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loved and lost

Despite finding the cape of perfection yesterday, eBay has surfaced absolutely nothing for me for a long time. After hours of sifting through vintage 'style' smocks or block 90's attic crap there doesn't seem to be anything worth the pennies. This could be due to the Christmas run where people don't chuck their goods until late January for spring cleaning. Vintage stores are full of long 80's polyester tea dresses, so I always hit ebay for my short puffball fancies, but lately it's been so bone dry I've turned to my dusty folder of the items that got away...

Cher knows my pain- yes, if I could turn back time I would!!! But I do not have Bernard's watch. Actually, that just stopped time, which would be pretty useful too. Maybe I need a time machine. Neither is possible though so I'll show the mournful snaps of items that should rightfully be mine right now, but they went for too much money/I forgot to bid (oh the pain!) I started saving them in a folder in hopes of finding something similar, but alas they are all one of a kind.

Strangely this popped up on eBay UK, but was originally from France with shows England is limited to bad 80's junk. It's covered in dominos!!!!!!!! Not to mention a divine shape and pockets! Eeeek the £40 bids were not to my bank balance though.

I was poised on the bid now tab for this beauty a few days ago but my rational mind clawed me away, as really- when am I going to wear this?? The pink shiny tights are yummy though, totally what is needed to matt the sequins but pop the outfit!

Sequins and tulle and puffy skirt heeeeaven!!! I bet it made a super sound when dancing too.

Yes, I actually found something iridescent/ombre/colour bleed/ whatever you want to call it- all I know is that there will be nothing more perfectly trend worth and workable in the same garment! And I forgot to bid!!!!!

The lace is ugly but the neckline is hot. I was going to chop off the bottom lace layer and pair with black opaques and super high platforms but NO! The eBay god does not like me. It went for like $70.

Some super hot, super high, super LIPSTICK red shoes with bows! Not to mention they're vintage.

MAJOR puff! Like two bus seats worth! Oooo it's so bad but so good; the colour put me off as it would be super clashing with my hair but it's bouffant love.

I write love letters to vintage princess coats but they do not reply. I thought I'd found the perfect one but many others thought the same and pushed the $100 mark *sob*

Spot the sailor collar?? This was from one of those sellers that flog everything for $100+

Stone wash denim? I would have shunned it away but Christopher Kane and this hot 80's dress plead otherwise. The back is the best!
Now, little do people know, I used to have a thriving eBay shop where I got dresses from charity shops for really cheap and sold them for really expensive. My sister made them look nice (hi Chloe!!) Looking back though some of them reeeeally should not have been sold.
I got this dress on eBay but the boning was all weird even though it is so so pretty and was in mint condition.
I sold this coat at Christmas but didn't send it for AGES as it was sooooo cosy and I kept wearing it to work!

I could never decide whether I liked this dress or not, as the polka dots and petals and sequins were all a bit lurid but the shape was fabby and I wouldn't pass up an extra party dress now!

This wouldn't have fitted anyway but it was a long bridesmaid's dress that I bubbled up. Practically all the dresses I sold were pinned at the back to fit nicer, so keep that in mind when eBaying!!

At the moment I'm hunting for anything tulle or net so if I still had this dress I would have cut it super short so the net stuck out like a tutu.

This dress was soooo tiny but had a really low back too and chunky straps and oh what I would give for it now in a bigger size!!

Painful posting *sniffle* what did you loose?

amaze me

Before the days of a humongous blog list to click, I checked my 100+ favourite eBay sellers every day. It was a bit excessive for my measly teen budget but my most cherished items that started my whole vintage love came from early on when a package hardly ever arrived. Tonight I'm giving all my efforts to avoid a weaving lab report I seriously need to write, so I revisited the list and saw the dreamiest sight in a long time.

Despite the absence/wearability of fringing and leather on the high street (yet), a few quirky wild west items sometimes pop up in auctions. This cape though is totally what I've been hankering for; fringed, subtly suede leather, buttons and amazing chains. Pairing it with pvc leggings makes it all the more perfect. It's got just the right injection of ugly but edgy and ticks so many trend boxes at once that it would totally be worth the high price it will be a bid up to. I sadly cannot bid, but I urge anyone out there to snap this up! Give it a good home... while I'm frantically hunting round with scissors ready to hack up the nearest available anything!

clickclickclick here


H&M £8

Primark (!!!) £12

Peacocks (!!!!!) £12

A month ago I was contemplating £55 Prada stockings!?

