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what's the craic

I bought the tackiest bag EVER! Well I was waiting to bid on an almost identical one but forgot about the auction so emailed the seller, pleading to contact me if the winner didn't pay. She messaged back saying she had an even bigger (= better) one! I nearly killed myself so thank god I can still indulge in my latest love of everything pink and Barbie-worthy. Seriously, bring on the tack. The Luella FW09 photos I've seen so far involve lots of plastic hair slides too! I've got the biggest urge to get some really awful fake nails in zebra print or something. Anyone know any good nail places in Manchester? Speaking of well, Manchester, I'm trying to trick my friends into going to Clique at Mint Lounge on Friday, although it might be a bit too hipster?

I spent the weekend sorting my life out and now, in blogging terms, sort of feel like I did last year when every post was an impulse to whatever. I don't know, this was the first free weekend since September and there's nothing better than doing nothing, or at least just work. I bordered my room in Blythe post cards.

I also wore this floral jumpsuit out when some of my house mates and I went to get food, but it's kinda hard to sit down in so Iunzip it and wear a bit like overalls. Here's some photos from Elle's SS09 collections which is seriously good, especially if you like to make scrap books or mood boards. It's huge and smells like ink. Hopefully tomorrow I'll pick up the new Lula! My notes and needs are after half the pictures.

It's Susie!!!


I love this year's take on the typical summer romance, lots of nudes and peaches and then crumpled, clinical white.


Need to sort out my blazer for a pre-Spring dry clean, or for the price just buy a new one off eBay? More free time means I've been ebaying way too much. Check out that pink in the centre fold too.


I like colourful metallics the best, but not sure how to inject some apart from metallic leggings? I hopped on and off that ship in college and don't plan to board again; maybe some metallic foil covered bangles?

More nudes. Pity I don't even have many nude items. I also have no pink items.

Clashing patterns are hot.

A pink blazer would be heaven. Still loving jumpsuits but just can't find a good high street one that's not hareem style.

I can't buy any more one shouldered things or I will be sick of it, but that shape does feel the coolest at the mo. I've not got much cash at the moment so might find something to just snip the shoulder off. That said, those Emma Cook boots are still calling, I hear they're in the Oxford Street store??? If anyone is willing to pick up a pair for me, please contact me!

Sheer never seems to be a trend out of fashion for very long. I like sheer stomachs, and I just bought a cut out dress (in a too small size, oh well) that would be good with maybe something mesh underneath.

Must experiment with bra tops asap. Maybe a bandeau bra would work? Topshop have some cute frilled ones in at the moment.

I'm determined to get into jewellery. Determined! But the best accessories look natural and when I get dressed they make me feel too overdressed. Some HUGE hoops might be good.

I'm glad there's lots of new legging inspiration, everything is printed. Right now I prefer wearing leggings under short dresses than tights, but my wet look ones are biting the dust and I try not to invest in the same thing too many times as you have to move on some time!

Belts come under accessories for me, just an unnecessary addition. But I'm trying! I like the really wide ones.

Tribal is a trend I've never jumped on but I'm liking everything animal print, overly embellished and flashy right now. Maybe that's to do with the pink love.

There wasn't a huge beauty movement this season but I do like the the graphic line you can usually expect from Miu Miu.


£1000?!?!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY? Some eBay seller is auctioning the to die for Emma Cook Topshop boots which I was SO SET ON BUYING but sold outin HOURS for a BIN of £1000?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand the seller must be very clever but this is so depressing, especially as they have photographed one boot looking like it's stamping on the other. PAIN! If anyone out there spies a pair in a 6, please snap them up for me!! I have my heart set on any other colour now... must make checking the TS website part of my morning routine...*sob sob*

EDIT: I just saw that this is my 666th post- coincidence much?!?!?!?!?

new york fashion week fw09/10

I've been waiting to post this alllll week! Have you been enjoying NY Fashion Week? I have! Probably the most I ever have as I was a bit cautious of this depressing economy and how it would reflect, but all seems right and I can't wait until Autumn! I save all my favourite looks or trends in a huge folder on my computer and refer back to it nearer the season generally, but there's no point posting about anything other than the fashion weeks right now, you know it's what everyone's talking about! There's no way I have a chance to even dip my toe into any kind of show in real life so I'm living through the lucky bloggers that can and here's some of my highlights for New York. These kinds of posts take so long to make but they're so fun!

