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utterly loony?

Jodhpurs may have been 'the' trouser shape for 07 but I failed to ever see anyone in a pair and shied away from them myself. I will never be a trousers girl but opening up wandering proportions for leg wear could be a continued trend. How about puffy shorts? Or their more commonly used term: pantaloons! We've seen puffball shorts and pleated pockets but without a structured material, this could be a new challenge.

When I did ballet sometimes an exam would mean a dance as red riding hood or little miss muffet or some other wimpy fairy tale that meant I had to wear a bridesmaids dress and frilly bonnet. This ensemble also included big puffy pantaloons which at the time felt so ridiculous but I'm now pondering a come back. A possible DIY project too with a skirt and some elastic...?

Some googling churned up the site pajamas-r-us describing pantaloons as 'cute, fun and just a little sexy!' Maybe in a Victorian mistress kinda way but I may get some just to wear under skirts to keep a snug bum! Haha maybe not, but I hope Topshop are on the trail and Gap doesn't intervene with a time wasting pair this season!

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