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Recovering from the crazy night last night that included polar bears, zebras, leopards and a lion (me) is the only thing I can possibly wish to do today. Face paint is so not a good idea. I've checked out the new season of ANTM on you tube (big lack of interesting girls this year!) and sadly watched Gossip Girl (awful awful awful!) but really in the back of my mind have been stirring the big pot of next season trends from the runways. Not a bad run so far, but we're not going to die of excitement at baggy shorts and alot of silk. But some stuff dodgy needs investigating, and I've conjured a list of trends I will most probably in turn contemplate, attempt, destroy and embrace. They'll pick at my brain until I throw them into an ebay search, buy bad second hand tat and feel a little smug until I realise no one will look that strange until at least April.

I can say I sported belly tops at the age of five on a beach somewhere but really they should stay in the blurry photos. I will seriously never wear anything that exposes my stomach; if I wanted to I'd buy a velour tracksuit which rides really low. And wear it with uggs just for the effect. But that's not going to happen is it!! Doo.ri kind of persuades me with the tight, matching skirt and top combo that almost looks like a dress but sports bra connotations just stick in my mind.

The second picture brings me to the whole sheer top/visible underwear thing that Sienna and Victoria tried and Susie Bubble totally worked and I hid in the corner for fear of rotten vegetable throwing. Where are these lands that people can just walk out in their bra and people nod and say 'Yes, what a fashion forward girl, she will go far in life,' not 'She is wearing her bra over her tshirt, call security.' I can see Bottega Veneta is being kind and giving the corset option which totally fits well with high, wide trousers, and Giles knows my mermaid fantasies of lying on the sand on a beach wearing the above mentioned belly top in the above mentioned blurry photos imagining I have a tail. Jill Stuart could show what are almost be high waisted shorts which would be fine with tights, but Doo.ri continues to laugh because Mr Chung doesn't have to wear his y-fronts under see-through trousers. And Helmut Lang is not my friend.

Now I love ruffles, give me more, give me excess of them (thanks Billy) But fringing. Hmmm. I gave the Prada fringed bag that Zara copied shifty looks and avoided the wild west, but trends like these always make me think of strange subjects, then I forget my prejudice and open my mind. I will say right now that I will probably be a fringe wearer by the end of the week, maybe even the next hour. The thought scares me, but we can wade in at the shallow end. Both Armani collections gave some light scarf tassells which channelled this boho-tec madness but Versace, and Zac Posen especially, are friendly and welcoming, rather like the look of the stew we have here on Thursdays. But once you taste it, it's not so appealing. What can I wear with fringing? Pucci and D&G copies could be obtained from a Turkish market or some kind of temple, but Gareth Pugh just had to push the S&M boat out again. The face hunter girl people keep coveting does show how fringing can be quite nice really, almost like a flapper dress, so I guess that's the road I'll head down.

Without jumping on the Christopher Kane bandwagon, I do admire the way each season he's like a little boy crayoning pictures of crazy monsters with five legs and stone washed tentacles with snakeskin eyes. So wrong... but so right? I really do have a bad case of fresher's flu! Not in a million years would I turn to stone wash denim, but I'm already biting my lip at the last second ready to bid on vintage Levi dresses. Why?! How?! On a second collection look he too sports the belly top. Is Anna Wintor massaging her temples right now, cursing his existence? I find no correlation between the posh Satorialist people heading to the shows with ripped denim and snakeskin chiffon? The world is mad. But we like mad. Snakeskin bag anyone?

Could the MaxMara house be secret Gerard Way fans?! The backstage photos appear to show pink eyeshadow but on the catwalk it looks red, and in no way am I a My Chem fan (I am ok, thank you!) I'm not too big on the eyeshadow anyway, and it's not like someone can say 'wow you're wearing eyeshadow today, totally channelling MaxMara there, good on you!'

I will say it again, Judy Garland is so actually ginger in the Wizard of Oz but rainbow will really not creep into my wardrobe. But glitter, I do like me a bit off glitter! My magpie senses are tingling. Expect a shiny rainbow version of every slinky silver smock on the high street. There's alot of rainbow glitter vintage dresses, but rainbow patterns, or harsh Pucci patterns in general, pain my eyes. At a 9am lecture maybe they would keep my awake though?

