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corset creeping

If anyone's struggling with revision, just plant yourself in the library where there are no distractions apart from some furious typers or Facebook clickers! The girl next to me practically had steam coming from her fingers and the desk was shaking so I decided to take a few tips from Lala and The Clothes Horse and went off to take some sneaky photos. This is totally harder than it looks because you have to find an area where there's no one sitting, that has enough lighting and somewhere to sit the camera. I tried sitting long books flat on a shelf so they stuck out a bit and weighed the end down with a heavier book but there was never the right level and I ended up with lots of dodgy shots. In the end I found the perfect set of desks but all the photos came out with the wrong lighting apart from this one. It's also hard to just stand around looking busy when posing so that's why I'm admiring my (finally long) nails!

I decided to put the super ugly and shapeless with something tight and sexy and topped it off with the Paraphernalia red anatomic heart which got no end of stares. I may get a bit distressed when people stare at me if I think I look normal or nice, but it was funny to see loads of people just staring straight at it all day, I hope they were creeped out! My friends discussed it alot but I think it looks like a big strawberry! Also I wore a slip under the corset to reserve some modesty, it was the library after all!

Corset and slacks, H&M, vintage slip worn underneath, Topshop jacket with rolled up sleeves, Office silver bow flats, Paraphernalia heart necklace

sail away from my mind

I thought it was about time I got some new high waisted jeans since every time I looked at mine I thought about my expanding hips and how they just don't fit anymore. I pondered for a while, then just bit the bullet and placed a bid a little too high on a Miss Sixty 'Glenda' pair with a 50's feel. I thought they might not fit and knew I could always resell them. They arrived today and much to my delight they fit fine and came with a belt! Sadly they have a rip in them that wasn't mentioned in the auction. Did the seller think I wouldn't notice it? This must be one of those 'not meant to be' situations, I guess I'll go back to dresses!

sneaky security

Today my friend asked me how my strapless dresses never fall down during the day. I thought it was fairly obvious but it seems not; I just pin them to my bra! I used to just use safety pins on the inside of the dress and then discovered the best way is to subtly use a real pin or brooch to stop dresses from getting lower without noticing or anyone else realising how! I don't know about you but I've never found a strapless dress that actually stays put? I'm not risking an embarrassing flashing moment or having to continuously pull up all day! I'm turning my Summer investments to dresses too as I have pulled out all mine from last year and it's like getting new clothes all over again!

Also I'm loving the bargain huge £2 flowers in H&M at the moment, I hope they bring out more colours, although the yellow just doesn't suit me!

Luella di da

Did you know Luella Bartley is releasing a collection of hair accessories, namely hair bows? Neither did I! The confectionery inspired set of bows and ribbon clips will come in raspberry, yellow, bottle green, navy and orange, with a Luella heart in the centre. And there will be more collections to come!

Sadly the bands are £49 and the bows are £45. I'm quite fast with my hair accessories and would possibly move onto another hair hit within a week, or maybe I'd wear one everyday for a year. I can't decide, but when the time comes in July they're being sold in the London store and the Harvey Nichols concession. I'm hankering for raspberry and bottle green!

Also her beach/surf wear collection for O'Neill has been released and is pretty cute if you're into that sort of thing. I like the peace signs turned into hearts, and the shortie dungarees are attracting me in a worrying way!

heaven or heel

I totally admire bloggers like Rumi of Fashion Toast and Queen Michelle of KoS because they wear heels every day, and not just any old heels, they are super fierce heels! It's not uncommon either for a lithe Swedish blogger to wear an extremely short, tight skirt, or just a long t-shirt. I would love to do this and instantly upgrade an outfit to a more sartorial silhouette and gain greater posture and attitude but, with pain not being a factor as there are comfy pairs of shoes out there, I would never feel comfortable. This is simply because I don't want to attract unwanted attention from men. This doesn't define every case, I just know that if I swan around in heels with skirts or trousers, it will increase the risk of being perved on or receive cat calls. It might be fine if these were nice guys but it's older men who give that horrible stare that's just gross.

Maybe it's just culture here, or maybe the way you present yourself, the way you walk and the way you act can prevent these reactions, but I find heels look like I've tried harder to look nice, thus trying to attract male attention, even if I'm 100% not. Different styles or wearing masculine or baggy clothes seems to just provoke a reaction of someone out there. Do some men naturally think we have dressed nicely to attract them or are they just going about the rude way to show some appreciation? People in Manchester may know the horrible betting shop at the start of the Northern Quarter which always has load of men smoking outside. Most men are dignified and polite but there are those odd few out there. When I went back home a few weeks ago a random, weird man in a car stopped and said 'I haven't seen you in ages,' and just the other day my sister was followed all the way home by a man who said 'age didn't matter' and asked her to go see his house?!

