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tutus in my net

There's never a season without net or ruffles but now they're everywhere and not just in ballerina form. I'm looking for a netted cape or tiers cascading as a dress rather than the £30 Topshop tulle skirts or the H&M black tutu I've had forever. I love the face hunter snap of the lady with long net layers and knee highs. I've got a few Luella style prom dresses with a tutu underneath but I just want exposed net all over!

the item of the year award

To think that this time last year I was planning a first time trip to Manchester for NYE, got there and decided I hated it, and now live there term time! Since starting this blog I feel about 100 years older and possibly a little bit wiser, at least style wise! In 2006 I was just getting to grips with runways and charity shops and eBay. At any rate, thinking back over the year is categorised by outfits. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can remember the significance of every outfit worn to every event? This could end up as a 'tagging' thing because I'd like to know what other bloggers ended up with:

What was your item of the 2007?

Mine was the leather/pvc/shiny leggings I got in February in Mango when I discovered all these fabulous trends and just wanted to try them all. If black tights go with everything, then so do these. I find most things that are slightly off the norm, especially hoisery, get comments and stares that are usually negative and moking but these leggings can throw no faults. They make legs look skinnier because of the shine and add something super sexy to everyoutfit. True, I did get many bondage comments when I first paraded around college in them but now people tend to just admire the material and applaude some bravery. PVC-ish fabrics tend to scare people off but this item of 2007 has gained it's title from being the most wearable item in my wardrobe. I think I've worn them at least once a week for the whole year!

my sheer desires

In August I listed all the things I wanted for Autumn/Winter, a few I got, a few I didn't. When the SS08 shows came out around October, I saved all the trends I liked and now that Spring is approaching I'm starting to hanker after them even more, especially as they slowly but surely start appearing on magazines and over blogs. So I'll chronicle them again, maybe not in a big list but a series of posts, so I can get a grip on my Veruca Salt worthy wants and needs. She gave me the idea to start a series called I Want It Now...

...the first want being a sheer blouse. I blame American Apparel for the rise in plain t-shirts that really are no different to any £2 Primark job. Their shoddy delivery means no purple figure skater dress for me *sniffle*. Anyway first on my list happens to be a blouse, preferably with a peter pan collar, to wear with the enormous pile of skirts I have. The troubles of a New Years Resolution of no black or white purchases means I'm after cream or possibly light pink. Unlike Chloe I do plan to wear a bra (and not show my underwear like at Miu Miu!) but at least all the vintage slips I never have chance to wear could be seen underneath. Also there's hopefully going to be a return of full sleeves; capped or puffed seem old hat compared to cute wrist detailing. I'll bring out my V&R for H&M shirt with the hearts on the cuffs once it gets a bit warmer- the sleeves play havoc with my 3/4 sleeve coat!

But there was so much sheer stuff out there, why stop with blouses. Sheer trousers could prove a problem and may end up a DIY project; in the least a sheer skirt can be attempted with a shorter skirt underneath or maybe pantaloons!

Are there any sheer tights out there that don't snag on thin air? Anything under 20 denier is not an option for clubs or the bus but on the plus side you can get pairs with sexy lines up the back and bows at the back of the ankles!

Pics from, facehunter, am_lul

i do not lie...

BBC News 24: Thursday, 27 December 2007, 13:57 GMT
Three women collapse during sales
Next logo
Ambulance staff were "surprised" to be called to the same firm
Three women collapsed and another injured her hand during the sales at branches of the fashion store Next.

Two of the women were taken to hospital suffering from suspected hypothermia after waiting for the store to open at Birmingham's Bullring.

A shop assistant had breathing problems at a store in Wednesbury, West Midlands, and a woman hurt her hand at Next in Fort Dunlop, Birmingham.

The stores, offering up to 50% discounts, opened as early as 5am GMT.

Hohoho this story was taken from the BBC website here. All stores mentioned are local to me, it seems the West Midlands people do love their sales! My sightings were not wrong, although the infamous 5am Next sale didn't start until this morning!

shooting stars at a 'distinctive hotcake'

Susie Bubble geniously hit the nail on the head when she described Distinctive Hotcakes, an item so high in fashion stakes that it quickly sells out, much from the result of fashion forward magazines or the growing influence of catwalk ideas going straight to the high street. Many weekly rags like Look and Heat love to spot celebrities in high street items and maybe we do too; at least then we can get our mitts on them!? But does a celeb spotted thread + Distinctive Hotcake potential = burnt oven gloves? If their own clothing lines aren't enough, one little picture can send an item into outer space never to be seen again. But me in my little flying saucer happened to crash into one!

I think Alexa Chung's funny personality is overshadowed by serious paps of her in more expensive high street items while being hailed as a style icon. I just think if we all had the money of said teen 'fashionistas' such as Peaches Geldof and Kate Nash, who are a bit young for and probably can't really afford a total designer wardrobe, we'd all be able to constantly buy the nicer things on the high street. They possibly just get sent the stuff as soon as it's made anyway for store promotion. Style icon or not, a few months ago after the Chanel SS08 show she was spotted in a 'punk-rock' (*snigger*) Topshop star print dress as Look magazine kindly pointed. They wrongly labelled it £65 which I thought was quite steep but lusted over the fact that it was the closest copy that will probably pop up of the best point of the Chanel show- big stars. But as Susie Bubble told, I knew then that this was an obvious Distinctive Hotcake, as a quick look on the TS website proved as it was Sold Out.

I forgot about the dress until it popped up again on the website about a month ago, every size sold out again. I wish things just disappeared off there once they were, rather than hovering to taunt us!