And last but not least, the height of the trends I may or may not try is smoking. At DSquared did they really think it was a good idea to start and end with Rihanna, thus gaining loads of publicity, and right before let Bruno Tenorio strut out with a fag in hand. Apparently their collection was based on party girls, but didn't they watch the first ANTM shoot which showed the horrible effects of smoking. Tyra might try and be the next Mother Teresa with the whole 'green' cycle too but the girl had a point!

early bird special

I had no labs today (yeah I have to do labs even though it's a marketing course??) so I went down to the laundry room to control the mounting pile in my corner. As much as I enjoy lots of clean boys bending over, it's not the height of fun.

The good thing about here is that we have big full length mirrors in the bathrooms with lots of light so I can do outfit posts, if it doesn't become too similar. I've been devouring the ss08 shows in abundance and this may look like a normal laundry outfit to the unknown eye but ah it is hidden with hints from the shows! Not especially clear ones but hey it's not even winter yet!

Betsey Johnson may be predictable but would totally swing into my wardrobe with the greatest of ease. The circus vibe is all over the place. And braces! Sequin braces! Totally bringing back braces now.  I still want a sequin ice skating costume or leotard (even better for over black tights!) I'm toying with the idea of sequin high waisted shorts.

betsey johnson, marc by marc jacobs, moschino

I don't normally walk around with a huge protruding bow, just little shiny ones like today (you can't really see it) but a huge ribboned bow that was floppy so it wouldn't be like antenna could work. On a different note, it seems the heart shaped sunglasses will come back. Why do people wear sunglasses in clubs?

dkny, proenza schouler, doo.ri, erdem

Also my stripy skater skirt was, at least in my mind, channelling all the stripes all over the place, which hopefully won't translate to cheap, stretchy striped tops, but silky, nautical dresses for spring. There have been a few sailor rompers so far with gets me really excited, but the transition from a harsh, dominatrix winter hasn't been linked for me. Tutti, fruiti colours don;t wash with me either (btw have you ever had a tutti fruiti cocktail- just tastes like coconut?!)

It may be a little premature but we can't wait two whole seasons for spring to wear all the cool new stuff! I'm about to do some more laundry with some girls on my floor; some are going out but I'm in two frames of mind where it could be good but it's really not full of my kind of music/people so I could have a better time blogging and sorting all the books I have to buy (sob). A course similar to mine has to write a report on london fashion week, which I practically did for fun already, while I have to do accounting?! Debit... credit... who knows...

red bow

Ginger models aren't so popular, probably because the skin tone and hair can be easily washed out by colours. The red haired models right now are bright and fiery, and more and more are featured in editorials with dark eyeliner and bright red lips. Having shied away from red and pink for so long it's surprising how well it works, proved by the picture the Satorialist posted that I've been pondering for a while since he put it on

Some photoshop colour enhancing is probable but wow, could red lipstick look better?! With 119 comments already, the NY fashion week model is rumoured to be Judith Bedard, Aleksandra Martiniuk or Cintia Dicker...

My money's on Judith Bedard but who knows. A lady came up to me today and said 'Oh my, never ever cut your hair ever, if you ever get bored just don't, seriously never cut it, gosh' and then she suggested a gazillion hairstyles for if I ever get bored!? I think red lipstick would shout the message that I purposely have alot of red hair and want to show it off, so people won't feel the need to shout 'ginger' to helpfully remind me (only 3 in counting since being in Manchester!)...

