please stop!


Learning Swedish to study for a year at a Swedish university is pretty appealing; especially because it would mean I could understand all the blogs I read! It seems the only shops they have are H&M and second hand stores, but they ooze cool in the casual outfits and poses that I really cannot achieve even in front of a mirror. Their clothes aren't head turning- crazy but have little quirks hidden in the basics that have no need to be figure hugging or patterned. The blogs I've pictured are Ellen, Elinkan, Lisaplace, Moderniteter and Ellenh.

I sassed around in my high waisted jeans but never took the time to just shove them with just a tshirt and pumps. This could be because I sewed them so tight that it takes about 15 minutes to get them on, so by then I'm wanting to make a big impression. I'm also loving the 80's cropped tshirts which I've seen in H&M yet would never have thought to wear with unnaturally high jeans too. Maybe its time...

Due to the lethal £3 second hand store here I've acquired a huge number of skirts that I just haven't worn. While the sweet Swedish styles aren't really me, some days shoving a skirt over a plain tshirt with black tights can make as much impact as finely tuned strutting armour.

I could be because they look so comfortable or maybe because they're so tiny and blonde, but a little black skirt looks great on everyone; I want to dig mine out for the perfect 9am lecture after a long night out panic.

I'm always wary of coloured tights because I don't want to border on 'zany' or 'funky', yet there are about 100 pairs in my draws and I tucked away my silver leggings a few months ago with relief. It could be the perfect time and weather to resurrect them; it's still not cold enough for coats. But can Manchester really handle some shine?

I find it hard to do the minimalist thing as I feel I've got loads going on already with the lots of bright hair and the numerous things I have to carry. It might be easier with a plain, light palette to work with but as much as I love little Swedish dressing, I wouldn't go off the hook here with inspiration, although there are many ideas to contemplate in the mean time and a much needed trip to H&M!

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