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Big yellow love

Let the sunshine in

So the whole world seems to have watched the news thing, which comments of friends/college people have concluded in a) I look about 13 b) I look posh and c) it doesn't actually look much like me. Please random people of the blogging world do not believe the tv. It lies. (maybe)

But people in the midlands will know it was looovely and sunny today, and so I wore the brightest loose tshirt ever and high waisted shorts, which kinda felt like I was wearing a big nappy all day. I also wore pink earrings as summer will totally be all about clashing colours.

Speaking of colours, my shorts are now dyed to perfection.

It remains to be seen whether I will actually wear them out in public. Running to the corner shop to buy a magazine does not justify this, although it is a good way to test drive outfits.

I also found a mr happy cassette which was 25p in a charity shop. I had to buy it seems as it was so cheap and yellow and I already posted about tape belt buckles I'd seen. I cut a gold chain off a bag strap and threaded it though a wheel so I could wear it as a necklace.

And Kate Moss blah etc. A let down really. Sounds like nobody actually went for the huge warning of being murdered for the last size 10. It's less of a designed collection, more of a 'look like me' range, and I don't find her style that interesting at all. She can't live off skinny jeans and waistcoats for another 5 years. Plus if you walked down the street no one would ever notice you'd slept outside Topshop for a week to by jeans with a K stitched in.

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