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I must face the ultimate festival conundrum. Do you favour mud over effort? I know I'll end up taking all my frilly dresses in a barbie pink case rolling it through the mud in little vintage pumps like last time. It wasn't all bad but there is NO sign of a sunny summer this year, so preparing for rain is not enjoyable. Macs? Wellies? Ruck sacks? No no NO! It's not a trip to the Hilton, but I'm not an outdoors girl.

So I pondered getting one of those huge waterproof back packs with a gazillion pockets instead. At V last year we just gave up and offered free beer to anyone who helped us carry out MASSIVE suitcases. A girl needs hair products!

I've decided just to wait for the weather situation and if it's torrential monsoon time obviously I'll plan accordingly. But for now I will imagine bright breezy days and warm evenings. Denial?

There's totally something happening with suitcases and vanity cases. It's easy to pop into a charity shop and choose from 5 bright 80's bags, or even go down to primark and buy the little envelope purse, that the whole world seems to have. But a pretty vanity case shows you're an old world lover, rather than an indie follower. I got another case today from the pdsa. Maybe I could get a battered suitcase and strap it to the pink roller case for more room? That way it wouldn't matter if it got bashed or dirty as it would be old and cheap anyway, but still super cool?

I'm being ridiculous, I know, but a poncho and cagoule will never come near me!

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