my new bedroom
first day option #1

pink devil

People keep gossipping about bare leggings. I can deal with a shortie tunic but a definite top with leggings galore just isn't something I want to see on the average gal. But these prudish assumptions must be questioned so I hunted deep into the lairs of my wardrobe I never dare to go to find appropriate over sized tshirts to try and match with leggings of my own. And to much dismay I found this. I got it at a cake bake betty gig because she'd made all the tshirts herself and it was the only one left but for a few reasons I've never felt the urge to wear a massive scary devil face on my body. I could never pull this off in an ironic ddd or lnp way because I don't do the Corey Kennedy scruffy waster girl vibe.  Is there any way I can resurrect it without making it a bad kooky 'customised' job or should it go straight to the compost. Wardrobe pollution at it's best. I'd like to keep it thinking I'd wear it one day but in my imagination that day will never come. Anyone want it?

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