outfit 280607 i've met someone that makes me feel sea sick
it's 1.30 on a saturday night

put it out

Tonight I'm actually going to a club night dedicated to the last night of smoking freedom in england, complete with free fag give aways. It would be FAB to not come home with your hair and clothes stinking, as I've just had to wash everything I took out last night, even the stuff I put in a bag in the cloakroom.

Maybe it will make the non smoking policy on buses more strict because there's nothing more rude than doing it on a confined, hot bus. One time a lady on my bus asked a boy at the back politely to put out his cigarette and he replied 'shut up, you slag.' It ended up in a huge fight with her asking him if he was illiterate and stupid, and he was like 'yeah, I can't read' and all his friends were just laughing. Then she got really mad and told him that everyone thinks he's scum and he'll never amount to anything, which was pretty strong because he was asian.

As a non smoker I don't mind the ban at all, although I'll probably be made or guilted into going outside with my friends when they light up. It tastes and smells disgusting so don't see the attraction, I think it's more force of habit. But initially starting is just to look cool or fit in; even my 15 year old sister has been caught, but she is pretty stupid. Plus it's nice to have an addiction.

In terms of health it's horrible to think of the thousands of fags my friends have had, so you cannot complain that it isn't fair. If you but a 20 pack every day that's like over £1600 a year!? I don't see how people purposely do something that's harmful. What do you think? And if you live in a non smoking place how did people cope?

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