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The secret expedition

I'm back!! We bought a monitor from a charity shop which is HUGE but it does the job, and it turns out I get a laptop prize from the blog award, so a HUGE thank you to too! I got my grant and uni loan info yesterday and a laptop would have took up a hefty chunk, so it's just at the right time! I'm about to reply to all comments and things, but I had to put up the post I meant to do on the weekend.

Bored stupid by revision, me and Meleesa decided to become face hunter types for the day. But there was the problem of getting random people to let us take a photo. This is where the genius plan came in. We made little laminated id cards for round our neck, and a form to 'sign' and posed as magazine interns. Is that illegal? Maybe! We also felt seriously guilty after telling many people that they could be in a magazine street style article and seeing their happy faces. We tried to snap a variety of people, and asked them a few questions about what they were wearing/inspiration/etc. If any happen to blindly stumble across this blog I'm VERY SORRY that we are blatant fraudsters, and hopefully the flattery of asking to be photographed made up for it?!?!

First we approach some friendly looking guys, as we were a little daunted. Dale and Dan laughed their heads off and Dan said he'd gone for the Scottish fisherman look (whatever that is meant to be?!) We like his jumper.

We got a little more confident and, as there are 58437697971671 million of them, we had to stop a few scene kids. They admitted to 'following what everyone else wears,' mostly following, Joe, the blonde one, who is apparently the scene kid style guru...

We liked this guys shoes, and like everyone, they both said they just 'threw things on that were clean' and shopped at primark. Mmmm hmmmm a likely story...

This girl called Becky had the coolest shoes like EVER. She sited Japanese street style and individuality as her loves, obviously!

Omg Amy and Charlotte were so cute and they were fashion students AND they'd just been to the big yellow vintage shop! I like the way they mixed everything up.

And last but not least, Cherelle just stood out a gazillion miles from everyone else in the street and had a really cool presence as she drifted down the road.

So there you have it. We are very sorry we conned you, lovely people of Birmingham. We felt too guilty to take anymore pics. Also, a seriously slaggy looking girl came up to us and demanded 'Can ya take my picture.' We were like '' and had to scarper quickly!

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