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no pallid hues here!

A girl crush hit huge proportions a week ago after browsing around a few sites and coming across the Doe Deere Blogazine. The creator and writer of the site, Xenia, has many feathers to her bow, including being a self-taut makeup artist, selling her own range of products called Lime Crime, and she is even a recording artist. Her 'blogazine' is fabulous! For one thing, she has an insanely symmetrical and super pretty face so her photos are all gorgeous. Also she's a red head too with flawless, porcelain skin, yet has no fear of colour; her site bursts with it! Among the sweet and interesting articles and popping outfit posts, there are detailed makeup tutorials for looks that are all totally different and unique, but somehow are still accessableand admirable. They make me want to buy up every single eyeshadow colour on the planet! But for now, I emailed her just to say how lovely her site is and also to ask a few questions that I really wanted to know. Xenia kindly answered them all and here they are as you might want to know too!


So firstly, could you give a little bio of yourself? Where are you from, what do you do?

I was born in Russia but grew up in NYC. I moved here at the age of 17 with dreams of becoming the queen of the universe, or something. :) Well, that didn't quite work out so now I'm down to the next best thing - makeup artist and owner of Lime Crime Makeup. :) I also write and record music (electropop):
-Tell us about the Doe Deere Blogazine...
Doe Deere Blogazine is a publication for and about women. It has a feminist bend to it, but I like to keep it modern! Plus, I'm a self-proclaimed estrogen junkie - my eyes turn into hearts at the sight of anything pink, glittery and girly! Oh, and I post weekly makeup tutorials on the blogazine, too.
-Where did your passion for makeup come from, and what made you take the jump into creating your own range?

In high school I used to be a tomboy and never wore makeup. Until one day a friend of my mother's, who happened to be a professional makeup artist, did my makeup for senior prom. I can honestly say that that day changed my life - for the first time I felt not only smart, but also... attractive. I wanted to repeat that experience and eventually bring it to others. I began posting makeup tutorials in 2006, because I think every woman deserves to be beautiful!

I love to wear bright colors, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) have always had trouble finding quality vivid eyeshadows. I've tried many, many brands but no matter how much I piled it on, it never looked bright enough. And so I started my own company, Lime Crime Makeup, whose slogan is "so bright, it's illegal!". My website is and I have lots of Holiday Edition colors!
-Where do you formulate your products and how do you test them?

I work directly with my supplier when developing colors for my line, and test everything myself. One time I went to the gym in full makeup and spent 40 minutes on a bike to see how my eyeshadow would hold up, haha. It stayed put, by the way. As someone who used to perform on stage regularly, my goal is to create super long-lasting product that won't melt under hot lights and stay fresh even after excessive sweating. My friends, some of whom happen to be models and performers, often become my guinea pigs too. ;)
-How did you learn to be so amazing! Is doing makeup a natural talent or did you take classes, read books, teach yourself...?

I am completely self-taught. Some of the most talented artists learned the skill on their own and didn't go to a cosmetology school. The truth is that creativity cannot be taught; it can only be developed on your own. I constantly learn new techniques by doing online research and looking at others' work. This is also where I get my inspiration - by looking at work of other talented artists.
-Something I want to know - how do you keep your skin in such beautiful condition? It's gorgeous! Do you use products from your own range, such as the primer?

My number one beauty secret is probably that I have never go to bed with makeup on. Never. I can be dead-tired coming home from a show at 2 in the morning, but the makeup must come off. I love makeup and wear it every day, but know the importance of letting my skin breathe at night!

My skin is also very sensitive and easily irritated (even by something simple like water - it gets all red and blotchy! Craziness!), so whatever products I come out with, I test them on myself first. My most recent invention is a Foundation Primer. It preps your skin by making it super-smooth, so your foundation and concealer glide on like a dream. I use it on my models and my own face everyday. It's one of my favorite tricks. ;)

My own needs are often the inspiration behind my inventions. For example: I've been looking for an eye-safe glitter for years, but couldn't find any. I don't understand why companies like MAC that do sell glitters sell the body version only (if you look at the label, it will say "not for use around the eyes"). But I want to put that stuff on my eyes!!! So my line offers glitters so fine, they are eye safe! Aren't you glad we don't have to risk blindness any more in the name of beauty?

-You have such a delightful style too, do you have many admirers and questions about your makeup when out and about?