One of the first things I noticed was fur; lots of black fur. Not necessarily all fur coats, but mainly fur scarfs and throws, which is easy to emulate and can replace your winter scarf for instant runway tributes! I've worn my vintage faux fur shawl quite a few times, it makes me feel important! Phillip Lim shows the boys can do it too and my favourite is the super long Betsey Johnson scarf. I LOVED this collection; there's something too about not doing a full on show, it brings your attention back to the clothes instead of the drama and I'm glad Betsey went less prom dress, more young, sexy party animals.

Where did I see some coloured leopard print tights??? Ahh Topshop! I will be down to the TS sale on Sunday or Monday to nab a few pairs if there are any left after the Saturday crowds. I'm liking leopard print tights a LOT at the moment- I like to imagine I'm part of the Skins cast who all seem to have their little personality quirks thrown into loads of aspects of their outfits, if you see what I mean. Kind of mismatch but glamour rather than jumble? Like I say, imagine. The new Skins twins are awfully cute. Why am I talking about Skins? Way too much drug taking in this series I think. Still, Diane Von Furstenberg did animal prints in a more tribalistic way, which I have never been able to pull off. Also now I can't think of DVF without thinking of Whitney Port. She is the best.


Ah some beauty looks. Whats with all the natural makeup this season?! I do like Zac Posen's huge eyelashes. Obviously not Zac himself, but his lovely models who also had coral lips and some amaaazing plait hair bands with cone STUDS! This is a DIY if I ever saw one! Pity there are no buy-able plait hairbands in my hair colour, even in Selfridges, but I guess the obvious thing is to just plait your own hair and maybe make some studded hair slides? They almost look like crowns or horns. Either way sounds good to me! I'm into lipstick in a BIG way at the moment too, I need hot pink, orange, coral, and now black or dark, dark plum. Does anyone have a favourite cheap lipstick brand that really lasts? Not too impressed by the staying power of Rimmel or No.7.

Do you ever look at photos from nights out and think God where is all that makeup I spent an hour putting on?! I found the solution is loads of blusher, and then taking a mini one with you so you can reapply on the bus and in loo breaks; Betsey Johnson's may be a little too much, but Benefit's new blusher Coralista looks like a great match for it. And hellooo 80's! What Marc says goes, so I guess we are needing high, high cheekbones, thick liner and bright colour splashes. Not a problem, Mr Jacobs.


All the reviews seem to have latched into cut-outs in a big way, the trend would be easy for the high street to do and is it just me or are girls getting a bit more body happy lately? I'm talking about the huuuge sales of bandage dresses, and OMG literally the WHOLE of Manchester is wearing American Apparel dresses now. Woo hoo... not. At least I got almost a year of clubbing without seeing double, although the dresses are pretty subjective to whoever wears them so are not totally noticeable.

Whose leggings were shown last time that had slits all the way up? I contemplated DIYing some (might still do that come to think of it) but this Alexander Wang pair look marvy and again, easy to copy. Oh Michael Kors how this jacket is divine!! Also loving the cut-out coat from Preen, there were a lot of cut-out things to choose from in their collection but I know many people find it frustrating in Winter that their outfits are hidden, so this coat sorts that right out!


These body stockings look amazing, under the trousers takes the biscuit! I want one of those corset bras that Topshop seem to keep selling out of. Have you seen them in any other stores? I have some American Apparel store credit so I might just get the the high waist skirt and wear it with lace tights and my Monki lace top. Don't think I'm ready for a full on Alexander Wang moment just yet!


Layering hasn't been a specific trend for a few years, I remember an amazing Teen Vogue editorial which must be somewhere that was all grey layering. I'm so looking forward to chunky knits again and belts over jumpers!


OK hands down these tights are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jewels and sequins- this could be the best DIYever! In fact no, it WILL be the best DIY ever! Must get down to the fabric store immediately.

Because Rodarte is always so mind-blowing and technically incredible, it's sometimes hard to draw inspiration to daily life. But if they pop up anywhere else, the return of the tunic could be in store. It isn't my favourite dress shape but I do like the little belts.

Already I'm adding things onto my mental shopping list. Like I said above, I want a tight high waisted skirt like at Ruffian, and I really love the low cut blazer from Calvin Klein. Is the Doo.ri jacket sleeveless with a sheer blouse underneath or does it have sheer sleeves? I've never been that attracted to sleeveless blazers but I'm starting to change my mind!


These looks are things I want to wear right away, like the black socks with the most girly white dress from Jill Stuart, or a really sleek silhouette similar to Doo.ri's look. Again I'm liking the lace tights under trousers too at Ruffian.