So watch this space! It will be one of those things that you have to rush out the house before you change your mind and I'd have to check it all day but I need something to shock myself into submission. I've been looking for the right colour but may have to mix a pillar box red with a burgundy. How's the best way to make lipstick stay on? This field of makeup is so new to me, but my £57 weekly budget could stretch to a Chanel lipstick? I'll just pretend I'm Cintia Dicker going to a modelling shoot in a strange country. Do you ever do that? Pretend you're someone else in your head?

socket outlet

Home sickness has really hit and right now I don't feel the greatest. But bare with me, this is not a dear diary entry, I just have to show why I feel so uninspired recently. Actually that's wrong; I feel overwhelmed by inspiration but don't want to do anything about it. I even considered buying a manchester university hoodie just so I could throw it on and dissolve into the back ground. Things are not good. I'm so used to being judged and over hearing comments as I walk down the street so I'm shying away and trying to make the best possible impression.

But today it hit me that I'm even more sad when not caring, so I will slap on the armour and strut again. I was on a bus just gazing out the window and a girl walked past who looked so amazing. I didn't even see her from the front, the back was enough for everyone in the street to turn round to stare. She had a huge black afro with a white beret sitting on top on the side and white gloves with a black off the shoulder shawl, black tights and high, high heels. She looked like Velma from Bugsy Malone. It was the final straw and the bubble of suppressed thoughts and ideas burst in my brain. Time to buck up. I got my grant and loan today so I can go and buy everything on the extensive shopping list and be fabulous and not care what people think. I feel like the more people put you down, the more layers you put on and since coming here it's been so scary and new that they all broke away and I sank. My friends visited yesterday and it made me even more home sick. Freshers week is over and I start my real timetable so things can level out and we can all discuss the important stuff- fashion!

bouncy castle


I still haven't got a ticket to the pink freshers ball (the blue one is supposidly rubbish and no one is going) so tonight it's the comic strip dress for a pyjama party in the club opposite my halls! Ok, so a dress is cheating, but I am wearing pj shorts underneath that poke out lower than the skirt so I'm half ok!

S7300812 S7300813

Today I went to the 'northern quarter', i.e. vintage and retro heaven. The second hand shop that I went to on the open day was still there and everything was under £3!!! I bought two skirts (I am poor remember!)


I also got a pink patent heart shaped bag and attatched a gold chain so I wouldn't have to hold it all night!


Today we had to do presentations about the shops we had to study for the mini project and I was just having a secret snooze when one girl said 'Yeah, and the leather influences come from designers like Gareth Pugh' and I woke up and thought wow! People do love fashion! Well, one girl, but there must be more!

Also I wore my tightest high waisted jeans and it rained so they got even tighter and so my legs have gone blue and I can actually see all the stitching marks. It's like wearing flesh coloured jeans!

hiding in fashion

For some reason I've lost all my self esteem. Since coming to Manchester I feel awkward and messy and out of place. Sometimes there are those days when you feel a bit rubbish, but I'm starting to avoid my reflection because my confidence is sinking.

I think it's because here most people are the same. They shop in Jane Norman and wear a hell of alot of bronzer and have bleached blonde hair. I have nothing to wear when we all go out because a gold lamé dress really doesn't sit well with low cut tops and short denim skirts. I assumed people on the mainly fashion courses that I have lectures with most of the time would have fashion interests. But there is hard core fashion and there is just the love of shopping. And no one at all seems on my wave length. One of the shops we had to visit in the introduction task was Vivienne Westwood and a Peaches Geldof lookalike and a Bench lover next to me cooed and ahhed and I said 'Ooo I wonder if they'll actually stock those ripped trousers and the massive dungarees, how weird would they be to try on. But still what's with the sick in the adverts, I don't get it??' I got two long, blank stares and Peaches said 'Sick? What are you talking about?' and I had to explain the adverts had vomit and dirty models in, which I don't think she actually believed and thought I was a weirdo.

I have to budget so tightly until my over draft registers and I get my loan and grant (pray it's tomorrow!) because I don't have very much money, so I haven't bought new things in a long time. This may add to my sad mood because I have to recycle older outfits that don't make me feel good anymore. My wardrobe consists of party clothes, and then odd things that completed my life at the time like school girl aprons and white stockings and tutu skirts. I don't buy basics, so I end up in an old shoddy outfit.

