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you will NEVER guess what!!

princess lou won....

TICKETS TO BIG BROTHER ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHEN THE 1ST GUY WILL GO IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see if you can spot our pink banner: WE SEX DAVINA

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg what the HELL am i going to wear

p.s. first thoughts on the girls??

Leathers are the new drains?

Yeah I doubt it too, but leather leggings, or at least pvc-ish looking leggings, have filtered through to the celebs who set the trends for the masses. Mango and River Island stocked them for a while, but TopShop seems slow this season, only just jumping on the nu rave bandwagon, with the main line still being hippy smocks and denim. Metallic leggings have just come into the store, so maybe leather will be next.
A year ago I would not for a million pounds wore anything alike; avoiding connotations of long, matrix style, creepy coats and dodgy taxi driver jackets, but I love love love my leggings. It's too summery (haha well not today) now, but for fall 07 they can come out straight away. Not only did they go with everything, but the shininess made your legs look longer and slimmer, and the mango ones are just the right length to be tight but a little scrunched at the ankles, and perfect with shoe booties or heeled lace up brogues, which is what i wore mine with. Also it's a nice alternative to total winter black and grey palette. I'm really generous with my belongings and when friends come round I was to thrust items at them so they can be loved and flaunted when I don't get round to wearing them. So when i find something fab that everyone should try wearing, but most are too conscious/scared I want to throw it out there and shout 'throw off your shemagh scarf, try this!!' I don't though, because then i would be like the scary lady who wears the 'jesus is alive' tshirt and walks around Birmingham bus stops screaming that we're all sinners (midlands people you so know who I'm talking about!)

Last night I was watching the radio one big weekend highlights with my nan and rihanna came on. I went to the one in Birmingham a few years ago when it wasn't half as big. Lostprophets headlined and we all got crushed. It was strangely the first time I spoke to princess lou, as she'd lost her friends and was in my maths class. Anyway, Rihanna was wearing some seriously cool stuff, which was weird as I'd just deemed her as a random beyonce wannabe. Her outift was kind of futuristic with leather leggings under a really short metallic patterned dress and clear perspex earrings and leather gloves. Also check the strapped shoes. Some seriously marvy styling. Watch for about a minute and the camera starts shooting head to toe.

A million ways to avoid revision...

Everyone who rang/texted into the radio today seemed to be doing revision. Urgh it sucks because you have to go through the stages of a) you don't want to get started but know you really have to so you feel all crappy and b) get stuck in, realise how much you actually have to do and give up as it's too daunting, then c) keep going and get so bored you want to choke yourself on pencil sharpenings. And all the time that big shiny university star is glinting, and so you carry on and get even more depressed. Well today was no different, as the library was shut so I had to force myself at home, which never ever works.

I stayed on the computer for as long as possible, which brought me up to about 11am, hmmm. My mom likes to stick meaningful articles about myspace and net paedophiles around the house, to remind us of safety and stuff(???) The articles are always by journalists who are appalled by the mention of sex *shock horror* on a teen website. All this media work on the teen magazines has corrupted my brain to be constantly analysing content; especially when I watched a programme where a 14 year old girl went for sti tests, which came back clear, and said 'I'm still going to have unprotected sex, it probably would have been better if i did have a disease,' and her dad was in the room, not even caring.

Just encase you're interested,the article says 'meet alice15, one of myspace's newest members. this week her online 'friends' encouraged her to pose naked, asked about her sex life- and one even committed a lewd act on his webcam. Will YOUR child be talking to them today?'

Will they indeed....

I stole Laurence for company and tucked him into bed with some videos, which I tried to watch whilst revising, but obviously didn't.

How good is mermaid, which Cher and that really annoying Winona Ryder and a cute baby Christina Ricci!! Seriously fab soundtrack. I am so a mermaid at the next fancy dress party!

Then I thought no selina no!! what are you doing, you want to go to uni, go revise!! Looking at my calender and revision books made me feel quite queasy but I marched on

Until my wardrobe distracted me. Naughty wardrobe. I was considering whether to keep a dress I got from a charity shop and saw the label said candy floss, so really I had to keep it. And it's got a skirt which is actually shorts; that brings the romper count up to 7 (8 if you're counting jumpsuits) Playsuits anonymous here I come. Damn I just blew my cover. Oh well!

Tidying is an amazing way to avoid revision, as it's an equally productive task that you can't feel so guilty about. Whilst gathering my stuff into they're separate corners, the question 'how many vintage bags is too many vintage bags?' was posed. I've excluded big bags or hippy bags or any other kind of bag here; I mean 80's bright leather bags. Is 26 too many?

