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too much, too little time

Imagine my delight when walking into the Topshop accessories area and finding this huge basket of tights and socks, long and short, all reduced to £1, just the perfect winter stock that maybe didn't sell or had mangled packaging. To my surprise, not everyone was delving into the basket like my friends and I, which raises the age old conundrum of the slight 'shame' of sale sections that I've never really understood.

I picked up five pairs of perfect tights and long socks and would have grabbed more if I didn't remind myself of the rack of tights I already have.

Now I have a wardrobe for tights. And due to this I have no room for anything else. I'm at constant exploding point and my room always looks like this. It's a joke that I have the messiest room, but really I just have so much stuff!!

I look around and feel just overwhelmed! This is not the confession of a huge shopping addiction where I snaffle credit and hold up malls, but maybe a confession of an inspiration addiction.

Blogging, magazines and general life have tuned my brain in a different way. The sight of an old man in plaid socks and slippers will make me think 'Gosh, I need some Prada-esque checkered tights with velvet pumps right now!' and prompt me to buy/DIY some. I won't wear them though because something else will stop me in my tracks. I think I have A.D.D. of clothes! With a stream of magazines creating a tower leaning dangerously over my bed and 200+ blog reads a day, there is inspiration and ideas coming from every angle and I run from trend-to-trend, project-to-project buying and trying, then to abandon it all for the next issue/season/show/big thing.

I think we all organise ideas differently but there are Notepad lists and lists saved in my computer of make-up, colours, hair styles and general must haves all over the place. I have a massive inspiration folder full of hundreds of images. My room is littered with the graves of half finished patterns and odd hair clips and musty florals that meant something for about five minutes once upon a time but were replaced by something bigger and better.

Where to begin! With a giant backlog and a never ending stream, it's too easy to get caught up and forget the cute stuff you bought last week for the disposable buys of today. How do you break free?!

nab the lucky drifter

We've discussed the Distinctive Hotcake before and while shopping today I considered the Lucky Drifter- an item that you think has long sold out but just magically appears on a random shelf behind a huge coat a month later in your size, much to your delight! Ofter this happens on websites when they suddenly get a rush of new stock to be sold out from beneath you but in a shop it's different because it just catches your eye and you can pounce on it and congratulate yourself for hunting hard and getting lucky. Today I found two, but both are a little considerable.

First was a dress I saw on Fops and Dandies (welcome back to blogging LC btw!) who compared it to a mint chip ice cream cone which is so totally true! Despite the major love of minty green and tulle and layers and poof all over this blog it may have to go back as it just won't zip over my bust! Very upsetting as I've never seen these in store and just happened to spot this lone one lurking with some emo girl cardigans. As I was paying the cashier got his friend's attention and they both looked at me and giggled. I know from retail experience that this was the look of 'haha she's buying that fugly thing we just laughed about over our tea break!' but I just smiled along, until my card was declined (oops, wrong one!) Oh the shame!

Then almost straight after I found this skirt lurking in the mouldy sale racks in a Topshop corner in my size reduced to £10! I'm questioning how short it is because I can't bend over even a teeny bit which is no good for dancing purposes or sitting down purposes or general walking around purposes! It's very pretty though and not black/white/grey so is probably here to stay!

Lucky drifters are especially common in stores like Primark where one lonesome item may be floating round the changing rooms. Can eBay finds of that item you missed out on count as lucky drifters? Have you ever stuck gold?

tutti fruiti

With exams over (finally!!!) I have time to do stuff with all the material I collected from Birmingham markets and the fabulously cheap fabric store in the Northern Quarter. I got a bit bored of the red satin and went back to a few yards of blue and peach tutu I got at Christmas for a possibility for the Luella style dress.

The thought of sewing layers and layers and layers for a few hours made me feel a bit sad so I searched for a no-sewing tutu and found this video. I just cut up strips and looped them around elastic to make a seriously poof-tastic tutu! I'll have to neaten up the ends, maybe cut them into points and hem them a bit so they hang better. I'm starting to gain a pastel addiction and tomorrow shall hunt for baby colours like blue, lilac, pink and minty green. It's also something to finally wear with the minty vintage nightie I picked up the The Clothes Show. I can combine two of my favourite spring trends: sheer and tutus!

Luxembourg aftermath!

Thanks for the comments about Radio One! I was extremely jet lagged and had no idea what I was saying and couldn't really get a word in edge ways anyway!! I'm avoiding listening back encase I think 'aaargh my voice!' or 'why did I say that?'! But for now, wowowowowow I have so much to tell about Luxembourg! Possibly too much so excuse the long post of me doing some girlish gushing because really it was the most surreal thing to be there. A random girl who put a few outfits on the Internet? I apologise for the sheer lack of pictures but everyone else had big, posh cameras and I only had my tiny, rubbish one that's been bashed around in my bag since forever so it mostly stayed in there! I'll give links to the Flickr so you can see the others!

