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start wearing purple

During the last scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I can't help but love the old dancers at the birthday party who seem to all be wearing purple! Maybe in 1968 it too was common to see a lilac rinse on pensioner hair but the lush sea of powder purple tulle and chunky jewels was definitely getting me in the mood for a romantic spring today. There aren't many old films that have a proper greedy king and queen totally dripping in gems and gold and fur! 

It reminded me of the D&C editorial that Susie Bubble wrote about, yet if that theme was purple it would never have popped so much. The child hater couples in CCBB give off an air of musty luxury that could only be achieved through lilacs and mauves. The women look so witchy! And purple is related to royalty and wealth so with purple hair and dresses they look so greedy!

Apparently light purple evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings while dark purple evokes gloom and sad feelings.

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