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sheer joy

Tulle is great for 50's prom dresses and mesh only good for goth vests, but there's a trend exploring volume in light, airy ways. Ruffles and bubbles allow a less rigid silhouette, creating a floaty aura or tight rouching for  sleeves, skirts and outlines.

The sheer blouse was an easy option for Miu Miu and Dries, but a shimmery layer over shift dresses at Philip Lim and Alberta Ferretti  prove the highly popular pregnant stomach look can just look like an illusion.

3.1 philip lim, erin fetherston, akris, dries, chanel, alberta ferretti, miu miu, chloe, karl lagerfeld

I like the way tulle can be puffed out to create volume, rather than ruffling cotton which can't help creasing during the day.

jens laugesen, d&g

A long, billowing dress isn't exactly practical, but embellished and embroidered sheer cascades would be easier to imitate.

elie saab, galliano, hermes, valentino, versace, mcqueen

Sonia Rykiel ruffled up tulle, as well as knitwear, to shake up any normal shape, and Yohji Yamamoto added a simple long trail from a hat as though he spotted another collection and quickly threw it over the nearest available model claiming originality and wedding dress alternatives...

sonia rykiel, yohji yamamoto

Some pretty fishy ideas (haha fishy, i am genius) was layers of net, which kind of looked like you had an accident off a Cornwall coast or maybe costume design for the lifelike remake of Ariel (best film EVER)

nina ricci, givenchy

A few sheer blouses are in the shops, but I'm hankering for anything with random hits if tulle and fine net to add edges and volume in a non predictable way. Topshop have some offerings of an ugly mesh and sequin vest and basic sheer shirt. Warehouse have some pretty blouses for autumn but no one needs another one in light cream and beige.

Not forgetting leg wear, the savior of boring winter coats, opaques are replaced with slimming thin stockings.

blumarine, preen, undercover

So tulle and net are the perfect materials to construct volume over a body conscious silhouette. I've dug up a H&M tutu dress and some Jonathan Ashton sheer grey stockings from The materials are light enough to wear during this non existent summer!


It may seem a little dodgy with all these kids around, but I couldn't resist posting Luke, 15, who could be the ideal guy if I cryogenically froze myself for a few years until he reached my age (soon to change on sunday...)


10 reasons why i'm single

There seems to be a sudden blogging trend, aside from tagging or turbans, to gush about your boyfriend. Now by all means it is a very lovely thing to find someone you love and want to hang out with and it's very sweet but I don't really want to read about it all the time! This could be because I am jealous or that I'm very unromantic or just that I'd rather have a fashion fix than a boyfriend lurve dedication. If I had a nice boyf on my arm I would totally show him off too, but there isn't one. So if I wanted to see couples I'd go sit in the back row of a cinema, and not be sad that not only do bloggers out there have impeccable style- they also have a cute guy who has style too!

I care a lot about clothes so all I ask for in a perfect guy, apart from sparks, is a good dress sense, as then they would have fashion interests too, therefore we'd have alot in common. With the nation griped by indie fever, it's not hard to go to topman or get some winkle pickers? Is it?

This could be shallow, but I mean a guy who has a real interest in fashion too and maybe even knows his Bottega from Burberry?

There are two sides to this. Could he be content with constant fashion risks and strange trend ideas from me in public? Could he have looked at gold leggings as a great investment or a crazy alien invasion sign? I can't seem to find a guy who I could admire or be inspired by. Well, I see them all the time, but I don't know them!

While now being free to go out and party whenever and after watching the current failed relationships of friends, I don't mind being single. Just once in a while some good karma should be sent my way!! Maybe in the form of Adam Brody... Alex Zane... Daniel Radcliffe... ok I'm joking about that one, but he's looking alot better now he's come into his fortune!


this girl overloads on cuteness!!

I found the flickr while browsing wardrobe_remix, and it's jam packed full of photos of Djuna and her family. This is so how I will force my kids to dress in many many years! Now I'm going to hunt down the perfect second hand suit to wear myself, even though she can pull it off because she's 6 :)

daily junk

My mom has swanned off on holiday because she 'needed a break from work' and selfishly took the camera with her. So I can't accompany this post with a picture of my new found pain, not that I'm sure what exactly it would look like. Today I glanced at my babyish calender and realised it's less than a month to the festivals, less than 3 weeks until results day and less than 2 until my birthday, which no one has actually told me about since the event is going to be a 'surprise.' I don't like surprises. How can I plan the perfect outfit around nothing?! I panicked a bit at how quickly July has disappeared and what will happen if I don't get the results I need for uni. But nothing can be done about that now so I wandered off to a little high street rammed with classy charity shops clutching the £20 my mom left us each because she felt bad about going on a holiday weekend without us (by us I mean my brothers and sister, not me and my blog, or me and the cats, or anything)

