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Sometimes for sheer torture I browse Swedish shop websites like Monki and Lindex to see the fab clothes and hope H&M will come up with something similar. A Monki visit today was no different after looking at a range by Swedish London-taught designer Ida Sjöstedt. Her collab. has some seriously lust-worthy stuff.

The collection only has six pieces but what more could you need when you have such great items! I am loving the lace catsuit, trumping the Love Honey spider web suit for limitless possibilities, and also the leotard with the lace panel down the centre. The lace here seems less Prada wannabe and nods to other lace used for that 'bad girl' look magazines keep hailing. In trying to develop real student living this year, I'm concentrating on items like these that are so wearable. I can either study in Hong Kong or Sweden next year (well there are other places but these are obvs the best!) and keep weighing between the two, Sweden winning major points for shops like this. A few Swedish bloggers offer a service to get items for you for a little fee, which I may have to indulge in soon! I have so many strapless dresses that are calling for a lace long sleeved top to wear underneath.

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