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good morning starshine, the earth says hello!

While watching Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Saturday Night, although not our 'I want it now' Veruca,  after recovering from a not so great Friday night which caused me to loose my MAC eye liner (sob), I couldn't help but notice how her light, possibly mink fur jacket looked great with a pink dress and white tights. The shoes aren't so hot but imagine them replaced with ice skater boots, yum!

They go hand in hand with my need for a (faux) fur hooded coat for next Autumn/Winter, which I may change to a little fur jacket or shrug because hers looks so cute! I'll search charity shops this week as it's my last in Birmingham for a while. Ebay have some pretty cute princess coats but alas, not all are faux. This adds to the great misery of hearing the Reading/Leeds line up, and though there are no bands I would kill to see, it's pretty sad not to refresh the page for an hour to get tickets and look forward to it all summer. Half of me feels that now festivals are very bitter sweet, what with the weather and horrible conditions and how it's not that great to stand in a field and watch some little dots play their instruments? When it gets to August I'll probably change my mind!

clk, clk, clk

inside out

I'm into 3D wears at the moment, things that either create a warped, prominent shape or super tight, body-con stuff. So today I put on some H&M polka dot knee highs inside out and realised the little dots were like mini pompoms. It's quite alien like to have protruding lumps out of your legs and the camera doesn't pick it up so well, but it's making me wonder what else you can wear inside out.

abra cadabra

I'm going out for the second time in the now infamous double u-neck dress, but tonight to a real club and not just a bright themed night ohlala! I don't know most of the people going so it might be interesting, lets hope I don't pass out from breathing in all night long. I would have posted a mirror shot as I found one in the guest bedroom that's big enough but it's time to do things properly. So here it is in full, including the 60's eye makeup that I said I'd dabble in. I thought the waist band of the wet look legging would be prominent but it doesn't really show. By the way, I'm in my brothers bedroom, he has the other basement. And now I'm hideously late!

the liner that lasts forever

I tested it on Wednesday afternoon; it's now Friday and still going strong, keeping in mind I've had two showers and wash my hands throughout the day! Marvy! I just admitted defeat and washed it off with an oily make up remover fine.

Mac Liquidlast Liner in Coco Bar, £13

a little too quiet...

Things seem a little... quiet... around here? I've had to avoid outfit posts or really any posts that need a full length shot because I don't have a mirror big enough at home and don't want to take the leap from face hidden shots to full frontal face! It's dawned on me though that all bloggers must make this leap at some point and I may have reached it! So maybe expect some real shots this week. Maybe.

Meanwhile I've been filling a void with lots of makeup and have discovered just how good a certain eyeliner is; more on that tomorrow if it will ever come off my hand! Not that I line my hands, I was just testing it, you know. Although I did wear it to  the smallest, sweatiest club in Birmingham last night and it stayed put! Sadly we didn't as the main room was so packed that we stayed in the 60's room all night, which I pretty much prefer anyway, especially when I have cool 60's eye makeup, more on that tomorrow too. I'm holding posts up because it's 1am right now and I'm trying to change my sleeping habits from 6am-4pm to normal times. I have a huge fear that someone will break into my house and get me downstairs in my basement bedroom while my family are snoozing obliviously upstairs. This may seem ridiculous but I find the only way to not lie in bed listening to every little noise is to stay up all night until a time where no one would break in. I am possibly insane but I have problems with creepy people and get paranoid! Some random man stopped me when I was charity shopping in my local high street and said "You've cut your hair," and I was like "Excuse me?" and he said "Yeah, I see you walking up and down **** Street all the time, you've cut your hair, haven't you." Creepy!

