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sound the trumpets, strumpets!

I did something a liiiiittle crazy. Maybe more deluded than crazy. After my lecture I popped into Reiss and bought a £265 coat. Oops!

Haha truly this plan was thought out. I tried on this coat on the day I bought the coat below and have been thinking about it ever since. Like I said, the M&S coat just doesn't have enough spark or attraction, it's not something you put on and think oooo. I of course never normally go into Reiss. If it's just a UK thing, it's a very exclusive high street shop, if you could call it that, sort of a store for mega rich people and practically a designer store for people like me. The shop is quite scary, with very modelesque SAs and only about three of each item carefully laid out. It's also very expensive. So I went back in today and tried on the coat once more. I blame the guy working there! Our conversation went something like this:

*me twirling in mirror*
Very fabulous and very gay SA: Oh this coat is just divine!
Me: Yep it's a bit out of my price range though...
VF&VGSA: Ooo that's what student loans are for!
M: Hmmm... I do have a job now...
VF&VGSA: The colour is gorgeous, plus you need a longer coat in winter and it will last you forever, it's made from cashmere too!
M: It is lovely... gosh what are my flatmates going to say!
VF&VGSA: Haha who cares, you'll look better than them! It's gorgeous! Imagine it with a belt and gloves too.
M: Hmmm I'll just ring my Mom..

Mother: Treat yourself Selina! You wear a coat for months and got two years out of your last one... I'll put towards it for your Christmas present if you need to...

Me: I think I'm going to take it!

*goes to cash point*...woops, noodles for a term!

I'm not sure my photos do it much justice, it's a gorgeous Cadbury's purple that's so warm and rich, it just pops. It's like the perfect purple, with a little hint of blue. And it's soooo soft! The best thing is the shape, I was standing totally still in the first photo and the way the coat kicks out is exactly how it's cut naturally. It's practically like wearing a dress! My job does mean I can kind of afford it but it will be basically all my Christmas wages. The attraction is that it represents exactly what buying something should be like, where you get an item you know you will be excited about every time you put on, and walk around all happy and fabulous. Still, it's a bit scary to wear! Also bonus points for those who know where I got the title from...!   

midnight fable

I've spent approximately 938274518 hours hunting for a coat this season and delved into shops I never would have delved into before. The importance rests on something you wear for months and months on end, with and over everything, hence the search. The problem is that buying a high street coat is so hard. It's like clubbing; if you buy something from Topshop, H&M or the like, you can guarantee you will see someone in the same. There's only so many times you can put 'coat' into eBay and trawl through hundreds of listings. The same with Etsy and Tradera. Swing, princess, baby doll, bubble, no more! I even went to Selfridges (my Luella bag makes it way less scary on the third floor!) and looked through the racks lustfully. I tried on the most divine Sportmax grey princess coat with super heavy pleating but even the SA said 'ahh, it looks so youthful on you, almost like a little girl, I love this coat'. Problem number two, how to find a coat in the style I like without looking like a five year old. Carrie of WishWishWish is pondering coats too, and to show how many coats I've tried on, I've tried on both coats she's deciding between! The grey Dahlia one made me look three foot tall, as did the military French Connection mini coat that's flying off shelves (£140 for so little material seemed a bit pricey for a high street shop to my budget?).

So in a last attempt I wandered into Marks and Spencer while wasting some time before a job interview and found this one. Empire line, knee length, patterned, cute sleeves, OKish price, it ticks boxes with the bonus of not too much five year old vibe. The collar can be buttoned to a funnel neck or left open. But while I could wear this all winter with no qualms, it doesn't have enough spark. I wouldn't trust the website picture as the model looks like she wants to die and it's not at all flattering, but that shows the check a bit more. Ah, I think the perfect coat is impossible to find. I do have one last trick up my sleeve but it has a £265 tag. I will size it up again tomorrow, but this drizzly Manchester weather means fast decisions!

blind date

A week can be a loooong time and so here's a gossip update of things I probably would have posted about...

Firstly this morning I awoke to my first package! Jackie of This Charming Girl sent me a lovely necklace which I won't take off for a while! It's a chunky pink cameo hanging from a big silver bow, gorgeous! I will be getting all my Christmas gifts from this store as the jewellery is all unique and each has a fitting special charm, quite romantic and nostalgic. The shop has those sought after bird cage necklaces as well. I can see something for just about every girl I know!

I found Advanced Style through Liebemarlene Vintage (a new addition to my blogroll!) and had to submit the photo I took earlier this summer of a lady called Val in H&M! The site is full of older people with amazing style, most so far being creative and quite outrageous, or with elements of the past. I thought Val showed how you can dress in what's stylish right now and still add your own quirks for an even more modern look. Check it out!

I've been style hunting all over Oxford Road, there are some very cool freshers! The one this I forgot to bring up were my purple Docs and so I'm especially hankering after them! I might go back home this weekend as my Mom has a super cool friend who sings in a punk band and she is having her wedding party at my house?! Therefore there will be lots of marvy people in my garden, I will have to go! I've been mainly wearing stuff I've shown before...

