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myths and predictions

I bought some jeans in the Urban Outfitters sale. Whyyyy? I do not know. It was a moment of cold madness where jeans seemed like a sensible idea. Or maybe it was a blue moon. Anywho, I wore them last night to see my oldest friends (and baby Lilly) and they nearly spilled their wine in shock and disgrace and told me to go home and change, until I brandished another bottle!

Also it's that time of year where you do anythingto avoid revision, or in my case, starting revision. So I pondered what makeup to do for tomorrow night. I got a load of blue shadows for Christmas so I was going to do smoky blue like Elie Saab AW08 but then found this youtube tutorial for Girls Aloud style makeup which is a bit like Dior AW08 with the false lashes and crazy liner. I didn't have any strips but I did have a pack of individual lashes with a few on each bit. Not sure which to go for, what do you think? I think I'llwear my one shouldered Topshop dress. So many of you guessed I went to the Fort on Boxing day, I didn't even know there were lots of Brum readers so you might see tomorrow I'm going to Bar Risa on Broad Street, only because we got 2-4-1 tickets and you SO know I want to hear some Britney at midnight! Chavtastic times!


ignoring my own advice

It was only a week ago that I said I had overdosed on lace, yet today I came home with a lace dress. Hmmmm!! I'm quite glad I didn't join the other 2800 shoppers that hit the Bullring, Birmingham's major shopping centre, today, instead opting to go to a smaller shopping park near Spaghetti Junction. Even there was full to bursting but I thought I'd made the best decision as I cruised round Topshop crowd free, although they didn't have any jumpsuits. In fact I didn't cross anything off my carefully formed 2009 shopping list.

River Island had a queue that snaked around the WHOLE store. I tried to find the end for about ten minutes before realising it was probably never ending, and put the belt I was going to buy back on the shelf. My sister and I ventured into New Look, which I where I got this dress. In my defence, I was given a voucher as a present, and to none UK people, New Look is quite a cheapie shop, though they do have a Giles Deacon range. I saw this dress at £15 and it fitted so I snapped it up. I then realised it was lace, ah well! Like many of you said, you can never have too much lace. I think I'll chop a few inches off the bottom.

That was really it for my Boxing Day spends as my sister had to be in work for 12 and my Nan isn't really up for too much rummaging! It was crazy to see people with armfuls of clothes fighting to the tills, do people still have money to spend?! I dread to think of the people already queuing up right this minute waiting for M&S and Next to open at 5am. It's not like the country has developed a die hard fashion obsession, clothing is a fairly luxurious buy if you already have some on your back so I guess everyone is just trying to take advantage of major reductions. What's going to happen when the new season stock hits the shelves? Looking at the shows, there aren't many radical trends or statements so most might just make do with what they've got or snag more things from the sales. When I'm generalising here I'm meaning the majority of the public, who maybe a few years ago went shopping most weekends to buy something that might take their fancy but now will only part with cash for non-guilt buys that feel like a bargain. It's a bit scary for the fun and evolution of fashion in the way that most might not consume fast fashion now and plump for 'investment' pieces. They're saying the economy hasn't been this bad since the end of World War II, but if they could have style then, that means there is hope for us!

I'll show you the Topshop dress I got later, it's a little too big and generally impulse buys that aren't perfect just end up never being worn so I'm not 100% sure. But seems as Susie is showing some sisterly love, here's my sister instead in the TS dress she got. We don't look very alike!

boxing plans

Judging by all the million 20% off/free postage/gift voucher emails in the past few weeks, I'm thinking this year's January sales are going to be epic! Well lets hope so. I have to go back up to Manchester tomorrow to work (I know) but due to the only available early train, I'll have some time to shop around. No sure that I'll want to with the crowds though, might decide to go vintage shopping instead. No one will be vintage shopping on Christmas Eve right? I'll save the high street for Boxing Day, when my Mom and sister and I always hit the sales early along with everyone else, although we do plan on going to a little shopping park to avoid the Bullring.

There are a few things I'm looking for but I'd absolutely love a jumpsuit (preferably with 50% off!). I have (many) playsuits but not a jumpsuitfor daytime. A lot of people like dresses because you can thrown them on and job done, so a jumpsuit would comply too! Welcome back to Veruca Salt as it has to be known they are all over the runways again- SS09 needs a jumpsuit. I love the patterned ones at Topshop and Etro but something slouchy like at Sonia Rykiel might be more versatile

Topshop already have an amazing online sale (are they going to add even more lines?) with loads of jumpsuits. I might cave tomorrow and do a massive online order as I'm worried nothing will be in store. At least you can return things in store when you order offline, but when you already have them at home, there's a great temptation to keep everything!


everyone needs a little faux pas

I love going out and tend to keep checking my phone throughout the night for the time because I don't want it to end! I've recently been out as an angel and in an awful santa nightie (there will certainly be NO pictures of that!!!) and got on the train on Friday with a decent hangover to go out with my oldest friends from home. Birmingham people may know subway city, quite full of indie-cindys and a £10 in, free bar policy. I mostly love getting ready to go out and have a mental outfit rota, with some outfit more suitable for different clubs, but I think I've mentioned that before! Last year I tried to take photos each time but now it's usually a bit more of a rush to get ready; on Thursday I finished work at 11.15, threw my santa dress on at the lockers and met my friends in the club! I ran into my boss on the way out who said I looked dressed up  but I rushed off quickly encase she wanted to see my outfit!