Anyway excuse my lameo rambling, a main point from last night was a gig I went to. I took a leaf out of the marvy Stephanie from Fashion Robot's book and tried to be nice to my sister so I bought her a ticket to see one of my old favourite bands, Be Your Own Pet. I'm not at all into music the way I was before it ended up being like a competition to find the most unknown band. But I had a super soft spot for this one and sat outside an over 18s gig when I was 16 and they came out to meet us and Nathan hung out with us for like half an hour in the cold. Then I saw them at Reading 06 where some girl was hilariously shouting 'I love you Jemima' when the lead's name is Jemina. Don't worry I told her right hehe. She must know what it's like to have Microsoft Word tell you that you have spelt your name wrong too! Not to mention she is awesome looking. Then after while watching some random band, I saw Nathan walking out of the crowd towards back stage and ran over and was like 'Hiiiiii' and he was like 'Hey, I remember you from Birmingham?' and I was like 'Omgomgomgomgomg,' in my head of course! I still have his cigarette packet from that day and a hand painted CD by the band and a detention notice of Jonas's somewhere, Infinity Cat is an awesome label. It's cool because they're my age. So yeah, enough shameless reminiscing, you get the point that I was pretty into them and I heard on the radio they were touring with a new album so bought two tickets and decided to take my darling sister, then go onto the club.

The video below is a pretty shocking account of the gig as it's so dark and grainy and has hardly any sound. It gets a bit better near the end. I wore the black double u-neck dress and felt totally overdressed but my super high heels meant I had a great view! My sister and I had a few super over priced drinks (£6.75 for one double?!) and while the support band was playing I noticed a familiar looking person in the crowd. Now you know how I love a good 'fro and nowadays guys are more accustomed to growing their hair, so I wasn't totally sure but I whispered to my sister that I thought it was Nathan from BYOP. We looked for about a song and I was trying to pluck up the courage to ask and get it right or look like a total fool and be highly embarrassed. I then took into consideration that of the 400ish people around us, and we were in the middle of the crowd, no one else had noticed him. This fed my doubts that maybe it was just a lookalike because surely most of the time when you see a band you know what they look like, especially if they're distinctive in the first place? After two songs I was very doubtful, then two girls and a boy started talking to him and my sister and I moved forward a bit to confirm his American accent. The support act was leaving and I knew there wasn't much time so I went over and said 'Sorry can I butt in?' which probably annoyed the hell out of the other fans but they seemed quite nice and I quickly said "Nathan hi! We've met before but I don't know if you remember?" and he said "Oh hi, yeah I think I remember," which I couldn't tell was that true or not but I didn't really care, I was just thinking yay! But I got really shy and didn't know what to say and was like 'Umm well I just wanted to say hi!' and said bye, which my sister said after made me sound kind of stupid but I'm glad I did it in the end! He went backstage and they came on about twenty minutes later, much to the crowds uproar. A pit started straight away which is saying something in only a small venue and people were going a bit mental, not to be unexpected! They played loads of new stuff and some stuff right from the beginning which was great and Jemina says the best things in between songs unlike alot of bands. The new drummer sounded good too, though I couldn't see him at all! More people were singing along than I expected and some really drunk guys were crowd surfing, getting pulled over the bar and then walking back out and through the crowd, jumping back into it! We moved a little further back near the end and I saw these guys run through about a million times! So in the end it was a little strange that people were dancing all around and singing along but didn't notice a member right amongst them. I'm super glad we were standing in that spot though, this means I've met members of the band every time I've seen them!

To steer the topic at hand back to fashion (although there wasn't exactly one in the first place!), I got some more leather-y look leggings to replace my amazing old ones that are dull and now have practically no waist band. I got a Topshop pair off eBay by just typing in wet look leggings; there are loads of pairs. They're much thinner and stink of either a factory or the plastic they're made of, but they're longer and tighter and I will be able to wear them to a cramped club tomorrow without being too hot! Possibly expect pictures. But if you look closely at the flash photograph, you can see that the TS ones have faint lines or scratches down them while the Mango pair have lasted for over a year being scratch free!