So it wasn't until today whilst browsing the empty non-sale sections of Topshop 2 minutes after it opened, I spotted a rack of about 15 on a well displayed stand right infront of me. It was one of those shopping moments when you're just hypnotised towards something and I immediately gravitated towards it and snapped one up, despite the pricey £50 price tag. It's shaped a bit like an 80's tea dress, with puffed shoulders and rouching at the waist with a bow either side. Bows- yeah I had to buy it!

I knew I'd stumbled across a Distinctive Hotcake but guessed that TS had finally noticed the demand and widely stocked them. But as I googled images of Alexa in the dress, I noticed auctions selling them for over double the original price! There are about 10 on eBay all gathering high bids.

The Birmingham chain is a flagship 1 store but they've appeared on the website again, all sizes sold out AGAIN. What is happening?! Did I get lucky and the remaining dresses in store were snapped up straight after me this morning? Or will they languish there for a few days as people turn their attentions to the sale racks? I'm a bit wary to buy and sell on eBay for profit as I have no idea which way this DH will go. I'm even a little worried that some fashion forward friends of friends could turn up to a house warming party on Friday in it too!

Anyone who follows runway would immediately label it as a Distinctive Hottie but since SS08 shows haven't been publicised yet, will this be a distant item that may haunt magazine pages. Like Disneyrollergirl has said, magazines don't always show items that shops will actually stock, and you can bet that in a few months you will never be able to achieve 'the Chanel look' because this DH will be long gone...

the best shopping day of the year!

The queues in the Bull Ring shopping centre were blocking up the thick walkways a whole hour before the shops even opened today. Boxing day may be the most feared event on the shopping calender as pushy shoppers get ready to grab the Christmas goodies for half the price straight away. Stores starting sales early this year didn't deter Birmingham shoppers as they gathered round the gates reading for the openings, surging forwards with false hope when a poor sales assistant hurried by.

My mom, sister and I were down their bright and early at 9am of course, but shops didn't open until 10 so we had to wait in the crowds for a while. Half the Topshop-ers were boys which said alot compared to the huuuge queue outside the neighbouring River Island. As I said a little too loudly as I walked through, I had no idea why people would want cheapie overly bejewelled clobber that much (resulting in many evil stares) but RI is a favourite of many Asian girls and Birmingham has a high Asian population (white is a minority group now). This seemed also with the luck that they don't celebrate Christmas so rather than me waking lazily in a mince pie haze at 8am, they could be down there ready to go. And people were! As soon at the gates opened people were crouching under and attacking the racks.

And here is my point: my mom, my sister or I didn't buy anything in the sales. Lets face it, they've already been on for weeks and it's all last season's unsold stock anyway. We did however manage to come away with a TS dress each (more on mine later!) because the rest of the store was deserted. It's barely that empty on a Tuesday morning but today while the sale rails at the front were heaving (seriously why would you take a buggy to boxing day sales?!), the areas with new spring stock were wonderful, the added bonus being that it was so early, meaning more sizes!

start wearing purple

During the last scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I can't help but love the old dancers at the birthday party who seem to all be wearing purple! Maybe in 1968 it too was common to see a lilac rinse on pensioner hair but the lush sea of powder purple tulle and chunky jewels was definitely getting me in the mood for a romantic spring today. There aren't many old films that have a proper greedy king and queen totally dripping in gems and gold and fur! 

It reminded me of the D&C editorial that Susie Bubble wrote about, yet if that theme was purple it would never have popped so much. The child hater couples in CCBB give off an air of musty luxury that could only be achieved through lilacs and mauves. The women look so witchy! And purple is related to royalty and wealth so with purple hair and dresses they look so greedy!

Apparently light purple evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings while dark purple evokes gloom and sad feelings.

utterly loony?

Jodhpurs may have been 'the' trouser shape for 07 but I failed to ever see anyone in a pair and shied away from them myself. I will never be a trousers girl but opening up wandering proportions for leg wear could be a continued trend. How about puffy shorts? Or their more commonly used term: pantaloons! We've seen puffball shorts and pleated pockets but without a structured material, this could be a new challenge.

When I did ballet sometimes an exam would mean a dance as red riding hood or little miss muffet or some other wimpy fairy tale that meant I had to wear a bridesmaids dress and frilly bonnet. This ensemble also included big puffy pantaloons which at the time felt so ridiculous but I'm now pondering a come back. A possible DIY project too with a skirt and some elastic...?

Some googling churned up the site pajamas-r-us describing pantaloons as 'cute, fun and just a little sexy!' Maybe in a Victorian mistress kinda way but I may get some just to wear under skirts to keep a snug bum! Haha maybe not, but I hope Topshop are on the trail and Gap doesn't intervene with a time wasting pair this season!

to infinity and beyond

I think I've accidentally bought the longest pair of tights in the whole world. When I hold them from my waist down to the floor they still extend for about a mile!! Buying from the market may have been a fatal mistake but for £1 it was my misjudgement! Were they meant for a giant?! As far as I know market shoppers are mostly old biddies or chavs so among the skin tone stockings these babies lay unknown to the normal height world!

Although this turns tonight's outfit into a new predicament, as it could be well agreed that the tights make the outfit, this purchase may not be a bad thing. When compared to a normal pair against my average sized wardrobe (which might I add is taller than me!) the insane length is even more apparent!

The reminded me of a photo from Hel Looks that I'd saved of a guy called Anssi in a hoodie of his own design. How does one wear long tights in this way though? With extra long clown shoes?! Or maybe simply all bunched up. As they're actually quite sheer and have a nice glittery sheen to them, they cannot be sent to the tights draw of no return. There will be a way!