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I'm going on holiday in a week (taking a laptop, never fear!) and so called an end to eBaying... or so I thought. When trekking to the post office with a free afternoon what choice is there when you walk past like ten charity shops?! Since looking at guys stuff too I'm shocked at the labels you can find. One Christian Dior and two YSL shirts? Seriously the high street I live off has it's highlight of a main job centre and some grotty pubs so if I can find decent labels there, who knows what's lurking in the other high streets of Birmingham! I got a few girl's things but more and more I look at the items and can easily slot them into my wardrobe just for the fun of it. It's been great all summer being able to make an effort with outfits and hair to just run a few post office errands! I've just been to a family friend type 18th of a family of red haired children and the birthday girl looked like an absolute doll in a strapless Oasis check poof skirt dress, it's often hard to find red hair inspiration!

So I might keep these two things, the first a check shirt in bright blue, green and purple. I planned on buying a high street one but I just ended up looking like I was going to a hoe down in fitted ones! Now I feel a bit like Wendy of Hand It Over, which is of course a very good thing! She is great plaid shirt inspiration. I wonder if I could get away with a black u-neck dress for daytime with it over the top without it being too slutty on me. The second picture has this weird purple draped jacket that feels more like a big blouse. It has no buttons but a little pocket and billowing sleeves that taper a bit. I'm getting to the point now where reasons of  'gosh, i can't wear this because...' are getting smaller and smaller, especially with the likes of Lala of Art Geek and Fashion Freak wearing whatever they please! Also, from only one day at V Festival, I've just looked at my white rug and it's cover in bits of mud after walking to and fro from the camera just now in my Docs! Oops my Nan won't be pleased! Also, you remember the shoes of love that I found in London and didn't fit? Well I found them on eBay and bought them anyway! They're in the market being stretched as we speak by the magic shoe repair man, lets hope the cheap material doesn't just split! Alllso tomorrow I'm going to our new Manchester house to work at an REM gig at the cricket ground. Good thing is Editors are supporting, bad thing is that we'll only make around £30 by the time you minus train and bus fare there, and plus the uniform is black skirt, black shoes and for some reason I don't have a plain one of either of these!

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