nobody knows

I made the vow to invest in some good makeup and so far it's gone slightly downhill. After some marvy eBay sales I popped down to Selfridges to get a long lasting eye liner and was once again swayed to the benefit counter. The You Rebel tinted moisturiser that I got really is not necessary; when I put it on there's not alot of difference so I still have to moisturise and use foundation, which ruins the point! I've been lusting after the Realness of Concealness mini kit for ages as it has little samples of all the 'miracle' products I wanted to buy so I bought it on a whim. I tried it out on half my face and I can see a difference, but I don't see how anybody else would? To say I could have gone out with half my face done would be true because you wouldn't notice. The Boi-ing does cover dark circles better than anything I've tried before but I don't really understand the rest. The Lemon Aid, to even out the redness around eyes, is like a block of wax so you have to put a ton on the brush or your fingertip to get it to work, which it does, but I wouldn't look at someone and think what clear skinned eyes they had! The Lip Plump is just a brown lip coat which isn't effective and the High Beam just gives shiny cheeks. I did play around with it and if you dot it along the very top of your cheek bones it highlights them but not so much more than blusher does in the first place? And Ooh La Lift is weird because it just makes your under eyes a bit shimmery. It highlights just under the eyebrows well though. All these little tweaks are unnoticeable. I imagined they would all add up to something better but it's sadly not the case. I shall persevere.

I took a recommendation from some of you guys of a mineral foundation and this Maybelline pot was on offer in Boots so I picked up a shade which is finally light enough for my skin! It's actually quite nice, it does the job of giving an even skin tone but isn't heavy at all so could be worn in the highest heat or to the sweatiest club. Fab!

" was yellow pants off"

I've been hunting around my bedroom wardrobes at home for a skirt I had a few years ago which, if I ever find it, I will wear all the time, but it's disappeared! So last night when sending out the final search party I came across these Topshop shorts I got last summer in a sale that I've never worn. I even adjusted the buttons so they fit better.

It might look a little weird but it was the height of summer, the height of high waisted shorts, and I'd spent many an hour looking through eBay for high waist yellow shorts. The catalyst was a SATC season two episode with Bon Jovi in it. I'm not a hidden Bon Jovi fan, I just really liked Carrie's bright yellow shorts that she wore on their date... and then they played Twister! A most fabulous episode I feel.

I'm truly puzzled at how to wear them though? I think we're going on the first family holiday in like six years this summer as a treat from my Nan's winnings so I'll definitely pack them in my suitcase, but are they wearable elsewhere from the beach? A club? Outside in freezing March?

I feel that, like Carrie, you need to team bright with bright for a super pop so could these be hot in a club in the summer with an AA bright blue tank and black stockings? Any ideas?

"black, black or black!"

I picked up The Secret Garden on video in a charity shop on Monday because it was one of those key films from my childhood, along with The Little Princess, Swallows and Amazons, and of course Disney. So it was quite nostalgic yet shocking during the scene when Mary first gets to the manor and Martha dresses her, giving an offering of 'black black, or black!'

I believe Mary is mourning the death of her parents and is quite a forlorn, sullen girl anyway, but that is me! I opened my wardrobe and all bar one of the dresses I brought down from uni for Easter is black! I had very limited suitcase space and brought the clothes I most wanted to wear or go out in and the outlook is pretty bleak! When did this happen? I have become Wednesday Adams.

I don't feel like I'm mourning because I usually wear coloured or white tights but the situation cannot continue into summer. In a stranger discovery, the only non black or white things I brought down, not counting tights, is a few minty green/turquoise things. The dress was actually from Rumi from Fashion Toast's eBay store?! How weird, I didn't even know she had a blog then, just really liked the dress! Time to get some more colour in my life.

it's going to be a '60s summer

Contrary to Manchester, in Birmingham I feel like I dress quite averagely and make an effort to step up my game. I know the clubs where everyone dresses fashionably or vintage so it's a bit harder to stand out. It struck me that the majority of people dress in '80s vintage. Prom dresses and bright leather shoes and bags with chunky gold jewellery. I think it's the coolest thing when you see someone dressed totally in a time period and it made me wonder why no one dresses in '60s stuff? Brash prints may be all over the high street but I'm talking about a-line mini dresses in patent, block colours, chunky platforms and, my favourite, white tights or socks. Has this time been forgotten by hipsters?

This also ties in with my search for a summer theme. I didn't used to do this consciously, I just used to always take a direction in the summer because it's so hard to follow fashion. It's way too early to break out the F/W shows and too hot to bother with loads of layers. It seems the easy route is boho *eeek* or light summer dresses. Well this summer I'm going mod, I've decided. I do like to make bold statements around here but once I put a thought into my head I usually stick to it, and it's nice to have a shopping direction rather than buying anything you happen to like.