Don't forget to cut the bows off before you throw flats away!

My new room is not as shoe-boxy as I remembered and is tidy so far! It's lovely to have a double bed and accessories all laid out. I think that's my elbow in the corner!

I seriously wanted these pin badges that were handed out at NY fashion week so just made my own! Jessica Stam was my favourites out of the lot but I was considering wearing the Lily Donaldson.

This is what I bought in the charity shops I discovered. I'm about to wash the velvet dress, and the Pierre Cardin shoes are for eBay. When I saw the dress I thought 'eee velvet' because it's one of those second hand fabric that can feel a bit gross, but in about five seconds it's appealed to me immensely and now I'm loving everything velvet!

yes it's results time!

[If you're on RSS feed, go to the blog to see the video!]

Haha how embarrassing! Sorry for the angle, when I rotate the video it becomes a pixelated mess! So the winner of the Y.E.S. skincare competition is Nicole! Thank you to all who entered, although it took me ages to write out all the names and email addresses! Like I said, we've only just got internet access (thank goddd) due to not being able to remove a screwed on cable. Thankfully my friends have strong boyfriends, although the house can get a little sickening with all this love around! It's super cool to have an actual house of our own (kind of), even if we get paranoia about leaving straighteners on and can't fit anything else in the fridge ever. In this video it was just before we went out; it's so weird with a billion drunken freshers around, the last year flew by. I'm living in the next door area to where I lived last year and on a trek in the mini high street to find a spanner to remove the said screw (damn that screw!!), I found there are some fantastic charity shops! I can't believe they were so close for the whole of last year, they're hidden just off the high street and they're the best kind, the ones that are all dark and old who put absolutely anything and everything on the shop floor. I found something super cool, a relief as I'm trying to avoid shops now my loan has gone in, with the mentality that I don't exactly need new clothes until I wear all the stuff I've bought over the summer! Lectures start on Monday and I have a pretty sparse timetable, but I do have a job now! If any Manchester readers see me on Market Street though, please bare in mind I will be awfully embarrassed in the uniform. At least I get discount on beauty products? Expect posting to be back to normal!

>>Do you like John Legend or The metros?

A really quick post to offer another prize! What is it with competitions this week?! Tommy Hilfiger randomly sent me a super cool package with some freebies and tickets to their upcoming Hilfiger Sessions! I'll show the gifts when I announce the winner of these tickets, as I can't go!

So do you like John Legend? The event held at the Porchester Hall, London on Monday (22nd September) will feature him showcasing new material with support from the Metros and a few brand new acts, Steve Appleton and Zarif. Music and fashion, oolala! There might be freebies too.

Email me at saying why you really want to go, be it you're a fan or just want a free night out, and the names of you and one friend, then you will be added to the guest list if you win! If I can't decide who's the biggest fan or has the coolest reason I'll put names in a hat, or you could be the only person who applies, who knows! All emails must be received by Saturday at 3pm so I have time to email and confirm you on the list. Doors open at 7pm and it's an invite only exclusive event. Good luck!!

are you there

I hope this blog isn't thought of as strictly fashion fashion fashion and there is room for funny little posts! I'm moving back up to Manchester tomorrow so all my things are packed away, no clothes access! That said, I've been getting lots of random mean commenters recently which kind of makes you feel a bit sad about blogging, mainly just because you do it off your own back and spend lots of time making posts. It's also strange when you look at the correlation between readers and people who say hi, like the competition below shows how many people could interact but maybe can't be bothered or don't want to say hi, I'm reading! It's not a feeling of being taken for granted, I'm writing this with a smile, it's just a shame that blogging is all about interacting and not hiding! A few nasty commenters won't stop me posting because I've always loved to gossip! While sorting through draws I can across lots of old keepsake items, including all my old diaries. Boy are the crazy to read; part cringe-worthy, part hilarious, part shameful! Here are a few samples while might not be around for a few days until the internet is set up in the house I'll be sharing with my uni girlfriends. They show how boy crazy and teen-angsty and generally geeky I was (and probably still am!). I must have been 14 for these and I guess no one was meant to ever read them so the handwriting is very messy!

Yes, a competition!

Today I got a very marvy email. Instead of the bazillion press release emails I get, this was from Y.E.S. skincare to offer a prize to a reader!

Y.E.S. are offering a set worth $98 (!) to one of you lucky ladies, containing their Anti-Ageing Serum and Rejuvenating Moisture Cream...

Anti-Ageing Serum and Rejuvenating Moisture Cream is a powerful anti-ageing duo that prevents damage, protects against free radicals and rejuvenates all skin types.  The serum and cream are formulated to improve skin firmness, tone and texture, and also to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Y.E.S.’s exclusive CP24-Complex™ is clinically proven to increase cellular proliferation by 250% in 24 hours.

All you have you do is leave your name and email address in a comment and I'll put them all in a hat, then video the winner being picked out! I don't usually do this as I don't run the blog for profits, but this is a gift to you readers so it seemed too good to pass up. Therefore it's an extra special event probably not to be seen again! This competition is only open to people in the US and Canada I'm afraid, I like the idea of competitions though, those blogger package swaps on Fashion Nation looked fun too!

