of my favourite wearable designers (and it's fab she's coming home to show it!) and the Ksubi jeans are hot. Red have been around for a while, but with my hair that's totally not the right colour. Seeing ashley simpson (going back to her alternative roots?) on denimology I decided to go for blue.

After the success of the yellow shorts (which still haven't seen daylight) I chose some turquoise dye, which I later reconsidered. I got some royal blue and put half and half into the machine with last summer's h&m white drains (thank you johnny borrell for ruining that look- vogue are you mad?!)

While the yellow shorts were hand dyed:


...where I had to constantly stir for an hour, I just had to sit this time and watch the machine.

Scary stuff. After an hour they came out the perfect colour, exactly like ashley's, with undyed white stitching. Now I've gotta unstitch the crappy tacking I made last year to make them unbendably tight!!

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