I've gone off wearing heels in the daytime for the past few months but they're calling me back as cheapie flats have got to be just as bad for your feet. But as a girl it makes me feel uncomfortable to dress up in the day time and I don't want to expose myself to creepiness! Do you ignore it or tone it down? Or where you live does it not matter?

mental block

Veruca is officially back! Is she really annoying? I don't know, she's just a clear way to throw out the runway things I want to channel in Autumn. It may seem seriously early to be thinking about this but there isn't too much point buying 'trendy' SS08 stuff now as soon we will be in summer season and it will be kaftans and bikinis as far as the eye can see. Plus Winter is so short and it's very easy to settle into your coat and jumpers. So bring on new trends...!

This could be an easy DIY skirt because it would just involve sewing strips of fabric together, sewing the rectangle into a tube, and making a fold-over tunnel at the top to thread elastic though! I love the PPQ colours and if I were to make a skirt I'd use that satin fabric in gold, blue, navy, berry, white, but maybe leaving out the orange and let my hair do the work! I think we've seen the full ruffle Eley Kishimoto dress before but I like the collar, and Sonia Rykiel has just about convinced me to get  purple coat and chunky platforms.

hot heat

From day...

vintage polkadot sweetheart dress and white cardigan, topshop patent strap shoes (the only ones that are comfortable because I banged my little toe on the tree court gate, ouch!) night!

AA u-neck dress, oasis tights, miss selfridge shoes

Today was really warm and sunny and most people ate dinner out on the benches. I just had to revise and take a fur coat to the post office, where I saw a boy sending about three thousand parcels, maybe he's an eBay seller too? We're going to a club tonight and seems as it's St Georges day there are alot of knights around and some green people too, which I think are fairies? I was a bit bored of eyeliner so I took some of your tips and blended purple and black shadow like crazy over the top, an eyeshadow brush rather than little sponge brush makes so much difference! I'm also enjoying straight hair until I have to wash it, dry shampoo makes it last a few days longer!

spring time, summer lovin'

It's that weird time of the year where things begin to blossom and brighten but for alot of us, we need to get our heads down and do some work! So I've been relishing the last drops of free time and appreciating the 17 degree highs.

Today I got a package from Sock Dreams with some seriously hot stockings. It took me months to finalise an order in my mind as there are so many pairs of socks and tights on that site, it's impossible! I finally settled on some vertical striped stockings with bows that are possibly too raunchy for outdoor wear, and some black knee highs with hook and eye links all the way up the back. They're a bit gothic but I really like the effect of normality from the front and then something that's totally alien to socks on the back. I'll probably save them until Winter though. I threw in some black and white knee highs too as they were cheap.

I had a knitting lab this morning (sadly not the kind with needles and old ladies!) and took a trip to Argos after and got a mini sewng machine! My reasoning was that I could make half the stuff I buy; if a child in a sweatshop can do it, then I can too! It was £50 and it's very light, yet does the job. I recommend it! The instructions are extremely clear, which is great because I was awful at Textiles in school.

It took me a while to get the hang of and I wasted about a thousand metres of thread! I searched the vintage store for a cream tafetta that wasn't scratchy but couldn't find anything so I just added more material to my red skirt so it's really full.

The sun brings everyone out into the courtyard and it's like a minefield of dodging footballs and rugby balls if you want to get to the reception for packages! I hope it's not too lonely next year when living in a house of six.

mish mash

Often I go through my clothes to pick out a few things I want to wear in the week and place them strategically so when I wake up I'll reach for them first and fling them on. I went from one end to the other and selected a few things for the up coming 16/17 degree weather this week (yay!) and for nights out, but stepping back revealed the biggest contradiction of clothes, I don't think I could have combined them if I tried! The tulle and tartan and fringing and florals made me blink a bit, if only for the alliteration, and I realised I am not a clever shopper. A clever shopper seems to be someone who will carefully add each addition to their wardrobe with care so that it compliments their style, figure and other items. Blogs coming to mind are many a Swedish blog like It's vintage darling, Niotillfem and Moderniteter,who seem to have a similar air about all their posts with clothes smoothly sliding into their lives, rather than huge trend crashes like around here! Of course there is major benefits from a vast wardrobe; variety, spice and hidden treasures. But on a day to day basis, things get tricky, especially if you're sleepy and have to grope around for something on the normal side of experimental. Then again, sticking within reigns seems even harder, even if in the end you don't clash like tartan and fringing!

some things are just meant to be...

I went to the hair dressers today and knew what I was going to hear. The lady was really nice but the first thing she said to me was 'I can tell whether you're right or left handed by your hair. You straighten it don't you?' After only three months of straightening, my hair has alot of breakage and dryness, even though I use an absolute ton of conditioner and protection products, including weekly treatments.

I left realising that some things are just meant to be and I'm not meant to have straight hair. With the boom in hair straightening, I feel pressured to accept it as the most desirable trait. But if I am set for a life of super girly curls, maybe it's better to have a signature style and work with that. Over that past few months I've been tweaking and experimenting and have sat on a comfortable mixture, so sickly, sweet curls will just have to work with it! I wish everyone could appreciate how they are naturally but we're a little past that in this day.