i know what you'll wear next winter: showing in H&Ms near you, September 2008

what i did in didsbury

After a reader recommendation I decided to trek down to West Didsbury and Didsbury village to check out a few vintage stores, partially for the Uncovered issue, partially for myself! It's a gorgeous day but extremely windy, so I only wore a knee length pleated second hand skirt but had many Marylin Monroe moments!

I checked out a few bus journeys and made a dodgy map but luckily got on the 46 from OP that took me all the way to West Didsbury. First I checked out Hub which I think either has a different name or a sign I didn't see or I checked out the wrong place because I don't actually think it was called Hub... it was in the right place though! For a little row of a few shops in a very suburban area it was quite busy, possibly because of the lovely day. There was rails of independent designer stuff and some vintage items, with a fair half of the shop for guys clothes with lots of Fred Perry and Lacoste. I saw a cutish dress and looked at the price tag- £185! This place wasn't the cheapest so I kept my purse in my bag and went onto Junk Shop.

Junk Shop is so cute! More of a vintage boutique than a second hand store, but there was enough stock to have a wide range to pick from of girly dresses and blouses, possibly reconstructed. They had a huge lot of accessories too and some Tatty Devine stuff, with lots of random retro bits like batman necklaces and videos. I asked to take photos but the girl wasn't sure if the manager would allow it, even though I said I was from the student newspaper, so you'll have to make so with the store font, even though that doesn't reflect the pretty interior. Dresses were around £30-40 and accessories were around £10, so it's not the cheapest but great for a special outfit or birthday presents.

I was thinking that these high streets may have a few charity shops but West Didsbury is very small so I wandered down the road with my little map under the shady trees. I'd compare the area to Mosely or Solihull in Birmingham because it's fairly middle class with lots of greenery and nice houses. I walked to the bus stop but could practically see Didsbury village so it only took a few minutes to walk there. It's no scummy high street, it's a bit more of a little town centre with lots of posh eateries where people were having lunch and wine outside. I found Fonda, which like Hub is full of designer clothes from places like Denmark and Sweden at not so cheap prices. I wasn't allowed to take photos here either until the manager was present but was allowed to take one of the store front. I was starting to think I should have taken sneaky photos!

I walked down in search of some charity shops and found the poshest Barnardos ever. Where I live in Birmingham, Barnardos used to be 'all items 99p' and you'd be lucky to find anything that was bought past the 80s, but this shop has obviously gone to the Oxfam school of charity shopping. I picked up a worn pair of white flats that were £17.50! Things were also in colour order, ew. True to form, there was an Oxfam too.

So I have yet to find my scummy high street of Manchester! If you live in Withington or Fallowfield I'd definitely recommend going to West Didsbury as Junk Shop is great and Hub does have such pretty things, just they may break the bank! I couldn't resist this hair bow from Junk Shop for £4.

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