I live in New York where getting a reaction for something you wear is damn near impossible. Still, I'll get comments sometimes on the street and girls ask me about my outfit and makeup. I'm always happy to chat about that kind of stuff. :)
-Any top tips on makeup for red heads?

I think redheads are magical. We are in all the fairy tales and paintings! Because redheads are so unique, they can pull off a natural look as well as dramatic. If you are going for a subdued look, the rule of thumb is to let your skin tone dictate the shades. If your skin is more yellow, stick to warmer tones; if it's more red, go for the cooler tones. None of this applies when you are doing a dramatic makeup. I've always said that the best color on you is the one *you* like, so don't be afraid of color!
-Whose makeup would you love to do of all the celebs and legends out there?

I would love to do Lindsay Lohan's makeup, Dita von Teese's, Lady Gaga's. Last weekend I got to do makeup on my friend and my favorite model Mosh. I had less than 20 minutes to come up with something show-stopping, so I went for lots of glitter and glossy red lips.
-Lastly, what does the future hold for Lime Crime? I'm hoping a huge range of all colours and products!

I currently carry 29 eyeshadow colors and 7 glitters, soon to add more glitters! I also have a setting powder and a foundation primer and a set of brushes. I am looking to expand into making pressed eyeshadow, glitter eyeliners, and a special glitter base I called Sticktacular! in the future. :)

Thank you Xenia!!

gucci by who else

I just have to say how much I love love loooove this advert! Every time it comes on (which has increased dramatically by double Hollyoaks watching this week, sad I know) I think ahhhh! It's the way they're all so lithe and dreamy and all that gold and omg Natasha Poly's jaw, swoon! I found this behind the scenes video too which shows them dancing around, they're all so tall! I love Freja and Raquel too, but think Tanya Dziahileva wouldn't have gone amiss in the lineup. I have a feeling the perfume will smell very strong and rich but may venture into Selfridges before work tomorrow to check it out, maybe ask for it as my Christmas present. If only they sold them as those huge bottles in the adverts, not that I'd able to afford it!

your lucky day?

Somehow I've been offered loads of free goodies to give away recently and have been offered an amazing prize from the people that sent me to the Specsavers awards! A (UK) reader can win a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook - a mini-laptop with Wi-Fi and embedded mobile broadband!This seriously dinky laptop weighs less than 1kg and has an 8.9" screen, so you can throw in your bag and go online basically anywhere, any time! I know a lot of bloggers are against promos but this is a benefit for you, plus it's a too cool prize to pass up!

So basically, you win a laptop and 3 months of connecting to the internet anywhere! I was going to just pick names but have made a little quiz instead! I don't think it's too hard so feel free to enter if you live in the UK, put your answers in an email to, and if you have an extra special reason why you deserve to win then you can add that too. I will make a video picking names out of a hat and anyone with a good reason will be entered twice! If you're a student who's always bored on train journeys home or maybe constantly on the move and needing to be connected, this might be right up your street. The competition will end on Sunday night at midnight. The netbook will be available from the first of December with a prepaid 3 monthcontract. Then the winner will have the opportunity to extend it or not, but they will anyway keep the laptop and can connect to the internet normally via wi-fi and lan to normal networks.

Vodaphone are running their own competition too so if you see this guy around the streets in the next few days, you might win one too...

To promote the launch Vodafone have given an Inspiron Mini 9 to a bloke they've nicknamed LiveGuy, who will be touring around various parts of the UK testing out the netbook whilst leaving behind clues to his location. Every day he's out, he will have up to three Inspiron Mini 9s to give away to anyone who comes up to him and says the magic phrase, and a fourth will be given away online to who can best locate him on a Google Map. It has already kicked off and he might be in a city near you this week, and you can check out how he gets on via his blog, as well as Twitter and YouTube.

girls aloud to be pale

We all probably have those mental lists of things to buy when we have the money/get round to it and will hold off buying until the impulse strikes. I've just ticked a few Kevyn Aucoin books off my list and also a few days ago I bought a Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts foundation from ASOS. Some readers may not know of Girls Aloud, the sugary but sexy pop UK girl group who are now pretty huge and basically everywhere. Girls Aloud are a big guilty pleasure in my household! So you may or may not have followed the transformation of member Nicola, who over the past years has been taunted for not living up to the rest of the girls, mainly for not having loads of curves and being ginger. There always seems to be one singled out in every band and now you can read interviews of Nicola saying she desperately applied fake tan every night and thought she was ugly. Of course this not true as if you look at her now she isn't even the same person!