Well it was possibly not the greatest idea to go out the night before the flight because I got to Heathrow expecting to sleep and totally didn't. I stupidly assumed everything would be open but it was just homeless people snoring on the chairs! I sat for a bit and read a magazine but it was 1am and I was so tired. So I had a walk around and sat down again and started talking to a random guy for about 4 hours and told him just about my whole life story. Then it was 5am and I was sooo tired but it was time to fly! Did I mention how scared I was? Well triple it because then I was so nervous I was shaking! I went to the check in desk and there was a sign saying it opened at 5.30 so I stood around with my little case and one of the check in people came over. He was quite hot (haha but I looked so rough and tired!) and he said he was with my airline and would open the desk in 20 minutes. I was rambling all over the place because I was a nervous wreck and he was very nice and reassuring and then said 'Hey would you like an invitation to go to the business lounge?' and I was like ooooooo! So I checked in and went though the super scary security and found the lounge, which was very plush and peaceful compared to the busy airport. Sadly it had a huge view of the runway so I sat there with my free tea and croissant and said a silent prayer that I wouldn't die! Lots of business men kept giving me strange looks thinking 'Why is she here?' and soon it was time to board. That's where I met Mike so there was thankfully another English speaking person! I realised that the other bloggers would probably have websites that were much more advanced than mine and have real jobs and Internet knowledge unlike me!

We both went into the lounge ready to board and saw that the plane was teeny tiny!! Practically a jet! They didn't even need to attach stairs; it had stairs on the door! It was only 3 seats wide and I started to get really panicky and said more silent prayers and soon we were taking off and it was the scariest thing ever!! I was closing my eyes and was almost crying because every little breeze made the plane wobble and all the noises were so strange! I spent the hour with my hands over my face and finally we could land and were in Luxembourg! My stomach was in a huge knot and I was still shaking!!

We met people from BuzzParadise and a camera man, which was a really bad idea because I hadn't slept in 24 hours and so didn't want to be filmed! My hair was so messy! I avoided the camera all weekend and everyone though I was very shy! We took a taxi to the hotel and saw all the cute little houses on the streets painted pretty colours and when we arrived, wow we were staying in a palace! Well, not really a palace, the real palace of Luxembourg was right next door! I met Max from Germany who has a very cool street style blog and we talked about Face Hunter and The Satorialist! Then they showed me my room and wowza it was like a flat! I kept pinching myself and thinking 'Ahhh this is so not real, don't they know I am just a normal girl with a little blog?! I never stay in posh hotels!' I made a video of my room but don't know how to rotate it??

I put my suitcase down and went upstairs to meet the other bloggers; Sandrine from Switzerland, Luca from Italy, Vincent from Belgium and Elodie, Julien, Géraldine, and a bit later Mathieu, all from France. Everyone has such cool accents and SUPER cool jobs! Then we met Vicki from BuzzParadise who is so lovely! She is very chic and said really nice things about Susie Bubble (I told her you said hi!)!

We had a presentation about the general history of Luxembourg and I was considering how I was going to get through the day without any sleep at all and still feeling very scared after the plane! We walked through the pretty streets to a flashy restaurant called Wenge and had wine and champagne and I knew that alcohol was the thing that would make me feel more awake! We had an amazing meal with loads of posh, tiny food that is arranged carefully and decorated, even at one point with real gold! I was thinking 'Ooooo I'm eating real gold!' Because I was so tired, it felt like a dream! I spoke to Elodie (such a pretty name!) about the Cherry Blossom Girl and Swedish blogs and to Max about street style sites and it was so surreal, almost everyone I know doesn't know anything about blogs! At first everyone spoke in English because we all knew the language but after a while it was mostly French and so I spent most of the time talking to Max who couldn't speak French either! I still didn't eat very much because I felt so weird after the scary flight but the food was amazing; it was so funny how everyone kept taking photos of all the dishes!

After we found that there was a big London red bus to drive us round all weekend! Oooo! We had a tour of Luxembourg which has huge hills and views and everyone took photos with their posh cameras. Then we went to some super cool hipster shops with Cheap Monday jeans and loads of fashion books. I met Mathieu who works for Viktor & Rolf and Diesel and has even met Marc Jacobs, wowza! We went for hot chocolate and had the option to shop or go back for an hour to get ready for a museum, club and restaurant or sleep. I knew it would take me much longer than an hour to get ready normally so went back and longed to sleep! But I broke out the glitter and my new big, poofy, black glitter skirt and we all met downstairs where I felt really over dressed! We got on the red bus and went to a gallery called Casino which had some crazy music art and big sculptures that I really didn't understand. We met with all the people from BuzzParadise and the CLC and when I took off my coat everyone was talking about my dress and taking photos which was really embarrassing! All the ones on Flickr were taken secretly because I was very shy about not having slept in so long and didn't feel very nice!

