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Autumn seems old news before it's even started as the SS09 shows continue, and how could I not write about Luella? I love reading the ever critical style.com reviews before browsing a collection and was relived to read Sarah Mower had ended with, 'She's often overlooked, but Bartley now deserves every bit as much credit as her friends in high places.'

And what a delicious show! Last season we had ice cream colours but this season it's definitely easter egg shades! What a horror to find I have no bright orange or pink in my wardrobe. Proving sky high prices do not mean desirability, Luella has rocketed forward. A few days ago I was thinking of how many ways she could repeat a ruffled, strapless prom dress, but this collection beats a natural progression or stereotypical vibe. It's jumped into the shows that hit you right in the face and every time you look at them your mind changes, so something that would have been so wrong a week ago is now so, so right! Even Luella Bartley herself said that she stood back and thought 'ew'! But those shows are the best, the ones that are so new to your eyes that you refocus and start imaging outfits that you wouldn't have put together before. She said it's psychedelic Sunday best. The colour scheme is so wrong that it's right. Clashing brights sadly just don't suit me but I'll find a way round! Luella's clothes always follow a set pattern; high waists, sweet heart, strapless necklines, front pleat trousers that hit just under the ankle. But these fits are what makes her a young brand; no doubt when the front row pictures come in they will feature all the hipster It girls! They are the clothes girls my age want to wear out, flirty and girlish with poofy skirts and pulled-in waits. The crazy thing is that the sensible, classy librarian inspiration is totally warped, the ideas are old yet totally new. I need to find some tweed fast! Luella's also one of my favourites because it's so wearable, I can pick out the details I want to emulate straight away!

I'm very pleased pearls are layered around necks, I have a pile left over from years ago! I'm going to buy strips of hot pink, orange and mauve ribbon or zips to adorn forgotten clothes. Also it might be fairly easy to get two sections of sheer material and sew them along the bust of a strapless dress on the front and the back, then tie the pieces together over one shoulder? Hello DIY! I remember that was in an Erin Fetherston show not long ago. I said bright colours don't suit me, but hot little gloves are definitely going into my shopping basket somewhere!


Today also provided the perfect use of all the vintage netted hats I have. I had to clear off the top of my wardrobe for the decorator to get to the electric box (or something?) and these all fell into my lap. I unpicked the bow of the light brown one and it's a great netted hair bow! I might unpick the polka dot blue net too and then have the freedom to wear it with any hair bow, decisions, decisions!

pictures from style.com

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