All the girls have perfect hair and makeup and I feel silly and ugly in dance clubs. I never feel like this in indie or alternative or even electro clubs. It's all made me wonder whether fashion is a comfort zone. If you're wearing something trendy you are admirable and edgy. But after flicking through D&C on the bus I hit me that the fashion world can see real beauty in the ugly and awkward. Models are not barbie dolls; they're interesting and mysterious and can contort an outfit to stimulate your imagination and stretch it to the limit. A hunched over pose and unnatural textures provide the ambiguity that fake tan and extensions can't touch, unless you were a bronzed amazon woman or maybe had red or blue hair pieces like Anna Sui... see the tangent goes off again! I want something more than perfection. This is where it gets complicated. I need the impossibly ruched, over sized, studded jumper, not the tight, low cut one.

Back to the crux, in the world of fashion lovers or just appreciators, an odd feature or quirky item enhances and inspires; a flaw is the best part. Bloggers always talk about the 'pretty-ugly' factor and stake out the extra buckle or fold that throws the item into another dimension. I can't feel comfortable around people who don't understand the simplicity of a sailor dress. I'm really conscious that I look like a crazy woman in a dress that practically moves by itself and pvc tights, but the outlandish is my comfort zone. As oxymoronic as it is, I'm sure you understand the battle of dressing to indulge and stretch your mind in places where you feel out of place if you do but out of place if you don't. Finding a middle ground is not possible with the wardrobe I brought! At the moment I feel caged, and as much as I totally support wearing exactly what you want whenever you want, right now it would be like wearing a ball gown to a farm yard. I can't achieve perfection and fashion provides the way to go in the totally opposite direction and somehow reach a different kind that can feel perfect for you.

rooms and doom

Finally, the internet is in my room!


S7300758_2 S7300759_2

Last night we had a party in our common room where our floor played drinking games, then people started joining and soon it was packed full of random people from all over the place. I finally found a guy from Birmingham! People started drifting away at about 3 but I stayed and at 5 it was just me and three guys and we decided it would be better to stay up all night than have 2 hours sleep. I caved at 6, crawled into bed and then the fire alarm was set off! It's SO loud and startles the hell out of you, I thought it was a bomb or something, and we all had to put on our shoes and troop into the freezing cold in our pjs; some guys were just in boxers! So basically last night I didn't sleep at all, hence I'm not going to the roller disco tonight but catching up on blogs/lfw!


The bathroom and showers are fine now, although sometimes we catch the guys in them and there's now about 20 of us having to share 2! I wash my hair at night and leave it to dry so at 3am the showers are always hot for me!


People have already been chucked out of the uni on the first night for setting off the fire alarm but everything else is casual and the cleaners didn't even mind clearing up the total mess that the common room was left in. I've also got loads of graffiti in my draws and wardrobes which give the clues that this really is the party accommodation, though that's kind of obvious when someone's singing and banging on your door in the middle of the night and people hold toga parties...

S7300754 S7300756

We've been out every night so far and it feels like it's been years long. I haven't found any clubs I like as they're all dance and cheese so I've been hesitant in bringing out the brash party dresses. Everything's still fab in the hall and you still meet brand new people every single day. I'm GUTTED that the freshers ball sold out before I could get a ticket!!! Well I have a ticket to one ball that's not for my campus so I don't know what to do! It's not like a real ball, it's just casual wear, but that's the highlight of freshers week so it really sucks. I guess they'll be more balls at christmas and stuff. This is a club we went to on Sunday...

S7300778 S7300782

S7300771 S7300784

I've been to my course induction and it's a little different than I thought. Because its management and marketing of textiles there's lectures for textiles science in the labs, maths, accounts and loads of random stuff that I didn't expect. Most of the textile courses are smushed together for lectures and this week we had to do a project where we were given shops to trend-source and analyse the outerwear. The girls aren't fashion followers, I think they just like shopping. Uggs are really popular, along with denim shorts with black tights and slouchy cardigans. In the whole of Manchester I haven't seen any outfits that were totally amazing; only once or twice on guys (dark green drainpipes- yum!) In the task I've wrote a long list of catwalk sources that the coats have been copied straight from and different trends but if I mention designers I get blank stares and the other girls thought trend sourcing meant finding which countries the clothes were made. There are a few boys on the fashion courses surprisingly. The BEST thing is we can spend the third year studying abroad for free in either America, France, China or Sweden! I don't understand the language but the girls on Swedish blogs are so cool, I'm so going to try and go there!