Don't answer that. I worry that because my room's so big now, when I go to uni I won't be able to fit anything in my new room. How do people cope?? I need answers!

I also had to mourn the loss of a blue glittery sock, which was from a pair of my favourite glittery socks

It's a sad, sad day. I do not joke. It begged the next question of whether my glittery silver shoes are bad luck, as the only times i have worn them was when we had that awful new years in Manchester, and left the club at 12.15, and when i wasn't allowed into snobs. I'm superstitious in my own way and now am a little afraid.

I've never worn these £5 sale office shoes, as the right outfit hasn't done them justice yet. Maybe some light blue socks could create a fab Dorothy look. hmmm. anyway, it is a great shame. especially as there could have been an great glitter overload with my lonely blue sock.

The depression was overwhelming and I turned to chocolate. Then my dressing table, which was, quite frankly, a disgusting state! I mopped it down and wiped all the beads and formed some order, which should last about 3 days max.

And last but not least, the discovery that there are two, yes TWO, mary-kate and ashley videos in our house shocked me to the core, and I had to do some hardcore maths equations to recover. There you have it, the key to revision success. And it only took a whole day!

Blythe love

I was seriously confused with the title and layout of the blog and couldn't decide what to do. I was browsing ebay for my birthday present ideas; chanel purses and blythe dolls, when I considered how truly the red head dolls look the best (ok, maybe I'm being a little biased...) So this is the new layout, which I'm NOT allowed to change (for a week atleast!) Here are a few other flickr images I was considering.

Visiting Birmingham

Alot of people message me about things to do/see in Birmingham, and while I am no tourist ambassador, I do know a few things about this city. So if you're planning a trip, or coming for uni, hopefully this guide will have some handy hints. If I've forgotten anything, or people want to add stuff, go right ahead. And be aware that these places are my taste, and in my opinion fabulous, so don't hunt me down if they're not to your liking!! I'll give vague directions to place where you can ask people and they an point them out...

(and by dress up I don't mean fancy dress!)

Snobs: aka snobbles, snobbys. Go straight down new street to the opposite end to the bullring.
The best club ever in the history of everything, end of. Go on wednesday for student night, or saturdays. I don't really want to go into how I got banned, due the major depression that will follow, but hopefully on my birthday they'll let me back in! (they'd better- grabs carving knife) It the size of a shoe box and underground, so it's dark and dirty, and we swear they put something in the vodka as everyone is in a haze of sweaty dancing. It is also the easiest place to pull in the whole world. Mainly because it's so crazy cramped as everyone is out their tree. There's a main indie room, and a smaller 60's, soul room. If you like gigs and mosh pits, this is the place for you. Mainly studenty, but alot of non students and post students go, so people older than 25 are normal.
Tips: expect to get very, very hot- some people dress up, alot don't; use lots of hairspray to avoid frizz, drinks are dirt cheap and the bar isn't too busy, expect to be pushed and shoved while dancing, chavs not welcome, go to top nosh for chips after, say hi to john the bouncer.

Panic: (not at the disco), @ the sanctuary, 5 mins down digbeth high street, behind the bullring
7 room, 5 floors, usually quite full, every fortnight on saturday, very studenty, loads of different room: indie, electro, mod, live band, chill out room, etc, less dirty indie club, more classy, people dress up and wear lots of vintage, your puffball dress will be fab, sometimes really good, sometimes bad.
Tips: be careful on the stairs, don't get into any cars outside that offer to give you a lift home by acting like taxis, get the night bus, the vs things are cheap, it's hard to get drunk there for some reason and it's hell to get to the bar

Ressurection: aka res, ressa, @ subway city, go to snowhill station, walk down the left and go under the subway, friday every fortnight
3 rooms, indie, mod, electro, not too big, not too small, has a cafe upstairs with tiptops (popsicles to you americans) some dress up, some don't, but make some effort, cheap bar, lots of drunk people, main room dance floor always seems more like a corridor/hallway to me
Tips: go to the main room balcony toilets, the stairs are steep- beware of short skirts, bar is easy to get to, dance on stage, quite studenty but not everyone is.
Also see: Anarchy, their sister night, every other friday, with rock, metal, emo, etc, one for the scene kids.

