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It's a shame that I haven't actually got my sights set on being a buyer when I grow-up (can I still say that even though I'm nearly 19! I don't mean buying stuff for myself (of course I do alot of that!) but I often select and purchase things to sell on for profit for myself. Although I'm doing a textile management degree, I wasn't planning on working in the retail industry because I don't want to set too high hopes for myself, as literally all the girls on the courses similar to mine want to be buyers and there are few jobs. I've gone through a few eBay selling tips before and although I am no expert at all in either field, here are a few tips on making a bit of extra money from things right in front of you.

So basically this is just buying things from shops that you know will sell out or spotting something that will be a major trend. It sounds really simple and it probably is to you if you're like me and keep constant tabs on shops and trends. I scour the high street at least once a week, not to mention endless magazines and internet store browsing, as well as blogs detailing things like press days and collection showcases. Also when the fashion weeks start, I tend to collect pictures in categories, as demonstrated by lots of trend posts I tend to do, and sum up the themes before magazines do. This gives a great base of knowledge of being able to predict and analyse what will be in demand and the existing selling ability of items. These things will then sell on eBay or similar auction sites once they've sold out or become popular.

A great example is heart shaped sunglasses. In 2006 I wanted a pair and the only place to get them was off American eBay as novelty pairs of children's party treats. I got a pink pair for £10 including shipping and saw that they sold pretty well but there were none for the UK, so I put them up and got nearly £30 for them. So over summer 2006 I was shipping batches of sunglasses over and making profit through many bidders, even though they could have just clicked to expand their searches to international sellers and buy exactly the same pair. Then last summer Topshop brought out their pairs and as it's just a habit to check their new stock every day, I bought up one straight away to keep but knew they'd sold out quickly and were featured in magazines, so put them on eBay and got £50. I bought around 10 pairs and made just about the same profit on each, putting some as buy it now and auctioning some, as a lot of people messaged me to ask for them straight away for holidays, etc. I've sold a few pairs this year too, although now they've got a constant stream in store. I've also made hundreds of pounds on festival tickets, but that's a bit more like touting which is a bit wrong.

So to make a bit of spare cash, it's best to know whats going to be hot. If you're thinking generally, just look over what's in magazines or on the high street. For example, playsuits are super hot right now, and while charity shopping or thrifting if I see a playsuit, even if I didn't think it was especially nice, I would snap it up because there's a demand. Internet stores are great because you get to see what sells out straight away before it comes into store. Shoes are great for this as they are impossible to replicate and rack up lots of bids. I reckon sellers like the one I've linked work for the shop and get discount. It's really about luck. This post was spurred by the skirt I bought today pictured above. Around a month ago I stumbled across an auction where one went for £85, which I though was a little crazy as it looks quite easy to make or just get a tailor to make for you. Then totally randomly I spotted one on a lone rack of things in Topshop today in a size 14 and snapped it up. That's the great thing, if you think an item may sell and it doesn't, you can always return it. So browse odd rails, the 'last chance to buy' rack and changing room rails. Often you can look at auctions already on ebay for items that you think you could sell for more profit with better pictures and description. I know it's rumoured that some of the power sellers just mark costumes or new clothes as vintage and make major profit.

But things have to be fresh to sell and everything has a time limit. The sinnita frilled platforms were big sellers but now have been brought out again so wouldn't sell for as much. Don't bother buying any Primark sell outs as they rarely make very much profit as they are cheap in the first place and there are so many stores with such large volumes of stock that they keep replenishing. Plus I wouldn't pay an excessive amount for something from Primark?

So if you need some extra cash for the holidays, wise up on the high street! I'm watching a few auctions for the riviera skirt to see if it will be possible to make profit or I'll return it, I'm not too sure yet. It's been a pretty weird day because I also won the dispute for the Miss Sixty jeans and will get my money back, yay! On the bad side, I went out and all the way to town and into shops wearing my skirt inside out! It was the red one I made so there were no labels but raggedy seams were definitely on show and my friends though it was hilarious! I think I've gone nuts from all work and no play!

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