Back to normal blogging then; I still have so many places to discover and visit and for some reason all the newsagents store magazines like plastique, d&c and another magazine so I'm in fashion heaven!



It's Sunday and I'm in a little internet cafe down the road from my halls. Coming from where I left off, Friday night was VERY lonely. Remembering tips from comments, I left my door open ALL afternoon and night and not one single person even walked past!! That's how empty it was. I trooped through UK Vogue and then remembered exactly why I never buy it so spent the rest of the night being totally bored in silence. It felt like I was in ghost halls! And I hadn't brought any juice or squash so I only had vanilla shots to drink! It took me about half an hour to pluck up the courage to have a shower as the door has a huge gap underneath and the bath is kind of yellow looking, but it wasn't so bad in the end! I lay on my 1cm thin mattress and felt like I was actually invisible, because I was in a town where I knew no one and had no idea where I was!

Owens park is made up of hall buildings and mine is in the shape of  square with a courtyard in the middle. My window over looks the centre of all the buildings so I can see our infamous bar and club right opposite. I woke up and people had started to move in finally! The parts of the day seem ten million miles apart. I went on the bus into the town centre in the morning but it was SO busy I couldn't go anywhere!! I went straight to Selfridges to enquire about the Prada two colour stockings but they only have shoes and bags. The stuff in the shops are more crowded together than in Birmingham so it would take ages to root through everything, and Saturday is so not the time to do that!

I bought a paper and some milk and stuff and came back to my hall and found loads more girls had moved in. People kept stopping by and saying hello, and there are people from all over doing totally different courses. There's a girl doing a fashion course that's in the same school as my subject so we can go there together on Monday.

Then I realised I don't get my grant on Monday but on Friday so I had no money at all to last the week! I rang my mom and she'll send me some but that meant I only had one drink last night and will have to have one tonight! Also I thought I'd be really poor, but it turns out most people parents earn too much to qualify for the free government grant, so everyone uses there loan to pay off accommodation and has to live in an overdraft or their parents pay! So my £57 a week isn't looking so bad now!

After I got back to the halls all the girls started talking in the kitchen and we agreed to go on a pub crawl directed by our hall tutor. I was ready to put on my party dress and go but there isn't anyone who dresses totally different so I stuck to a puffy skirt with braces and a little vest with flats. We went to the pub across from my room and it was packed full of people. All the girls stick in groups and all the boys stick in groups because I guess they were there with people from their own hall. The signature drink looks like a forest green pint called a 'green monster' which I think is a mixture of beer, cider and vodka. It's not especially cheap there but I guess on the 'bop' night they'll be drink offers.

We stayed in there and started chatting to random people and talking to the guys who live down our hall too. There are alot of international students and I haven't met anyone from Birmingham yet, although everyone keeps telling me I don't have an accent which is good! My festival wrist bands proved a total conversation started because 2 girls in my halls went to V (and they happen to be twins) and I met guys with reading and leeds bands. There were some reeeally drunk people trying to make friends with everyone, who would ask you your name and course and then forget about it totally and ask you again after like five minutes. The pub crawl never exactly left the bar for some reason, so we went to our common room and chatted for a while. It turns out no one actually applied to live here and everyone appealed against it but now we're here it's not so bad.

There's a pub crawl tonight called 'Vodka Bunker' which has an army theme. You work your way up to a club by stopping and having loads of free shots and drinks in different bars along the way. Most of the girls said they'd wear combats and black tshirts, which embedded horror in my mind because I don't even own a black tshirt. And I brought over 40 dresses, I have no combats! So I might just wear my sailor romper and say I'm in the navy! It's really hard to find stuff to wear because you have to look really casual but all I have are party clothes and odd fashion picks. It's weird going clubbing with people you don't actually know but after a drink everyone opens up and chats to everyone else. We just keep getting lost!