We went into the wine cellar which was covered in pebbles so my heels kept sinking at every step! We were served champagne and trays of little food by waiters and waitresses and I felt like a little girl at an adult party because everyone was mingling and I'd never had champagne before! It was very strange! Everyone was over 20 apart from Max and I who are both 18. We got on the bus and went to an amazing restaurant hidden away called the Cat Club which has all red lighting and was extremely posh. We had loads more champagne (!!!) and such lovely food, I felt like a celebrity! I don't know how I stayed up for 36 hours! We got on the bus again at midnight and headed finally to the club called Melusina. It was really hot and packed and we went straight to the VIP balcony where they served us trays full of alcohol! We danced lots and I drank a bit but was so sleepy that at the end I was sleeping on Max's shoulder! We all went back to the bus and all the boys had a joke that we danced naked at the disco (which so wasn't true haha) and we arrived back to the hotel but I was crazy and said we should have a party in my room! So Mathieu, Max, Vincent and I stayed in my room for a while and added each other on Facebook; then I got into bed and finally went to sleep with sweet dreams after 42 hours!

We had to get up pretty early at 10.30am for a whole new day and although I was super tired I managed to get out of the gorgeous bed and wore my dip-dye dress which everyone kept talking about because they had seen on my blog that I had made it! We had some lush breakfast at the hotel and then had a jazz brunch at the Abbaye with a huge buffet! I couldn't eat very much because we were fed so well all the time! Also it was quite hard being a vegetarian as meat is a bit of a delicacy so there was lots on offer, but not to me! Another strange thing was that all the bloggers had little business cards with their website addresses! Do all bloggers have these? Maybe I should make some?!

After the jazz brunch we went on the bus to the Mudam museum which had some super crazy art like a giant beanstalk all round the room from Jack and the Beanstalk and the dress above which was made of horse skin (eeeeeee)!! We looked in the cool gift shop which had Alice in Wonderland earrings where one was a rabbit and one was a watch which were super cute! After we all had desert in the cafe- so much food!!

But by then it was time to leave! My plane was first as I had to change at London to go to Manchester so I said some quick good byes at the airport to all the super cool bloggers and the fabulous BuzzParadise and CLC- thank you so much, I had the most amazing time! I still can't believe I went there with all the professional bloggers, it's like a dream! From this little blog such an amazing trip happened, it's crazy!

P.S. If you want to look at the photos check out the Flickr here- but I didn't know any of the photos of me were being taken! :(

Also the video should be made soon so I shall post the link. 


It seems bloggers are jetting off all over the place because tonight I'm going to Luxembourg!!! This is the hardest post to write because I'm really stressing out!! The Luxemburgish Commerce Federation and BuzzParadise very kindly invited nine other bloggers and I to go there for free this weekend to see what Luxembourg has to offer?! At first I thought it was a joke as it was too good to be true, but they sent the tickets and promised restaurants, a VIP night in a club and a jazz brunch! I only just found out about this two weeks ago so this month has been so crazy and stressful; there were exams and then we found our house for next year and had to pay loads for the deposit and faff around with contracts which the estate agents totally screwed us over with, and I had to move back up here with my mountain of stuff, and I'm going to be on national radio and I was suddenly going Luxembourg! Ok I'll stop boring you with my messy life! But I don't think I've mentioned how very scared of flying I am! It's just not natural, that massive thing being a gazillion miles up in the air, oh my god I'm really freaking out! I may have to be tied to the plane or just get really, really drunk. Also, I've been stalking as many blogs as I can to find out which other bloggers are coming. We all got an email to get our mobile numbers and I think it turns out that everyone else going is French!! I can't speak a word of French apart from maybe bonjour, ohlala and that lady marmalade song?!

Ok so I'm drinking some soothing tea and eating lots of chocolate which is of course calming and I'm not freaking out. I'm excited!! I haven't been on a plane for six years and back then my parents just ferried us round the airport. My flight is from Heathrow and the only train I could get arrives there at midnight and my flight is at 8am... so duty free here I come!! I have no idea what to do in airports so I'm hoping to just ask someone. Also I'm too worried to put loads of stuff into the baggage as my bag might get lost!! If it can happen to Katie-Lilga (your poor vintage dresses!) then it can happen to me! I sound ridiculous and mental I know, but all my stuff can fit into hand luggage so I think I'll be ok. Wish me luck! Of course I'll have some fabulous things to talk about when I get back on Monday! Have fabulous weekends!!

