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Outfit 270607

Outfit posts are back! Seems as I don't have to make outfits out of revision notes and selotape anymore (it almost came to that!), I can put some thought in and find time to snap.  But today I had to wear this skirt as I woke up and everything in my wardrobe was furry mmmhmmmmmm.

Girl power!

I think I've mentioned before how I'm not really into music anymore. It's not like I constantly wear ear plugs or anything, just I don't follow bands in the heavy way that I used to. It came to a point where gigs got boring, and it was simply a competition to like the newest/coolest band. I still listen to the radio 24/7 (radio 6 fyi) and love to dance in clubs, but now I only really look to bands for the clothes, as music is such a huge influence in fashion, and vice versa. So here are a few of my favourite girl singers who dress marvellously...

This band are from here and go to a school just across the city; I've been at parties with them. There are 4 girls in Poppy and the Jezebels who must all be 15-16(?) and they dress totally vintage cool, alot different to most in Birmingham, minus the indie invasion. Don't they just make you wana start a band!

They remind me alot of The Like, who haven't been around for a while, but I am a big fan of american woodstock vintage rather than english laura ashley stuff so i like their hippy vibe.

For a while me and melissio were into The Pipettes and had a little pipettes dance we threw onto the floor in clubs! I thought they were cute because they always wore polka dots, but then polka dots became huge and i think they ran out of clothes!

Be your own pet were my faaaavourite band since like forever. We met them outside a gig that was over 18 so we had to sit outside and wait for them to come out, groupies or what. And then at reading is saw the afroed bassist Nathan walking backstage and i was like omgomgomg hi! and he was like hey i remember you from Birmingham right? and for the WHOLE weekend i was like omg he remembered me! You've lost all respect for me haven't you. They were good ok! And Jemina Pearl is one hot singer.

Let's make love? Ok lovefoxx. First of the trail of the new nu rave (tongue twister!) tribe in music, i.e. css. Would you wear these leggings??

We're hoping to meet these guys one day. Have the coconut twins really left supersuper magazine?

and doesn't kesh just look the best in retro glasses? Also here's their friend Namalee...

And Zane Lowe favourite (random trivia: he once gave me £10!) MIA has gone nu rave extreme, a cassette playa ambassador!

And last but not least, I lurve Rihanna at the moment, at least she's bringing some different style to the table!

Do you have any girl crushes?


Exams are over!!!!!!

I'm sure many a reader is relieved to finish school/college/uni! It's such a SHAME. Bye bye college. I almost shed a tear today when probably for the last time a girl said 'naaah man, what iz she wearin' about five centimetres behind me; good times! I will miss all you obnoxious people ! And special thank yous go out to:

...the people on the bus who play really loud music. Many journeys have been bettered with the light air of technotechnotechno at the back. My headache wouldn't have been the same!

...the ema people, who NEVER pay me. Hello, I was tired ok?! The bus was late?! And you try going to college after coming home at 4!

...the teachers who made me want to die

...the people who a) sit in front of me and wear seriously tiny tops which expose way too many rolls. And there are stretch marks b) the midget security guard who everyone HATES and the way they closed off the main gate. Why?!?! c) the girl who highlights EVERYTHING!!! you turn up like never, and when you do you feel the need to highlight everything on the sheet oooooomg.

...the 902 bus that goes up the hill... but NEVER comes!

...and not forgetting the previously mentioned girls who chat about your outfit right behind you so you can hear. Seriously what kind of life do you have. Oh and the pretentious girls who think they now own the place because they've turned indie and wear flat leather boots and 'vintage' primark bags with berets ooooo you are like so different, you go girls!!

A very special thanks goes to lucozade, pro plus and these weird energy herbal tablets that helped me through exams. Couldn't have done it without you! Well ok I did ALOT of revision, but we'll see on results day.

In celebration I've made a new summery layout! Ah it's summer!! AS if! It will of course be the best summer ever. Lets eat cake!!


"For some reason the public has embraced me as a fashion icon, and I feel like it has diminished me as an actress, or I don’t get as much recognition as an actress, and that upsets me"


I used have a huge crush on Daniel Radcliffe, i.e. the boy who plays Harry Potter. I say 'crush' because I was about 12. SHAMEFUL but true. I can show you my school planners doodled with 'i heart d.r.' Yes I know, I have no right to continue this blog. I was young ok!

So there are a few pictures of press releases etc floating around now and bypassing that chanel disaster the hermione girl wore, the new kids have some serious style!

Ok ignore the middle people, I'm majorly trying to resist deleting the first paragraph after this photo BUT look at the new girls Evanna Lynch and Katie Leung. How great are their outfits!? It takes a seriously cool person to show up to a press conference in purple tights, which compliment the dress perfectly. And there are VERY few people who can wear tapered, high waisted trousers. Evanna's hair is the exact reason why I've considered bleaching in the past. Emma's chanel necklace is cute though, but I'd have gone with the pearls.


Crimping may be back but if I, like many people, tried to go there it would be more like this...

Very few people have seen me when I brush my hair; the red 'fro is not good!

But I get alot of emails about hair. Curly is sooo unruly and hard to manage! I can't give the straight hair tips, but curly I know! I don't wake up with ringlets. Well, technically I do, but it's not natural. Now if people come up to me in the street and ask if it is I just say yes because it takes too long to go into a nightly process of twisting. My hair's naturally frizzy/wavy, but most nights I curl it. I can't divulge exactly how, as its quite complicated, but for years i experimented with curlers, tongs, rags and bendy foamy stuff. They all turn out fine because hair doesn't frizz if it dries naturally. So the only option is to wash at night and set it in curlers, so basically showing it exactly how to look.

I twist mine into loads of little pairs and then take them out in the morning. Rags are good for fat ringlets but need a helping hand. I still don't know how old biddys sleep in curlers every single night, it's like sleeping with your head in a cutlery draw! But the bendy foam straws are fun but not so secure.

I haven't owned a brush in about 5 years. I just finger comb when very very wet and curl it up! If there is anyone out there with naturally sleek, ringletty curls they are very very lucky as Carrie Bradshaw is the optimum example of naturally curly hair.

I don't like moose, as you see many girls with naturally straight hair that has gone into spindly waves that still look drenched. I don't see how serum works either as it just sinks into your hands? The only thing I use is hairspray and LOTS of it. Rock hard hair is good! At least that way it doesn't budge or attempt to frizz, and the hardness wares off. I like frizz ease, or really cheap stuff like silvikrin as the cheaper the harder it goes! Curling tongs only seem to make curls droop and fall out, so I guess the best option is to dry your hair set in curls. I once heard sleeping with wet hair makes you mad, so I'm  definitely crazy! People ask why I would wash mine every night and spend about an hour doing it, but nowadays people can't even live without straighteners 50 times a day, which is fair enough. But isn't it bad when you see dry, broken hair frazzled by the heat? Protection spray!! Are there any other tips you curly girls can give?


I couldn't sleep so watched a few videos on fashvids, ending in a documentary called 'thin' from America. It's honest and straight forward, and rather than previous docs like Louise Redknap's size zero stint and many on Rhodes farm which throw in a few Nicole Richie pictures and finish with a happy ending, this is simply a story of women who have to become like little girls again and be constantly monitored and watched. I thought it was weird on 'I'm a child anorexic', filmed at Rhodes farm for bbc3, that the workers were laughing when they'd found hidden vomit and razor blades in room searches. You can still watch that on you tube, but i found this American film much more interesting. You can try to find a cause all you want, but i think in every girls life there is a crossroads where you really look at yourself and ask if life would be better if you were a little bit thinner.