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play that record again

H&M dress, Zara cardigan, Miss Selfridge tights, Topshop necklace and shoes, Junk Shop bow

Just another super girly outfit from yours truly. As I was walking to my economics exam eating a fruit cookie, it struck me how little colour there was around. The day was grey and windy too, I stuck out like a sore thumb. It's less than two weeks until I have to move out of halls, it's so sad! I'll even miss the fridge raiding and broken windows and hearing everyone's sex lives... well maybe I won't miss that! I'll go out with a band though, expect lots of photos in the key surroundings. It truly is the end of an era... speaking of that, the Sex and the City movie is out tomorrow! I'm very much hoping it won't be sold out or queues a mile long all day. If I owned Manolos I would wear them. Sadly I don't so it will have to be lots of corsages instead! I like my newest hair bow though from Junk Shop, tomorrow I'll check out the Northern Quarter store and pick up a copy of last years Uncovered encase I've missed anywhere. Vlada is possibly my favourite model and this morning I bouffanted my hair a bit like hers but the wind played havoc with it. I like the way she looks a bit gothic lolita but in a spooky way rather than kitchy way.

One of the main things I'll miss from Owens Park is the sunset each night that I watch out of my window, it's the perfect view. Back to revision!

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