P.S. For those of you like me who have no geographical skills, Luxembourg is a teeny country with a population of under half a million and is next door to France, Belgium and Germany. Bye!!

day eight: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Exams are OVER! Thank God, I don't think I can revise EVER AGAIN!! I went out last night which is probably why my accounting balance sheet didn't actually balance... I spent the morning in bed in a fragile state with hot water and lemon (best drink ever) instead of looking over notes! I'm wearing the big poofy skirt tonight for my friend's second birthday outing, I shall post some photos tomorrow.  Back to real posts! Today I just grabbed the nearest clothes and threw them on a crazy state with ledger accounts filling my brain. I'm still a bit hysterical because I had to leave sorting out my super-top-secret-soon-to-be-revealed- amazing-weekend-plans to tomorrow and I'm leaving tomorrow night! Help! Also, can you take hair straighteners in hand luggage?

i'm going for surgery

Writing the post that was a little different to what I usually write, on what it's like to have ginger hair, or even anything remotely distinctive/considered a flaw, turned out to be one of the best things so far from this blog! Not only did it gain some beautiful replies from lovely readers, but it prompted me to do something else. Kelly Osbourne has a show on BBC Radio One on a Sunday night called The Surgery, where the have a weekly topic like self harm or drugs, and people ring in for advice from Kelly and an expert. Last Sunday's theme was body image and self-confidence and while revising I though hey, I could ring up. I luckily got through and spoke to the producer who handles the calls and told her about about my story and she said liked it and would ring me back if they could fit me on the show. It was about 11pm then and they never rang back so I just forgot about it, but I just received a call from them saying that the show had such a huge response that they're continuing the theme this week and wanted me to be the first caller?! Crazy!!!! Anyone all over the world can listen live at 10pm on Sunday here and they have archives so after I'll put the link up to listen again. I don't think I'll mention the blog because that wasn't my prerogative and they don't even know about it, I just wanted to put the thoughts out there that there is still acceptable discrimination and I'm sure many listeners can relate to it, ginger or not. This week Kelly and some other DJs are going to have photographs of them Photoshoped to see what they would be like without their hang ups. They're going to ask me if I could change my hair colour by magic, would I. Would you change your hang ups?

p.s. I just found out Radio One has like a million listeners! Eeeek!!

day seven: nearly over...

Two more! I'm sure alot of you out there are doing exams aswell- I feel your pain! I'll miss outfit posts after exams, I may carry them on sometimes. Today I have operations management which I really should be revising for right now. I'm extra stressed for another reason too which will be revealed soon enough... I love suspense! The good thing about uni is that the libraries are open really late so last night I was in there until 11, just after I shouted 'Oh my God, Heath Ledgers dead?!' into my phone and everyone gave me evils. Do you remember him in The Tribe?? It's so sad. Anyway, on a truthful note, I only revised late last night because I'm wanting to go to my friend's birthday outing tonight and have an accounting exam in the morning. Sooo not a good idea but one can't miss out on gossip! Did you guess which blogger reminded me of  my Viktor and Rolf for H&M shirt? It even has big hearts on the cuffs and a heart print on the collar and cuffs. I just never wear it because it always seemed too formal for casual college but right now makes me feel very studious, and every little help towards revision counts! I need some glasses or something. I was going to wear my new favourite and only trousers (that fit) but I took advantage of not being able to wash and iron the shirt to perfection for at least a term so went with a Miu Miu tribute with the skater skirt and shirt, and wore a red ribbon like Kirsten Dunst. Is it possible to ever get over those ads?!

ribbon from fabric shop, V&R for H&M shirt, H&M skirt with braces, black tights ?

kill the dress

Isn't this a super cute dress?!

Well not anymore!! Mwahahahaha

Ok, I'm not really a dress masochist, I do have reasons to cut up the best dress ever version 8.592 (I've had alot of best dresses!)

The main reason was that it didn't fit, oh the pain! While in the big yellow vintage store it looked the perfect width but most of my other dresses have a stretchy bit which I didn't take into account, so it just won't do all the way up! I'm not one to pass up a fabulous dress so to avoid a weight watchers advert-moment I just thought I'd simply put some elastic across the big gap where the zip wouldn't reach. I sewed myself into it but er, then couldn't take it off...

So I cut myself out and I just thought I'd simply cut down the sides and add some elastic stripes. This proved a little fragile because the material of the body was a bit old and thin and frayed like cer-razy. I feared a flashing explosion if I tried to move, let alone dance...

So I re-evaluated options and I just thought I'd sew some extra panels of material up the side. This kind of worked but the material was very weak and old and I was expecting a major fray attack at any second. Also the body didn't exactly fit either, maybe it was meant for a girl because it only reached half way up my bra and I'm not about to wear stuff that low!

So I gave up!! Meet my new major puff-tastic skirt: