what i did in didsbury
play that record again


I can't ever help watching Donnie Darko and considering the uniform, blue pinafores with white shirts. It makes me wish all uniforms were pinafores rather than ugly blazers and the shortest skirt you can get away with. Are all uniforms like this in the US or is it just in Gossip Girl worlds? I'll definitely be getting out my pinafore and Viktor and Rolf shirt in the next few days.

His casual skeleton Halloween costume also flashed the memory of the Topshop boutique skeleton t-shirt dress a while ago. Is it just me or does a blogger have this? Maybe I'm imagining it. I really want one now. I'm looking for an XL mens t-shirt that I can trim down the sides as I doubt one would appear on eBay. I think I'm blinded by the whole 'buying things as least girly as possible' thing; once I plant a seed, it sticks... oh well, back to microeconomics revision, clothes get out of my brain!

pictures from mad world fan listing, but this has got to be the strangest website ever....

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