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As much as I love runway makeup, most of the time when magazines say 'gold eye shadow is so fall', I don't think of it in terms of 'oh how fashionable I will look with gold eyeshadow' but think 'hmmm gold eye shadow could look cool on a night out'. But I think I accidentally stumbled upon a very easy way to get a fall vibe from head to toe.

I'm reading too much of a 'bad girl' trend, aka black, black and more black, lace, docs, studs, cut outs, sheerness, a bit of tartan, etc. With the investment of a few zips to sew on last seasons skirts and some suitable tights, this might be the easiest way to update a wardrobe. A few days ago I took  some shoes back to Urban Outfitters and swapped them for a pair with £5 to spare. I wandered round and round the store looking for something, anything, for fiver but everything in there seems to have a few pounds added on and nothing in  the five region. Finally I picked up a lip balm and went to the counter.

It's from the Eyeko Beauty, a London based makeup range meaning 'love' in Japanese, hence the heavy manga connotations. In 2000 they apparently created an acclaimed face cream and went on from there. I like how the website says 'Eyeko Beauty tests on celebrities not animals!' haha! It's all very cutesy and I'm not sure what age group they're aiming for as it seems quite babyish for the public majority but I of course do like a bit of cute! All the products are £5 in Britain and I know they sell them in Superdrug too as I've pondered the Fat Balm before in there. It's advertised as a blusher too but I think it's too sticky to put on cheeks and would probably lead to break outs.

The balm reminds me of something I used a child playing around with gift set makeup as it has quite a strong smell. I picked up the raspberry and went straight to the till and little did I know it was a very dark plum colour. This turned out to be totally beneficial though as it's the perfect colour for runway lips!

Dark lipstick was seen across the board, from berry to black. The Eyeko balm gives the perfect light colour that gets darker as you apply. I don't usually wear anything on my lips and have fair skin to begin with, so one coat gives a nice berry gloss while a few boost you to Marni glory. Plus it's fun to apply the really wide stick as I know you're meant to use your fingers but I find that a bit gross when out and about, so use the thick balm straight from the tube, very fun! It's also surprising how something this subtle can change a whole look. It makes your face look paler and eyes look darker, giving a more sullen, mysterious look, like the sketches in Lula of Enid Coleslaw and Violet Baudelaire and Wednesday Addams in the heroine article. This tops an outfit off perfectly, it really makes a difference. It's not the nicest balm and doesn't last very long but it's a favourite, I'm wanting to try the face cream now!

Above- Chloe fw08. Pics from

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