Ramshackle: aka rams, @ carling academy, go to bullring, walk down the road to your right with waterstones and keep going past boots to toys'r'us, every friday
A huge place, good bar and dancefloor, i went to a teeny disco there when younger so can't shake that image off
Also see: Subculture, saturday, their sister rock/metal/emo/alt night, good for cheesy rock stuff like limp bizkit (hahaha) nice change from the indie scene
Tips: they hold good themed nights such as beach party and casino night, there are sub girls that dance on stage in skimpy black stuff- my cousins girlfriend is one and she is fabulous and does optometry at aston uni- they're not slags!

Club NME, medicine bar@ custard factory, digbeth high street behind bullring, walk down for 10 mins, every thursday
Tips: AVOID AVOID!! It's deserted

Jump Around, @ barfly, go to the sanctuary (see Panic) and walk down the little road on the right of digbeth high street, every tuesday,
90's night, never packed but a good crowd, vodka slushy machine, spice girls, 90p with flyer!

DV8, near arcadian, to the right of the back of the bullring, thursday is student night
gay club, but most go for the £8 entrance and free bar (not that you can ever get to it!!) fabulous and fruity with cheese, chart and dance, friendly people, beware of bitchy gay guys, they id heavily

Chavtastic clubs: head to broad street for 497376 clubs, flares is good, aussie bar (walkabout) is fab, but if you like your dance and cheap stretchy diamante tops go to the works, barracuda, oceana, etc
More sophis clubs: try bushwhackers, moneypenny nights, nightingale for funky house/electro without the chavs.

aussie bar@ broad street (see above), the trockadero has hot guys, try briar rose for non smoking, the square peg is a bit dodgy, the sunflower lounge (behind bullring & new street station) is for super cool indie/mod types and had a vodka slushy machine! Mosely and digbeth have nice pubs, but i am no pub expert!

Shops (now I'm an expert!)

The Bullring, ask anyone for directions. 2 huge glass buildings, very clean, every shop you could ever need, large topshop, h&m, zara, mango, and the main attraction is selfridges, which is fab to just wonder round and admire. The toilets are really clean (i had to say it!) and go on a week day to avoid crowds. Everyone meets at the bull statue, so go on a saturday and marvel at how many emos are in existence. there are 3 floors in each building, the bottom ones join with restaurants in the middle, look out for princess lou in Claire's accessories.

Primark, step out the bullring and go down the left street for 2 mins. Very big, MOBBED on a saturday, go really early on weekdays, don't think sunday will be any different to a saturday, lots of crappy knitwear, lots of shoes, big looking queues but they go down fast, if you see an 8-10 after 11am you have witnessed a miracle.

Big yellow vintage shop, see here

The vintage flea market, every saturday, step out of big yellow vintage shop, go left for 5 mins to the custard factory, walk in and it's straight ahead, SERIOUSLY pretty, like a candy shop, fab vintage, not too expensive though some stuff is, lots and lots of accessories to choose from and friendly ladies, each have their own little stores, it's never very busy and there is a changing room.

Yo-Yo, a vintage shop at the opposite end of new street to the bullring, down the side road where pizza hut is, near an italian restaurant, a little shop with better boys stuff than girls, average to pricey, american vintage (the best) not pretentious; you're allowed to rummage.

Oasis market, step out the bullring and go right past waterstones, walk until boots and go down the road left opposite mc donalds, it's on your right down a passage with a market, confusing 5 floor goth/emo/alt market, with tattoos/piercing parlours, fetish wear, bead making, hairdressers, bong shops etc, an alternative shopping exp. good for cheap colourful makeup

Avoid: Hypnotic, blue star, select, jane norman unless you want buckles, white crinkly cotton trousers, stretchy printed tops, white leggings

Things to visit

The Mailbox- home of posh shops/bars/restaurants and seriously expensive flats. bbc midlands hq is there, where they film the news and record the radio so you often see presenters eating lunch, it's right next to the canals, and full of rich people, find yourself a rich husband, eat in style

The Custard Factory: super trendy arty place that holds gigs, clubs nights, shops, etc, on a normal day there are art galleries, you should go just to look at the sculptures and designs if you like that sort of thing

The Chinese quarter- yum

Pigeon park, the cathedral, aka emo park. The emo hang out, marvel at the amount of scene kids and panic at the disco tshirts

Brindly place, bars and restaurants on the canals, go through symphony hall to get to it, which holds concerts and shows, leads onto broad street which is less chavtastic in the day

Tricky Dickie's- male strippers!