Btw, it's ageing in English and aging in American English, very strange!?

And I forgot to add, the contest will end on Monday at midnight, my time!

sickly sweet

Autumn seems old news before it's even started as the SS09 shows continue, and how could I not write about Luella? I love reading the ever critical reviews before browsing a collection and was relived to read Sarah Mower had ended with, 'She's often overlooked, but Bartley now deserves every bit as much credit as her friends in high places.'

And what a delicious show! Last season we had ice cream colours but this season it's definitely easter egg shades! What a horror to find I have no bright orange or pink in my wardrobe. Proving sky high prices do not mean desirability, Luella has rocketed forward. A few days ago I was thinking of how many ways she could repeat a ruffled, strapless prom dress, but this collection beats a natural progression or stereotypical vibe. It's jumped into the shows that hit you right in the face and every time you look at them your mind changes, so something that would have been so wrong a week ago is now so, so right! Even Luella Bartley herself said that she stood back and thought 'ew'! But those shows are the best, the ones that are so new to your eyes that you refocus and start imaging outfits that you wouldn't have put together before. She said it's psychedelic Sunday best. The colour scheme is so wrong that it's right. Clashing brights sadly just don't suit me but I'll find a way round! Luella's clothes always follow a set pattern; high waists, sweet heart, strapless necklines, front pleat trousers that hit just under the ankle. But these fits are what makes her a young brand; no doubt when the front row pictures come in they will feature all the hipster It girls! They are the clothes girls my age want to wear out, flirty and girlish with poofy skirts and pulled-in waits. The crazy thing is that the sensible, classy librarian inspiration is totally warped, the ideas are old yet totally new. I need to find some tweed fast! Luella's also one of my favourites because it's so wearable, I can pick out the details I want to emulate straight away!

I'm very pleased pearls are layered around necks, I have a pile left over from years ago! I'm going to buy strips of hot pink, orange and mauve ribbon or zips to adorn forgotten clothes. Also it might be fairly easy to get two sections of sheer material and sew them along the bust of a strapless dress on the front and the back, then tie the pieces together over one shoulder? Hello DIY! I remember that was in an Erin Fetherston show not long ago. I said bright colours don't suit me, but hot little gloves are definitely going into my shopping basket somewhere!


Today also provided the perfect use of all the vintage netted hats I have. I had to clear off the top of my wardrobe for the decorator to get to the electric box (or something?) and these all fell into my lap. I unpicked the bow of the light brown one and it's a great netted hair bow! I might unpick the polka dot blue net too and then have the freedom to wear it with any hair bow, decisions, decisions!

pictures from

hail the mail!

It's a very good time for post right now as this morning I received a package that could even rival all that Monki love. Remember I wrote about the Etsy store, I'm Your Present a few months ago? Well I had to bide my time as Kelly was rushed off her feet with the Fred Flare competition which she won! Super congratulations!! This makes me extra happy that I randomly decided to go on Etsy one day and found she had just listed the perfect blue playsuit. It's possibly the best package I've ever received as it was wrapped in tissue paper with an Ariel sticker, of course my favourite Disney princess! There was also a surprise of bow hair slides, little pearl earrings and even a balloon, with a lovely card that I'll have to stick on my wall!

I couldn't wait to try it on, post-travel ironing will have to wait! The playsuits Kelly makes are very much trophy worthy, I love the elastic, puffed shorts and subtle heart shaped neckline. Mine is edged all the way round with mini pearls and a lace frill, with a bow at the centre. It's perfectly made and extremely durable, I would say it's better quality than anything you could go out and buy in a shop because of the care and attention it has had. It definitely makes you wonder why you popped into H&M/Primark/etc all those times and threw away some money on a random purchase, I can think of a thousand regrets that could have been a cute playsuit. I can't wait to wear this out, although I hope Katy Perry hasn't tainted playsuits forever! Whenever I've bought something new I love, I always fret about drinks getting spilled on it in clubs too, but I've worn white dresses out before and they've always been fine, just paranoia!

party in the motel

High street stores have loads of going-out-dresses, if you were looking for an outfit you couldn't not pick one up in a flash. But do you too tend to bypass them when shopping too? I wouldn't dream of wearing a H&M or River Island dress to a packed student night because you can guarantee you will see someone in the same! I have a uni friend who will buy stuff she loves but not wear it for at least a few months, and one night just after trying to persuade her to wear a new Topshop dress, the first girl we saw in the club was in it! I tend to veer towards vintage or less common shops but a website that's been cropping up in weekly fash mags lately is Motel Rocks, the website of a shop in Bristol stocking cute dresses and playsuits, perfect for going out in! All have the smocked back and flared out skirts to suit practically every shape so it's no wonder their list of celeb fans is pretty long. I like how they go into great detail about the sizing, but am a bit wary that most of the dresses are modelled with a cinched belt, disguising the real look a bit. Still, if my outfit rota starts getting thin, I'll definitely stop by Motel!