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7 random things, tagged by chic looks

1) I hate really sappy, good-girl actresses like Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Mischa Barton and Audrey Hepburn. I can't help it. I think they are as plain as plain can be and their soppy, smug smiles are unbearable!

2) I can't get to sleep until about 6am.

3) I changed my uni course from maths to management and textile marketing. For some sad reason there is no course involving both!

4) When ginger people meet we empathise and discuss how mistreated we are. whiny, I know.

5) Give me ANY guy with curly hair and a sense of style. I might as well ask for a column in vogue. Doubtful!

6) My bedroom is the basement so I have constant dim lighting. As I step onto the street I probably look quite crazy in a purple puffball and gold metallic leggings, but 5 minutes ago it looked totally acceptable!

7) Sometimes I think that if I hadn't been on the news and stuff, my friends and random people wouldn't know who I am on here so I could write anonymously, which is naturally what blogging's for! I think my mom reads too. But I'm typing in bed right now so am unbelievably grateful I was.

most people have been already tagged so 7 blogs is a bit much? Go curella says, sullen girl, jottings of a fashionista, katie-lilga, 1am coffee, sugarplum ragdoll, style evolution, and gem fatale. Hmmm that's 8. Maybe it's good I dropped the maths!

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