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the best shopping day of the year!

The queues in the Bull Ring shopping centre were blocking up the thick walkways a whole hour before the shops even opened today. Boxing day may be the most feared event on the shopping calender as pushy shoppers get ready to grab the Christmas goodies for half the price straight away. Stores starting sales early this year didn't deter Birmingham shoppers as they gathered round the gates reading for the openings, surging forwards with false hope when a poor sales assistant hurried by.

My mom, sister and I were down their bright and early at 9am of course, but shops didn't open until 10 so we had to wait in the crowds for a while. Half the Topshop-ers were boys which said alot compared to the huuuge queue outside the neighbouring River Island. As I said a little too loudly as I walked through, I had no idea why people would want cheapie overly bejewelled clobber that much (resulting in many evil stares) but RI is a favourite of many Asian girls and Birmingham has a high Asian population (white is a minority group now). This seemed also with the luck that they don't celebrate Christmas so rather than me waking lazily in a mince pie haze at 8am, they could be down there ready to go. And people were! As soon at the gates opened people were crouching under and attacking the racks.

And here is my point: my mom, my sister or I didn't buy anything in the sales. Lets face it, they've already been on for weeks and it's all last season's unsold stock anyway. We did however manage to come away with a TS dress each (more on mine later!) because the rest of the store was deserted. It's barely that empty on a Tuesday morning but today while the sale rails at the front were heaving (seriously why would you take a buggy to boxing day sales?!), the areas with new spring stock were wonderful, the added bonus being that it was so early, meaning more sizes!

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