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Preen Dream

After much needle poking and blood loss I've finally finished my attempt at a preen dress inspired by the amazingio success of Queen Michelle's over at the Kingdom. I'm not very good with zips or fastenings, so the dress is actually two parts and if I wear it out I'll have to sew myself into it, or create a zip, but I CAN'T take anymore sewing!!! I had to do it all by hand and no matter how finely I stitched it's still a bit fragile and easily broken, so I'll have to go over it AGAIN to avoid bursting open on a dance floor, which would not be pretty. I'll have to arm myself with a sewing kit before entering. Can you take needles into a club...? For the top part I put elastic in the back, which went seriously wonky but it'll have to do! The finish is not as tight and a billion times more amateur than the preen original but it's not turned out half bad! I kind of can't sit down, but there's always a fly in the ointment!! I hope they aren't offended by my not so great copy, but Thea Bregazzi is a curly girl too so maybe she'll let one go by!

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