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I think I've accidentally bought the longest pair of tights in the whole world. When I hold them from my waist down to the floor they still extend for about a mile!! Buying from the market may have been a fatal mistake but for £1 it was my misjudgement! Were they meant for a giant?! As far as I know market shoppers are mostly old biddies or chavs so among the skin tone stockings these babies lay unknown to the normal height world!

Although this turns tonight's outfit into a new predicament, as it could be well agreed that the tights make the outfit, this purchase may not be a bad thing. When compared to a normal pair against my average sized wardrobe (which might I add is taller than me!) the insane length is even more apparent!

The reminded me of a photo from Hel Looks that I'd saved of a guy called Anssi in a hoodie of his own design. How does one wear long tights in this way though? With extra long clown shoes?! Or maybe simply all bunched up. As they're actually quite sheer and have a nice glittery sheen to them, they cannot be sent to the tights draw of no return. There will be a way!

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