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bad hair life

The hair crisis continues... not a crisis as such, just boredom. Same style for 10+ years, 'nuff said. I can't be the curly girl forevermore.  Imagine having the same hairstyle... forever! I feel like Rapunzel when the only thing to do is just let it grow and grow

. Tonight is the obligatory pre xmas night out and the day did not start well. It was a bright idea to use foamy curlers but boy did that go wrong. Victorian child maybe? Having stupid unruly hair that's naturally a frizz bomb was controlled with years of nightly twisting but change is good. So onto hair crisis 1 which took about half the length out and looked alot like a crinoline doll I won at a raffle in 1995.

Not good. When I was about 12 I used to decipher a billion ways to style my wavy hair, from rags to tongs to string. But now the choices are either curl it into ringlets like before or straighten it, each time consuming tasks. People with straight hair that can leave a club with it looked exactly how they entered should be lucky! It would be too embarrassing to post a picture of my own naturally dried hair, just think 80's perm mixed with Cousin Itt. As tonight I do have to leave the sanctum of my room, I paid my sister with £1 and a few spoonfuls of rum jelly to straighten it all, then decided this was too boring and am now sitting with big rollers at the top and small ones in the bottom. My head looks like a fair ground ride!

I hope to post pictures later of the final outcome and once it's decided whether to wear a Christmas theme, as it is once a year, or just a normal prom dress?

girl heaven

To go from dominatrix leather and studs to shiny, baby pink in one leap is a bit extreme but I predict an iridescent prom dress popping up on the high street very soon. I wish they'd finally give hippy smocks the boot as some magpie shine is on my spring shopping list. Pink isn't really my colour but the Sonia Rykiel dress is so girlie and looks like something you'd wear to a birthday party at five years old. Clear plastic pink would be a nice alternative to wimpy hues and paired with black leather could be the ultimate heaven.

To get some grip on the spring shows before the winter ones flood in and become all consuming, I've been hunting eBay for anything pink and delicious but the only things I'm finding are hot pink 80's prom dresses or exercise rejects like this shiny sweater!

P.S I'm trying to approve the aesthetic around here, I hope images have improved!

tagged: four questions

I've been tagged by Ranna of Only Shallow....!

1. What’s the story behind the name of your blog and your nickname?

I'm not so sure where the name came from as it's not really relevant to anything. I made a list of names that I liked and I guess it was the whole space girl trend that inspired it! I don't have a nickname, I'm just Selina.

2. Why did you start blogging in the first place?

I always liked posting on forums and started reading fashion blogs and thought it would be fun. It sort of gave justification to every fashion thought I obsessed over! I already had a live journal so I used that for a bit, then changed to typepad.

3. What has been your best blogging related experience? What about the worst?

The best experience from the blog was winning the metro/ award though all the publicity was really scary. The best experiences are when a post generates loads of feedback or you find odd places on the net where people have linked you or said something about your blog! I haven't had many of those horrible anonymous comments though over time people aren't so friendly! Maybe the worst thing is all the spam I get to my email now?!

4. What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?

It will continue forever more probably! I hope it keeps resulting in random surprises. I really want to improve the quality of posts with better pictures and backgrounds.

I'll tag Curella Says, Katie in Wonderland, Yonctopus and Strawberry Milkshakes...

snake shake

Leopard print is light years after being overdone, today I was reading a magazine and they'd even scraped a few celeb snaps together of leopard coats, yawn. Spring is going to be all about snake skin! Kane and McQueen did the full head to toe but I'm looking for bags, shoes and maybe a bit more subtle than in hot pink. Snakes shed their skin so we can be cruelty free, what's not to love! I picked up a head band in H&M today. I can't help stopping myself before browsing round most stuff because it will all be in the sale in a few days. And the black and white ban is making things very tricky! I hope alligator or crocodile skin isn't next though.


I haven't tied my hair up for about five years. It's the most refreshing thing in the world to just tie it up and be carelessly groomed with little effort.

Apart from a few buns in strange places, hair is quite simple on the SS08 runways, most of the time being normal centre-parted locks or smoothly put up. One thing I probably won't be trying is straight hair slicked back to the scalp with gel. This reminds me of an alien swamp creature. The wet look gel will stay firmly in the 90's! It may be a bonus for simplicity but I don't want to look bald!

perks of the job

While I'm not really into adverts, I don't mind promotional freebies for the blog! I know quite alot of the readers here are bloggers themselves so if your interested in campaigns join Buzz Paradise.

I recently received a cashmere gift from Eric Bompard of a red hat and gloves which came with a plush catalogue and a lovely note. As most free stuff does at uni, it got some attention and my super fab flatmates Ellie and Katie were happy to show them off. In the end a guy called Charlie down the hall expressed the most interest and did alot of happy stroking.

There is 20% discount on scarfs and hats until xmas!

Also I got a Roxy fragrance set which has been at home for a while along with a bunch of other packages. I thought there would be a little sample but they kindly sent a big bottle, shower gel and body lotion!

I don't usually wear perfume and this isn't just for 'beach babes', it's quite strong and citrusy which is good as I am a citrus freak and can wear it in the daytime and nighttime! The lotion and shower gel are for delicate skin too which is better for my sensitive skin and the lotion rubs in fast so it's not all greasy.