Look out for religious protesters, buskers, hari krishnas, the floozy in the fountain, 4 h&ms, me!

a few events that spring to mind

Gay Pride- a weekend, once every year with a massive parade throughout the city and weekend long fairs, clubs and fun!

Drop Beats Not Bombs- event at the custard factory, expect alot of drum n bass

Gig/show Venues:

Carling Academy, the perfect venue (apart from the high drinks prices and heavy id) avoid academy 2 for smaller gigs as the stage is on the floor so you don't get a good view, main room can hold 2000 people, with a wide balcony, rumours of a refurbishment

Barfly- good for smaller more unknown bands, cheap drinks, easy to get backstage or climb on stage!

Alex/Hippodrome theatres, many a show, i recommend rocky horror, it always shocks me at how small theatres look on the outside.

Good charity shop high streets

erdington, wylde green, harbourne, kings heath, mosely, bearwood, shirley, one stop (in new oscott i think)


Birmingham- just out of town, pretty green campus, huge uni, live in sellyoak aka studentville

Aston- right in the middle of town next to the fire station, wide open campus, nice accom. on site, live in erdington for near by accom.

UCE- the met, loads of students all ages, campus spaced out

Phew I'm all typed out! I hope something in there helps visitors. Forget your pretencions about Birmingham, it's a vast city with loads of different corners; there's something for everyone. I'll add more stuff when I think of it!

Outfit: aye aye again

The sailor stuff just keeps calling. I'm not at all sure why; maybe it's the big collars. I got this dress off ebay ages ago, but it took like years to arrive and even then the hem was rough and it was a little musty. Nothing a good tumble dry can't solve!

The secret expedition

I'm back!! We bought a monitor from a charity shop which is HUGE but it does the job, and it turns out I get a laptop prize from the blog award, so a HUGE thank you to too! I got my grant and uni loan info yesterday and a laptop would have took up a hefty chunk, so it's just at the right time! I'm about to reply to all comments and things, but I had to put up the post I meant to do on the weekend.

Bored stupid by revision, me and Meleesa decided to become face hunter types for the day. But there was the problem of getting random people to let us take a photo. This is where the genius plan came in. We made little laminated id cards for round our neck, and a form to 'sign' and posed as magazine interns. Is that illegal? Maybe! We also felt seriously guilty after telling many people that they could be in a magazine street style article and seeing their happy faces. We tried to snap a variety of people, and asked them a few questions about what they were wearing/inspiration/etc. If any happen to blindly stumble across this blog I'm VERY SORRY that we are blatant fraudsters, and hopefully the flattery of asking to be photographed made up for it?!?!

First we approach some friendly looking guys, as we were a little daunted. Dale and Dan laughed their heads off and Dan said he'd gone for the Scottish fisherman look (whatever that is meant to be?!) We like his jumper.

We got a little more confident and, as there are 58437697971671 million of them, we had to stop a few scene kids. They admitted to 'following what everyone else wears,' mostly following, Joe, the blonde one, who is apparently the scene kid style guru...

We liked this guys shoes, and like everyone, they both said they just 'threw things on that were clean' and shopped at primark. Mmmm hmmmm a likely story...

This girl called Becky had the coolest shoes like EVER. She sited Japanese street style and individuality as her loves, obviously!

Omg Amy and Charlotte were so cute and they were fashion students AND they'd just been to the big yellow vintage shop! I like the way they mixed everything up.

And last but not least, Cherelle just stood out a gazillion miles from everyone else in the street and had a really cool presence as she drifted down the road.

So there you have it. We are very sorry we conned you, lovely people of Birmingham. We felt too guilty to take anymore pics. Also, a seriously slaggy looking girl came up to us and demanded 'Can ya take my picture.' We were like '' and had to scarper quickly!

it's all crazy

A few days absent from the blogging world and so much has been missed!! Agathe is getting married, the gg tv series cast has been announced, and jaslene won antm 8!! The new computer is coming and I have lots of gossip! Apologies for the absense!! I'll be back soon chicas xx


My computer is old and used and prone to strange happenings. Currently my screen looks like this:

Who knows why. I've tried to adjust the screen settings and all that jazz but nothing works. Yesterday I hit it in frustration and it popped back into place, but today no amount of bashing works. I have to keep shifting around pages to stop them going all curly and smooshed, and typing this post is seriously hard! It won't let me read comments or go on hotmail, or read other blogs, either so I can't reply until tomorrow in college!!! Also, me and Meleesa went on a secret expedition on Saturday and have some marvy pictures. It will have to wait until tomorrow too. Damn you technology!!