Girls Aloud were famed for their saucy outfit and major tans and makeup, but when they did a mini TV series to develop a dream they'd each had, Nicola gave up the fake bake, went back to her red roots and created  a makeup range called Dainty Doll especially for very pale skin. I can vouch that every foundation comes in an orange shade and none actually work with pale skin. Nicola's hair has got redder as she's got paler. I admire anyone who will dance to the beat of their own drum and make the very best of what they have, as I said a few posts ago. I'm sure it's very inspiring to their young fans who see Nicola saying 'yes I'm pale but I'll show you it's beautiful.' Just look at the last picture of her before!

Oh how I wish I could be as dewy as her, but my pale skin is just kind of dull. So I finally impulsed on the foundation in the middle shade 'ivory' as it does actually come in pure white. It was £12 and it is pricey for the amount you get, and check out the huuuge box ASOS sent it in! I hope they bring this out in a bottle as it's quite a solid foundation and helps if it's warmed a bit. I can vouch that it does give great coverage, but you have to use quite a bit while it's cool as it doesn't blend like a liquid foundation would. It's strange getting used to a colour so light as it doesn't do anything for say dark circles; I'm using it as a highlighter in the areas that light would hit off. It's also weird to have foundation that actually makes you your natural shade, just with clearer skin, rather than like applying a new face! I'm very tempted buy the two tone blusher too, I might put it on my Christmas list! But it's great that Nicola is finally happy in her skin, and I was very happy to hear rumours of a Vivienne Westwood campaign!

puss in boots

I conquered my grudge against boots and actually found some I liked!  During (one of last week's many) work break, I rushed to Topshop to return the size of the dress below that didn't fit (I got two) and pondered shoes. I love shoes but I never buy shoes. The fact that decent pairs are now £50+ is the main issue, and if I were going to spend less on a cheaper pair, I might as well just wear the ones I already have and already like? But the benefits of having a part time job (minus the down of having no time to blog!) is that you can treat yourself a little more. Well, to an extent! Like I was veeery tempted to go down to H&M on Thursdaybut if any of the items were not by CDG and just on the normal racks, I wouldn't have picked them up, so buying just for the designer is not the greatest reason to buy Iguess. I tried to persuadee myself on a polka dot scarf but getting up at 5am for a scarf did not seem like a good idea. I have a white shirt fromthe Viktor and Rolf collection that I sparsely wear so go figure.

Anyway, despite the tangent, I was in Topshop laaast Sunday and was pondering these superbly high glitter mary janes. They look tiny in the picture but the stiletto heel was about 5 inches. I don't really tend to gravitate towards super high heels anymore because my friends are all quite petite and I feel a bit silly dancing above their heads, despite only being about 5'5. I stood around for ages looking for an SA and even accidentally went up to a normal shopper thinking she was one (oops!) but they were really busy and with time running out I finally got apair and tottered around for a bit trying to decide. Do you know when you've gone all the way, battling through crowds and waited ages and used up a whole lunch hour looking for something to buy and you just think what the hell, I like them, I'll get them. I didn't want to use up a whole lunch hour shopping and coming away with nothing, making it pointless! In the Topshop here they send the shoes to the till for when you stop shopping so I looked around a bit more and came straight back to the shoes and saw these boots. I said before that I don't fancy boots too much and I thought hey, these aren't really my signature style. I think in Topshop everything is mildly appealing and you kind of get the feeling that almost everything in the store could slot into your wardrobe and you'd wear it, say if you were given a mystery item for free. So sometimes when in there, you have to adjust your eyes and hunt for things you really, really like, especially as most stuff is more pricey than the average high street shop. I looked and looked though and thought so what if they're not typically the sort of thing I own, the whole point of shopping was to find something I don't! I jumped on my thought and rejoiced in finally finding some boots that I liked and had a heel high enough to be prominent but easy for daytime. With ten minutes to go, I bought them instead! I'm wearing them here with socks that Happy Socks kindly sent me! I can definitely agree that they make for a very happy wearer.