I hate going on about being poor. It stops here. Anyway now I've devised the ways to fund going out and clothes, as long as they are super cheap like the above.

I eat this

use this

and do this all weekend!

les style

Les Incompétents may  be long over (sob) but singer Fred is all over the net and in rags thanks to girlfriend Peaches Geldof, even though she's rumoured to be with everyone else. This is obvious tabloid lies as why would you ever leave a guy with fashion sense like this?! Very scrummy I say. It seems, like a true style hoarder, he's dabbled in loads of trend pots, from those oversized, framed glasses to the 70's crochet shirt. I am convinced these kind of dressers are confined to London alone, but one can dream there's a Manchester boy like this somewhere.

While guys may complain that they get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion choices, it's highly apparent that poor Peaches can try ever so hard to be the indie chick she's famous as, but Fred looks like he's constantly just rolled out of bed and put on whatever's nearest. Check out his new band Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man.


Check out Mel C's photo shoot in booklet magazine. Apparently she's releasing her own single, as well as the comeback spice girls tune, which hasn't sent tingles down my spine yet...

The shots look like they could feature in Lula's disturbed little sister's magazine. The shoes are to die for- acid ballerina! Can she ever shake her tracksuit, sports bra past? Possibly, if her new efforts pay off. She does look fabby.

As much as the Queen of Hearts would make a marvy Halloween costume, the photos make me seriously hanker for a leather skater skirt paired with ballet pumps. SERIOUSLY. Silky pink pumps and shiny leather mmmmm yum. The thoughts fill me up even more than my vegetable surprise dinner (thanks, cooks) There's something about all the kitsch editorials lately that goes so well with the dominatrix runway themes. Bitter sweet, eh?


Camera batteries are expensive. Very expensive. For the price of four I could do a load of washing, get a weekends worth of food or buy 6 bottles of Sainsbury's Basic hairspray.

Haha I'm not that poor, but the above are all true, and I'm so pennyless right now, especially due to a certain bank who STILL haven't sorted my overdraft *cries in corner* I'd love a lush padded coat for winter but even Primark prices are shocking so it was time to buck up and hunt for ideas.

I adoooored my coat from last winter because it was so big and roomy but the smock front doesn't really hit the dominatrix bitch factor. It was expensive (at least for me) in the first place and so in order to recycle I headed to Burberry Prorsum... well, I looked at a gazillion magazines and runway photos  and entered the horror of teeny bopper horrors- New Look, for super cheapness.

With a belt, gloves and studded bracelets I can zoom away from girlie, victorian fancy and on the way to tough cookie mean girl. On a budget. Hmmm it may not be a million dollars but the cold months  will be sufficient with a little bargain hunting and recycling! I might change the big buttons to studs or shiny little ones- must find the nearest market. When I go back home I'll nick the sewing kit so I can make some dresses- there is a major shortage in that department!

gloves-new look (!!!!!)
belt- mango
bracelets- oasis and h&m


Sonia Rykiel has to be the most angelic show in the whole of fashion week... watch until the end for heavenly fun!!

I LOVE Coco and Irina's skipping and all the dancing at the end and the big kiss; wow, could you imagine being there?!!! Ah it's put me in such a girlie, frou-frou mood! I'm totally preparing a ruffly outfit for tomorrow's weaving lab (yawn). I'm CRAVING feathers! And maybe some tulle.

belly laugh

I thought this would be a dumb trend I could try out and then forget all about but something's sticking. I already shunned the belly top crop on the catwalks, as no one since Mel C shows their midriff in public, but I spotted a shortie tshirt in the H&M sale and my loan got the better of me. I also got some seriously high ankle boots as seen in the pics, but they're probably going back due to the mile I have to walk to lectures.

Anyway, there's something very liberating about a shortie tshirt. I kind of want to break into aerobics or play in a sand pit. The more wearable alternative is something sheer underneath or over the top. Or I could just save the top for wearing under dresses. I know this outfit actually feels quite cool and if it wasn't freezing cold I may have pushed myself out the house! This could be the tequila talking. At any rate, I can try out outfits by just going to the post box or the dinning hall, although everyone wear their pjs to breakfast now (you bet including me!) It sort of looks like I can't be bothered to find a fitting tshirt so nicked my baby brothers or something.