Thank you kind promotional people!

i read about my social life

The Weekly Round Up !

I've barely done any work this term so will be spending the next week in the town library. For some reason the picture came out quite bright and pleasant but it's actually dark and dusty and stuffy. At least that way there are no distractions though! Melissa's cramming for exams too and today some random 50 year old black dudes started waving at us and attempted to make friends. As usual there were a few pensioners sleeping behind the shelves. A fun place to be... ! I have may posts lined up now I'm back in Birmingham though. I realised the difference between here and Manchester. Birmingham is alot more multicultural and busy so everyone has their own style and prerogative, it's like London in the sense that you all have places to go, people to see, and you create your own worlds. Manchester just goes with the flow. This isn't a bad thing, it's just not as inspiring. I do miss going out and my friends and general student shiz though. A morning is not complete if there isn't the remains of someones kebab outside my door. Ah Saturday is my friends birthday and then Tuesday is xmas and then it's boxing day oolala! So yeah, no blog post absenses this week!

the curses of morning tv

For the past few days nothing seems to fit! First I got my haircut because honestly, it's been a few years, and the lady butchered my head before hacking a load off and frazzling my brain with straighteners! And now the Christmas present my mom got me doesn't fit at all.

She saw the dress in Miss Selfridge one day which turned out to be the only day they were in store as that morning it was on Lorraine Kelly's 'fashion' selection. Much like the Primark gold sequin dress last year, once it hits morning TV you ain't gonna see it in a store near you soon! Sadly this means I can't get a smaller size. And even with the straps pinned, it still hangs funny and leaves masses of space around my waist. Maybe it's not meant to be. It was some kind of strange denim material too which made the bubble skirt thick and chunky with pockets! This does not bode well with the current hair crisis and the new hole it's made in my perfect party outfit rota.

I have been stalking that Oasis prom dress in purple as a possible replacement but it too was featured on TV and therefore reached sky high prices on e(xtortion)Bay. What adds to the heart break is that I once came into contact with the dress in my size in store but passed as it was so pricey. Pain!

i'm seeing spots

Did you notice that the thick Amy Winehouse eye liner had little dots on the lower lashes at Chanel pre fall? At first I wondered whether this was just a trick used to draw a steady line but on Daul Kim it's quite apparent and can be spotted across almost all models.

When I was on the tube in London there was a pretty goth girl sitting opposite with just a dot in the middle of her lower lashes instead of full liner. I tried to sneakily take a photo of my friend who was next to her with a seemingly interesting newspaper but she was looking down so they didn't turn out. I like little quirks like this that may be invisible to the average eye but are hidden details that could inspire the odd person.

I think london needs a little more girl power!!!

Spice girls!!!!!


First of all I must explain how we had MAJOR nose bleed seats, seriously we were hiiiiiigh up! It was so steep I though I would roll all the way down to the bottom if I leaned forward. We still had a better view than the video shows though.

We spent the whole day going round London, hitting covent garden, leicester square and camden before heading to the 02 arena, i.e. previously the millennium dome. I made a gazillion videos an took a ton of snaps but ended up deleting them all to make room for videos! There was nothing too important there though.

So we went into the big 02 hallway and had margaritas, which are really gross, before heading up to our seats, where we passed a bar with a frozen margarita machine so we were pretty shozzled, especially Tom!

As we walked into the arena I got the total shock of how high up we actually were. It was so steep! The stage had a big catwalk with a mini stage on the end and we were so high that we couldn't see the screens on the side so well. But we were there! There were loads of little girls infront who kept turning and staring at us in that way little girls do, not like they were even born before 1996!

I thought it could have been better with a support act as after hardly any time they were announcing the show was about to start. Suddenly the lights went down and the crowds roared and films of mini spice girls started playing in slow motion on the screens. We could see right down on the stage so as five holes appeared in the stage floor we screamed harder and they shot through the floor straight into Spice up your Life!!

They went through almost all their hits, changing costumes super fast and constantly hugging and waving at the crowds all over the stage. And little did I know that David Beckham was in the front row!!! The strange thing was that every time Victoria got a line to sing or even just appeared on the big screen there were huuuuuge cheers, she's definitely a favourite now and looked amazing, even I was like omgomgomg it's actually Victoria Beckham!!! They each did their solo hits, the best being Geri's It's Raining Men, but Posh strutted a catwalk and spun around in a big floating dress.

They sang Goodbye and said a 'real' goodbye before coming back for the encore with the crowd chanting 'we want spice!' My favourite moments were Mama where not only were there their baby pictures and photos of their moms on the big screen, they had photos of them and their own kids! Emma's new baby is soooooo cute!

The only bad things were that two drunk 40 year olds behind kept falling on us and knocked their bottle of wine all over our seats and coats, so at the end I told them that they owed us an apology and they got really annoyed and everyone got really annoyed and we had to flea pretty quickly! Also I thought there would be cheap merchandise outside but there wasn't any! So I didn't end up getting a tshirt or anything! If anyone reading is going PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy me a tshirt and I will pay you back!!!!

Definitely a show to remember, the arena had the best atmosphere and everyone was dancing and singing, the Spice Girls totally still have it!!