I've worn them all week and despite being suede, a bit of rain didn't hurt and they are still very comfy.

lock your daughters away

I bought a dress that might be a little slutty. Maybe not slutty, but a bit of a difference to children's prom dresses! Ah see I was browsing the Topshop website at home and saw a dress similar to the All Saint's Mabelle dress I've been watching on eBay for a while. Before I got on the train back up here I picked up two sizes in store to save postage fees. I'd recommend the dress if it's up your street as it's thick material, much more sort of supportive (?) and tighter fitting than AA dresses and its not too short, at least on me. I like the one strap, although I am going to have to ruin it by wearing a clear bra strap or else it will fall down! I'm not sure how this would fare on fuller busts (ourclassic retail speak for big boobs) because it can barely contain mine and that's not exactly the hardest feat! The only bad thing would be the grey panel is a bit loose at the bottom so wrinkles a bit but I guess if it was tighter, you wouldn't be able to walk! 

I don't know about you, but do you reserve certain outfits for certain clubs? I subconsciously divide mine into alternative or chart so tend to wear playsuits and sailor dresses to indie places and fitted dresses for studenty chart nights. I would wear this with platform heels to one of those clubs but still with maybe wet-look leggings and ankle boots to alternative places. (Well about as alternative as our house gets is 5th ave! I am well aware that there as some great clubs out there calling to me but my friends cannot bepersuaded! Any recommendations and invites are welcome- am I willing to go clubbing with cool Manchester people who I've never met before? Um yeah! As long as there were some drinks involved beforehand...)


So steering away from some pleas for speakers that play anything alternative/rock/etc, as always there is a risk for wearing TS out, as guaranteed there are many girls out there who now own the same dress. Oh well! Topshop always have that knack of having things in store that you might not have picked up before if you hadn't seen them online, so if I saw this in store I probably wouldn't have tried it on and thought 'hey, this is the replacement u-neck dress'! Often when I go in store I feel bombarded with so much stuff that I could easily buy that I end up buying nothing!

I've also included this photo to prove why I don't wear bandage skirts during the day- it's pretty indecent! But I want to say that living with girls has really proved how most of us do not like/appreciate ourselves and this has to stop! As we're watching TV some friends will constantly discuss looks and weight and I don't know whether it's growing up or just accepting who you are, but I know there's alot of teenage readers here and sometimes you need to step back from the warped mirror and see yourself through someone else's eyes. A few years ago I thought my legs were chunky and I had an ironing board body with a supersize bum (...I could go on...), but you have to just see yourself in the best light. One friendsays 'oh I have no boobs and I'm having a fat day' (I'm talking size 6-8 friend here) and anothersays 'if I could I would give you some of my boobs, they're too big, I just don't like them and hide them away'! If I continued to go round thinking gosh my butt is huge, I must hide it and complain about it, then life wouldn't be fun, but sometimes you have to think you know what, Iam bootylicious and if people are going to know about it, well there you go, c'est la vie! I always think that in fifty years time I will look at photos and think how much better I looked now, so I hope everyone appreciates their own quirks and irks and flaunts their 'flaws'. 

the mystery machine


I just had a midnight revelation! Okay, a 2am revelation, but none the less, something just made me sit up and remember the best comment Theresa of Chic Looks left me! It was a few weeks ago when I was super stressed and it was in my 'to post soon' thoughts and somehow got away. Well not anymore! I wouldn't put it past Theresa as Chic Looks is my favourite blog for super duper fresh and new inspiration as she's so clued up on hot new designers- no wonder her avid fashion eyes happened to come across the photo from the shoot I spied when I went to London! Remember on my birthday while walking up Portobello Road we saw a gorgeous model in warped, sky-high shoes and big feathery wings? Well the photo shoot is here on flickr but sadly there is no info. It's weird that I was expecting a glossy, fierce photo when it's really quite imperfect and more natural, the setting not playing a huge part. Can anyone help with what magazine it is from? The credits seem in Chinese so I have no clue! Thank you Theresa, it's so cool the photo was uncovered!