So back to Friday, I got ready quite quickly, with Gossip Girl hair (my new favourite) and dusty, metallic pink eyeshadow (which actually works for red heads!) and had loads of time to take photos as my friend was late, hence why I'm holding my phone awaiting his call! I've just thought that I haven't shown you these Topshop shoes I got off eBay- I will this week! They have a platform so they're seriously NOT safe for steps in clubs, as demonstrated when I fell out of the DJ box... don't ask why I was in there in the first place! This is only the second time I've worn this playsuit from the Etsy store I'm Your Present, which I got in the summer, because I love it too much!! Well I have only worn my other outfits once as I bought loads of stuff in the summer but didn't go clubbing as much as I do in Manchester. So in effect it is my most favoured item! Ahhh it's lovely to wear as rompers make you very happy! The only problemo is going to the loo, which is why I couldn't wear a bra extender to lower the back as then I'd have to totally strip off, ahem! Fashion blogs are so advanced nowadays with such lavish photographs that I feel most seem to lead a blemish free life, but I took this silly photo just after I rang a taxi as I knew the playsuit would fall down at the back and reveal my bra all night. I keep meeting readers in clubs so I hope you know that yesI am the girl who just fell over and forgot her clear straps, woops!

like it's going out of fashion...

There's no doubt we're well on the way to SS09 and, seems as it will last up to August, we've got a lot of time to invest! But what about everything bought this season? Most people seem to dance to the beat of their own drum (as they say!) and maintain trends aren't important. I think there is a difference between trends and fashion trends, for instance wet look leggings have had a sudden boom and I'm seeing them out all the time, but in 2007 they were no where to be seen, despite being first on the runways. I don't mind confessing that I love checking out what's common across the runways and forecasting trends. To some extent this is to follow what's 'in' but it's mainly the interest in what's happening in fashion and to sample new looks. There might be only a few fashion trends that developinto street trends, depending on what the high street jumps for. I wouldn't choose H&M as a desert island shop but somehow I buy a LOT from there. They've got some great floor length stuff in at the mo but the length looks a but strange with coats so they will have to wait for a few months, damn! Otherwise I've somehow acquired a lace skirt, lace leggings, a lace top andan array of lacy tights. By now it's not so fresh and I know come February I'll be looking elsewhere so the best thing seemed to be to get the most wear out all of it at the same time! Haha how wrinkly are the leggings though! Lace is quite versatile anyway though, like the skirt and top could just be a dress together, but at least hopefully by January I won't shoot myself for being a trend whore!

the travelling jacket

I'm part of the fashion network site Modepass, as I met one of the founders Elodiein Luxemborg,  and over the past months a Heimstone jacket has travelled around to all the ambassadors over the globe. Of course my photo skills are by no way on the level of most and my back garden will never transform into a dewy forest or desert dirt road but it was fun to style an item and see how everyone else did too! Check out the rest of the pictures here, there's still more to come, with Rhiannon next!

about as wintery as it gets


I don't have a winter wardrobe to pull out at all. Infact I don't own a jumper? My thinking is that after Christmas in three weeks, we're well on our way to Spring, therefore jumpers are not on my mental shopping list. This icy week though I've been forcing myself to add woolly knee highs to fend off frostbite. Why there is a strapless top still on rotation, I do not know. Nothing a cardigan can't solve! I wear cardigans all Summer though so in the end the weather is not a huge factor!

I went to the hair salon again tonight as a model pulled out and my housemate was going too. The guy who did my hair hada vendetta against my head and brushed continuously with a huge paddle brush for about two hours, so my head is really sore! You always end up keeping schtum in the salon though. I'm being a test model for him so we'll have to go through the whole process again but I'll tell him my head is sensitive or something. Word of advice, if you model at a hairdressers once, you'll keep being called back! I did get a free haircut though.

Also tomorrow it's my friend's birthday and we're going out dressed as angels. I could post pictures if you want but I don't think they will be easy on the eyes. I know, I am a shameful fashion blogger, but sometimes you have to look a fool in aid of birthdays.... I'm running through for makeup ideas to keep my sanity.  My friend did make mars bar vodka though so I don't think I'll mind too much going out looking cerazy, you knock a few shots off a bottle of vodka, add two broken up mars bars and put it in the dishwasher for a cycle so it all melts. Good times!

gucci greens


Ah it feel good to blog! To start a slew of things clogging up my camera, on Friday I found myself with a rare half an hour to seriously ponder what makeup to do. Remember last year when I used to pick catwalk looks to attempt each time I went out? Well there's a lot of Gucci love around here at the mo because the minty eyeshadow that goes right into the inner corners is possibly my very favourite beauty look of SS09! Of course I am NO expert but I happened to have a great Rimmel match. Next time will be much smokier though.

I too am wearing my hair curled up although I blow dry sections around a round brush and then pin up the curls for a few hours/over night. Allllso I otherwise live in these cupcake pjs and have infact ate a pack of four today- damn those enticing deals that call to me from the cupboard. I must go to bed before I ramble anymore, they are playing xmas tunes on the radio and it's 2.27. I'm working all over Christmas so will be up and down from home to here, including Christmas Eve, sob sob.

Here's a strange tilllate picture, which I'll pretend is like lastnightsparty instead of a tacky student photos whoring site. It shows the makeup anyway! I would also like to point out that I have found a miraculous range of bras (since I do work in lingerie) that transforms pancake-type people into bustilicious bombshells. All will be revealed soon...(not literally)!