The weirdest thing was when we were in the bar and a girl in those ironic geek glasses who sounded like she was from London came up to me and was like 'You have a website don't you? Yeah I recognised your hair from the internet' and the girls from my floor were looking at me and I was like 'Eeeer yeah I do have a website' and the glasses girl was like 'yeah I thought I should say hello without just thinking about it. Bye!' So that's how the whole 'I have a blog' thing came out to my hall people... I wasn't planning on telling anyone so that didn't go to plan!

Tomorrow the internet should be sorted and I can get back to fashion stuff and post some pictures of my 70's room. I can't reply to comments because I can't go on hotmail properly on this computer but everything will be sorted soon. I hope tonight goes ok because no one really knows each other and it's still a bit weird. I miss my friends and my family like crazy; it feels like years since I've seen them! I'll be back tomorrow! Missing fashion week is more painful than having no hangers.

i'm here!!!

I'm sitting in a computer cluster right now because I won't have internet until MONDAY!!! My parents just left and it was awful but I didn't cry! Leaving my Nan at home was the worst!

So here's the gossip... my halls date back to the 1970s, so my room is very, very old. There's just a big built in brown, stiff, wooden wardrobe and a wooden plank for a bed with a little sink and big wooden desk. The bathroom is like a communal school P.E. shower room! I will never feel clean in there!! It's very industrial, like the old 70's tower flats that they keep demolishing n0w. My hall is very very quiet and it seems no one has moved in apart from me and maybe 2 others (according to the amount of locks on the post boxes!) It's in the shape of a square and my window looks out the front to the middle of my campus. The room is quite big which is good but there's no one around so I can't make any friends! I thought it was strange that there were very few wide eyed students milling around. Then I tried to hook up the internet and it didn't work and they sent me here and this is where everyone seems to be!! I thought the halls would be spaced out but they're pushed together like a little community. There's a high street down the road with the enevitable cheap takeaways and many pubs. It's too depressing to unpack because the hall is deadly quiet and I don't have a radio or tv or even internet now so I can't play any music. Because the building is so old, the doors are really heavy and I can barely open them! I know I'll loose my key or swipe card soon enough and have no way of getting in!! It was so weird to wave my parents off and then realise I'm all alone! I guess everyone else moves in this weekend so I'll just have to spend tonight reading a magazine or something, it's too depressing and antisocial to sit here and go on facebook like everyone else!

So far then I have spoke to a total of 0 people, if you're not including the IT people or the lady who gave me my key. There are welcome meetings and things soon but it all starts on Monday. Dinner starts at 5, but it's too sad to go and eat all by myself so I might walk down to the shops and stock up on magazines. I'm putting everything fashion-wise on hold until Monday because I read about 3000 blogs a day and if I start reading them now I'll be here all night!!! I'm too scared to use the toilet first because it does look really grotty, and I'm not even going to talk about the kitchen! It's not even me being picky and girlie, my parents were laughing all over the place at the 30 year old baths and showers!! I know I'll get used to it, but I can only compare them identically to public showers at a tube station! I forgot hangers ( woops!) so I can't even hang up my clothes yet!! The only thing to do is sit on these computers and connect to the outside world but I should be connecting to this world instead!!! Damn the internet, if people weren't sitting here they'd be making friends! By the end of the night I'm just going to walk up to someone alone and talk at them.

I'm sorry to write all this uni stuff, this blog is usually where I vent all my fashion thoughts but right now everything is swirling in the air!! No phone, tv or computer. Just me right now. I feel so lonely!! My brain still makes mental notes of style, fashion etc all around and I'm trying to push them to one side. Everyone is very indie, in ALOT of H&M. When we were driving down we kept seeing cars full of stuff too, and we just ended up following a boy with a Topman bag  sticking out of the boot. On the plus side, the guys are hot and obviously very clever!! I must go and stick things to my notice board which has about 54878209 pin marks already in it from past generations. I'll be back soon!!! Goodbye real world!!!!