So I'll be browsing round the yellow vintage warehouse and the likes of American Graffitti in Manchester for mini dresses and block heel strap shoes, avoiding all the '80s floral polyester and lamé frocks. My hair is fairly clashing with primary colours so I'll be looking or white, cream, green, navy, purple, light blue and possibly some red if I can get away with it. A bright plastic mac would be amazing too, I've been considering the H&M ones.

I've spent the past hour scouring eBay, which has no end of real '60s stuff. I'm going to shop around first before I hit eBay because you could buy just about any dress as they're quite similar. I'm looking for something to grab me.

Mary Quant yellow body stocking, Red heart button dress, Mary Quant flower and signature tights, Black and white leather dress, Colour block tent dress, Yellow scooter dress, White Clarks mary janes

It's pretty easy to follow with hair, make up and accessories because jewellery isn't needed and a few headbands with a side parted fringe would have your hair set. I tried Twiggy eyeliner a while ago when we dressed as bumble bees for a bop and it's actually pretty easy. The only bad thing is that eyeliner comes off throughout the night, can anyone recommend a liquid eyeliner with good staying power?

The ultimate item needed: a suit! I added vintage skirt suit to my daily eBay searches ages ago but haven't found anything yet. Fingers crossed something will come up soon! Christian Dior's FW08/09 collection shows that you can could bring the '60s into autumn with gloves and little fur shawls. The hunt is on, 1960 here I come!   

We have jewelry designs of many styles for different generations and styles.

putting the celebs to bed

If you were designing a collection for Topshop, would you say "Right first we have to include a t-shirt with my face on it. Possibly surrounded by loads of leaves and butterflies. Actually make that two."

I tried on these shorts yesterday too and they are barely hot pants, they are just pants. Teeny tiny!

Speaking of shopping angel comments also yesterday, another killer line, along with the unworthy £45 price tag, to persuade you to put something back on the shelf is "It's in the Kate Moss collection." I don't mind Kate Moss. My sister thinks she rocks but I don't see why. She never does any interviews so you can't admire her as a person, the only things we know about her is that she has a daughter, took drugs and went out with the ratty looking Pete. So if she's only admired for her body or style, I'm not taken on those either. Wasn't she only bigged up for wearing skinny jeans when they first came out like four years ago? Anyway it seems alot of us bloggers agree but there's something about the KM collection that really doesn't make me want to invest. I think it's because she doesn't seem so enthusiastic about it herself. She obviously didn't design it, the pieces were probably set for the shop floor anyway, but if you think of everyone else who's 'created' a collection, they give interviews and promos and it feels a bit more special. This seasons collection seems to have sprung from nowhere and is still sitting on the shelves, no queues at all. When I looked at this dress yesterday I thought it was cute, but then I considered how I didn't want to show support to Kate Moss by wearing something that's 'hers' because I don't really admire or respect her? It wouldn't give me an extra buzz from wearing stuff with her name in the tag, it would just be like a normal Topshop item. I've got my eye on the clown print blouse and the boyfriend blazer and if the eBay auctions go well (I'm crossing my fingers!) then it wouldn't matter if it was part of her collection because I was looking for a blazer anyway and wouldn't wear it in a way that would relate to her.

When I looked at the dress I thought it was quite an obvious item and if people knew the Kate collection, it would scream her, but the blazer just strikes me as a blazer I've been after and she doesn't have an effect. Has she lost her charm on everyone? The Kate Moss signs in my local Topshop definitely don't make an impact anymore.

Finally, speaking of special collections, I stopped by the Giles for New Look set after the psychic and he definitely didn't predict the disappointment.

It's just not... attractive? I think it's perfect for New Look but I never shop there and am disappointed that there was nothing I'm interested in. Like above there's alot of denim and stripy, embellished t-shirts. He always makes a stand out coat or two but the baby pink seems a bit tacky.

On a more positive note, I'm stalking the Frilled Racerback Osman Yousefzada dress from the Mango collection as it may not be so useful to my daily life but it's damn fine! It has the AA Double U-neck dress effect on as it's clingy but with a cut that's more flattering and less trashy. We shall see the fate next week. Please let there be no more collections to mill over, it's so painful!