There I saw the horror of all horrors- other shoppers. Not the general old ladies or strange smelling guys, but girls around my age who used to go to my old girls only school, which I fled from almost two years ago. Me and my little group of friends were considered 'weird' because we listened to 'rawk' music and went to a 'rawk' under 18s night called teenculture, which is now a huge emo fest holding about 2000 eyeliner-ed, polka-dotted fringes, and we totally 'dropped out' and went to college *shock horror* which is for like stupid people who are naughty and get something below an A******. The other girls in my class had a group of boys from the aligning school on rotation so they could compared notes and tried to sneak into chav club nights where people get felt up on the sofas. We didn't actually listen to rock music, just anything that didn't consist of 'dj ----' was considered rawk. Anyway, there they were in tunic dresses and colourful leggings, there may have even been hints of 'nu rave' in there. I stumbled in open-mouthed. Now it's fun to charity shop? Have the masses finally seen past the sad vintage section in Topshop and discovered real second had stuff. While deciding whether to turn and walk straight out, one girl, let's call her 'pink-leggings extensions head,' picked up the cutest pink leather flap bag with a little leather bow and started shrieking about it, then went to the mirror to try it on, then put it back, then picked it up again and compared it to her own fake primark tote and eventually paid for it. That bag would have been mine!! That's when they saw me browsing the videos for old movies and 80's concerts and burst into a fit of whispering and looking up and down and giving horrible fake smiles. I kind of half raised my eyebrows and turned around pretending to be absorbed in a spandex covered exercise video from the depths of hell until they tottered out and into the next shop. 'I-was-made-in-the-80's tshirt and kooks badge' girl even gave me a little wave.

Since when did the girls who looked down on us for wearing eye liner decide to like mainstream indie and wear cardigans? Has it finally filtered through, and the average teenager wears anything that screams vintage? About a month ago my friend Princess Lou saw some girls from the snobby old school in the toilets of a typical indie club that I was banned from; Snobs. They were part of the netball team and I remember one of the girls even had a mirror attached to her pencil case for essential makeup application during lessons...even though it was a girls school. Does that say it all? Anyway, they saw Louise and made some forced conversation to ask if she was still at college *cue their horrified shivers* to which she replied yes and they said 'well then, you're just scum.' She blinked and said pardon and again they actually called her scum!! For going to college!!! Scum?! Her friend Lucy, who has some amazing grades to her name, stepped in and said she gets 100% in like every a level exam (which she does, and she is so super cool- I have no idea how she does it!) and she goes to college, to which they just smirked and turned away.

It is very depressing that now people like that consider themselves 'like so indie' and sing along to some overplayed killers song and show off an All Saints leather jacket. Why do people jump on bandwagon, mass trends and still feel justified to look down on you, when we danced to pixies at the back of the classroom years before they discovered that you could actually buy tops that didn't show half a mile of cleavage? At the festivals this year we know for sure there are many poseurs going, in their £45 kate moss denim hotpants looking for somewhere to plug in hair straighteners.
One reason I really want to get the grades for university is to prove that going to college isn't the road to failure, unlike their pretentious grammar school assumptions. Isn't declaring 'i'm like sooo nu rave' a little lame? It's natural to be influenced by shifts in trends, but when people are cramping your personal sense of identity, it gets a little upsetting!! It's like an island and the more people join, the more you're pushed off the sides! If I see one more schmegh scarf, or whatever they're called now, I may have to kill myself. For the lurve of god, please stop all the pretending!

p.s. do you mind my warbling rants?

powder puff

The Settlement Shop may be second hand heaven. In the past few weeks I've bought about 15 things. Alot are prediction items, like you'll imagine wearing them with the perfect outfit in the near future, but never get round to. I've acquired loads of little pill box and netted hats, which I promise to wear in winter, not that they'll give warmth or anything, just it's a nice extra on an otherwise big black coat.

Today I got some pink polka dot sheer gloves and a lemon sheer scarf (it looks mouldy yellow in the picture but it really is lemon!) Sheer stuff is huge for a/w, so I've got my eyes peeled for a sheer blouse... yum. The little hat is by Mitzi Lorenz and is perfect to sit quietly and add some lady like charm to the average soggy day. The question is, do you carry on wearing hats indoors or is it polite to take them off, even if it's small?