Since I had to get the train straight from work, I could only take thing home that I could fit in my locker, so currently I have two tops to my name. Argh! So time to do a quick tag from Elisabeth of  Thrills and Frills, I love seeing her new buys!

six random things about me;
1) my dad is a fireman
2) i'm letting my sister move into my basement bedroom and trading for a match box room 
3) a mushroom grew in the shower at my uni house last week
4) i left my phone in a uni cafe a few weeks ago and someone handed it in, i wish i knew who it was to thank them
5) i don't really like sleeping as i'm afraid of bad dreams
6) i have £22 of library fines from one stupid accounting book that i will so never pay (although apparently you cannot graduate if you still have fines?!) i only had it out for 1 month, they are pricey!

six random things i like;
1) food shopping, i love vegetables and tofu and muffins and shortbread and cheese and olives
2) having something new to wear
3) youtube tutorials
4) dressing up 
5) chuck bass/ed westwick   
6)  staying at my nan's house (which i am about to do!)
six random things i do not like;
1) regrets and not taking the plunge 
2) my scary alarm clock that means it's definitely time to get out of bed 
3) typepad's new look, what's with the crazy spell check?  
4) people who sit in reserved seats on trains and the people who ask them to move, it always makes me cringe 
5) how i cannot wear a strapless dress without safety pins 
6) having an endless to-do list 

I'll tag Leah of Coral Stars, who I have met in person at a Birmingham bloggers meeting where we were the only girls! She is even cuter than her blog, if you can imagine as it has the best layout.


happy haunting

Sorry to those scared by the last post, I didn't think it would be convincing!! I had a really bitter sweet Halloween weekend, which started immensely and kind of went straaaight down hill!

On Friday a few of my house mates went home so the three of us left, plus a boyfriend and a lecture friend, made vodka jelly and partied it up! I had been plotting all week after watching a ThreadBanger video on YouTube that mentioned a video from Petrilude who did a tutorial on a MAC face chart for zipper eyes, with realzippers. So on Friday I excused myself to go do my makeup while my friends were busy ripping Primark shirts and then emerged with a seriously freaky face! I got the zips from the fabric store in the Northern Quarter and the tutorial is amazingly descriptive, it only took about 20 minutes for the whole look. EDIT: somehow the video has been removed? I'm sure it will be back soon, keep checking his blog! Like I said, I didn't especially have a costume so just wore a sailor dress again, job done! If you are shy of attention, I would never recommend this look as throughout the whole night an imaginable around of people were staring and pointing and asking questions, walking around the club was just a parade of stares! I made a video while doing my makeup which I'll have to put up when I get onto my laptop, but I used special skin adhesive (£3 from Affleck's Palace) and eyelash glue to stick on the zips, and it HURT peeling them off. I had to remove my cheeks! It was like pulling off plasters and left a trail of dried glue, ouch. Down the sides of the open zip are fake lashes cut in half , and a full one just under the other bottom lash line of the closed zip eye. I used a cherry red Barry M dazzle dust and some old H&M black eye shadow. That was basically it!

The days started going down when there was an unimaginable queue for the first club, then we walked to another with the same thing, so ended up in a non-studenty bar with extortionate drinks! Lesson learnt- even in reading week people will stay for Halloween. Here are a few snaps of my friend Sophia shaving her tights to ladder them (genius!), us and my friend Katie and lecture friend Gayle with our pumpkin called Pump Diddy, our jelly, the bus, Katie's boyfriend Pete who discovered a new love of dressing up (haha), and just me. I scared a LOT of people and grossed out loads too, FYI this is not a pulling look!


So we got in pretty late and I had work the next day at 8am, hence removing all traces of zips and glue was vital! I'm OK with not much sleep and got through the day fine, I think it was the train 20 minutes after my 9 hour shift finished that made me extra tired, then getting off and rushing to my home in Birmingham, doing the zip thing all over again and rushing across the city to my friend's house to go out AGAIN. Having only had lunch during the whole day, any drink went STRAIGHT to my head and that was it, out of the club before it was even midnight!?!?! My friends told me it was 3am and the club was shutting and I woke up on Sunday morning wondering how the hell I had got home. I'll spare the details! I'm totally annoyed that I missed a night I was really looking forward to and had made all that effort and missed out on seeing loads of people! Argh! That's just it though, there was no way that I could have gone out again after working so much and having few hours sleep and sitting on a train for nearly two hours. I guess things happen for a reason but I wish I could turn back the clock, no zips again until next Halloween! Boo! Oh well, I'll get over it, but I wish there was some kind of calculator that would factor in everything to tell you that after one drink you would be falling over in a club! Video will come soon! (of the make up, not my sorry state!)