Rainbow Brite

My fabulous rainbow dress fantasy has been RUINED due to the constant rain and flooding  here!! I wanted to embrace the sunshine and buy bunches of flowers, instead of braving the high street in wellies! And I'll bet the summer will come in November when we want to wear winter stuff!

Hmmm turning to the f/w shows isn't really an option now, so random trends and desires are catching my eye and fulfilling the urge to buy new stuff. When browsing ebay longingly at cute rainbow dresses like these...

... I found a fab pair of rainbow shoes. It's been a task to have a row of second hand court shoes in every colour in my wardrobe, but green, yellow and orange are proving hard to find! So maybe a colourful 80's pair will be ok to just put on whatever you're wearing at festivals or any normal day.

They go for alot more than normal vintage pairs, but it's like 5 shoes in one, and they're pretty rare in rainbow so it sets them apart from the average courts you can find in any old shop! I'd wear them with white tights to totally contrast. I'm considering painting some white shoes...

links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

geek chic

Drastic cash shortages mean I'm only allowed to charity shop for a few weeks until my birthday (18 AT LAST!!) so I've been delving deep rather than just skimming the dresses and shoes. I found a basket of sunglasses for 50p each and thought they'd make good ebay sell-ons for the shop, so I bought a few and was about to advertise them when I had second thoughts. If you pop out the dark lenses they're just like the big geek glasses I already posted about that all the street kids are wearing!

I bought that pair off ebay but the prescription means everything far away is blurry so they're not great for getting the bus, if I can't actually see the bus!

It's kind of ridiculous to wear glasses with no lenses, as they look strange anyway. I popped into specsavers and they said it would cost £40 just to put clear ones in!! I'll ask in the market, but there doesn't seem to be much hope. They'll probably never be worn due to impracticality, but I'll take them to festivals, or maybe one day I'll wear them for the hell of it!

I could hang then on a chain, or put them on my head like Carrie Bradshaw did with a crazy colourful pair in a really old episode or in the Michael Kors show...

handle with care

As not to stray from the path, I've made a huge list of essential items that are crucial for next season, the main being a long pair of leather gloves; opera style. It will be a bit of a challenge as I find wearing gloves kind of restricting? I'm paranoid about loosing things, so when you can't feel things or notice when you drop something, it makes me uneasy! Also, when you have a MASSIVE bag that's full of junk, it makes it hard to rummage right to the bottom for a bus pass/phone/gum/etc.

But we have to suffer, and with a bit of getting used to, I couldn't NOT buy some long gloves for my elbow length sleeved coat.

In  ready-to-wear shows there were leather gloves just about EVERYWHERE; couture shows too.

anna molinari, christian dior, dior couture, dsquared, hermes, marni, versace, ysl

Long leather pairs are quite expensive on ebay, £30-£50, but a high street store should produce some soon enough for a little cheaper.

There were embellished gloves at Alberta Ferretti and Christian Lacroix...

...which could be achieved with a glue gun and some second hand jewellery or plastic gems. With longer gloves there's a risk of looking too grand. I didn't really wear mine to college much as a balloon sleeved brocade swing coat with long green leather buttoned gloves was a bit, er, much among jeans and Bench parkers (that label should not exist!) Come what may on August 16th (results day) I still keep imagining what to wear on the first day of university, and making the effort to be casual yet amazing is just not working.

So you could mix it up with some coloured opaques and clashing mini gloves... at Karl Lagerfeld and Missoni, which are more wearable and a nice change from a totally grey and black palette.

I wouldn't wear what was fashioned by Alessandro Dell'Acqua because it kinda just looks like an arm sling/bandage? Melissa had some furry mittens, like at Marni, last year which she called her rats, so I'm put off for life since mice were found in our floorboards (the new cats bought as a result have caught a grand total of... one!)

The famous Satorialist picture of Anna Della Russo shows the perfect way to wear a super long pair and her broad shoulders give almost the effect of  a Lanvin silhouette.

So leather gloves are right at the top of autumn essentials, along with a leather dress, boots, tights, belt... you get the picture!

the deathly hallows

7 hours later... WOW. Can't deny it was amazing to read, noble but dark. I won't review it encase you haven't finished!! It's  bit sad now, like it's all wrapped up and totally over. Something totally shocking would have been better though, the twists were predicted.