These are a few snaps I saved but just couldn't categorise-they're just amazing! The floral trousers from Betsey Johnson are fantastic, especially with the blue socks! Love! I like the mix of patchworks and checks at DVF, and the ankle socks with heels which is again a trend from a few years ago, just when I started this blog. The Marc Jacobs show was a feast for the eyes, I especially loved the angles of the silhouette from head to toe, and the hair-omg! Still on the trousers kick, I hope the velvet things from Anna Sui are in fact trousers! I like the leathery looking ones from Preen too. On a video, someone described the Narciso Rodriguez dress as 'liquid black'- it's divine! I also loved the hair at Rodarte and especially Oscar de la Renta, seems quiffs and beehives and bouffants are here to stay, yay! At first I wasn't sure about the Rodarte makeup but now some blusher in a sharp line seems amazing, and maybe could be achieved by applying blusher while some tape or paper was on your face, then peeling it off?


The biggest surprise? Erin Fetherston. I've mentioned many times how her EXTRA girly, whimsy clothes just went beyond the mark for me and were just a bit annoying, especially since there seems to be no progression. The reviews thought the same, but now I LOVE some of her latest collection, even if I don't think it was innovative enough to win back the critics. The bear and rabbit masks are just amazing, I'll be looking in kid's sections for maybe some hair clips with some on. Also the dress with the blazer is pure heaven, and that cape!!!! Luscious!!


And prizes for the collection I saved most pictures of was actually Miss Sixty?! I thought they were headed for bankruptcy? Hopefully not at this collection was very inspirational, I love so many aspects, from the shoulders and neckline of the jumpsuit to the cut-out bit of the dress to the amazing latex dress/coat creation and the magazine print leggings AND the huge fishnets- will definitely be looking into those!!


Most New York fashion weeks don't really inspire me very much, but I'm loving this year! It's all so young and playful yet edgy, and VERY accessible. Now I can't WAIT for the Topshop show (apparently space themed!!) and omg the Luella show (apparently military themed!! with huge bows!!) this week!

All photos from!

think pink!

Have you ever seen Grease 2? That's by far more inspirational style-wise than the first in my opinion! When I was little I used to demand to watch it every time I went to visit cousins on the coast as they had the video, and can't imagine wearing pink without thinking of Michelle Pfeiffer and the absence of poodle skirts. Totally off that topic though, I nabbed a free H&M magazine today (and read it in a lecture where the lecturer picked my name randomly out of the register for discussion in the seminar and I didn't have a clue what she was asking, bad me!) and I want and NEED pink trousers in my life. Ever since that fluro pink lipstick from Saturday, I am on a pink stint. I'm convincing myself it suits me a LOT (lies) and just know some will make my brain go fizzy and my eyes pop. Get my drift? I sound loony (it's 2.30am) but the FW09 shows so far prove they can be worn throughout 2009 and provide great reference for the already predictable dominant trend- The Eighties. Although it's much more slick and intense than retro and rave, thank God.

It's half-term break here at the moment and as we were stalking today, I couldn't help but notice and remember how girls who possibly aren't old enough to go clubbing will channel their efforts into day wear. Picture me with no makeup on apart from mascara, wind-whipped hair and scraggy tights, weighed down by heavy bag, trying to slyly talk into a phone while actually stalking someone for thiscrazy coursework. Then imagine (after the 5th trip into Topshop while following people) allll the girls around with backcombed yet sleek hair, popping bright lipstick, hair bows, cute little cardigans and pumps with patterned skirts, and mini heart shaped shoulder bags. That used to be me!!! What's happened!! Well early lectures and no half-term happened but I do miss the thrills oftime off school or Saturday shopping trips with friends, wearing a new outfit you'd been bought by your Mom and giggling at boys. Damn you girls look too cute nowadays! I really am put to shame, if only I didn't stay up so late contemplating my poor effort to get up earlier in the morning to do something about it!

it's her birthday, she can cry if she wants to

Ooo so here's some snaps from my sister's party, where she alone took 450 (?!?!) photos! Facebook is exploding. She wore a red Lipsy dress from ASOS which was superbly shiny and all detailed at the back. At MAC they gave her huuuge lashes and bright red lips. To answers the Qs, we had to go to Selfridges as all makeovers were booked in the Birmingham MAC shop and in the Harvey Nics in The Mailbox, and we booked 5.30 and 6pm so for the first parts the Bullring was still packed and people were just ogling me and my makeup-less face and then me and my HOT pink lips. They were £25 each and you get that amount worth of products; you had to pay for the lashes. The makeup artists were LOVELY and they do give you the extreme of what you ask for, but after an hour the makeup had settled and doesn't look so crazy when not under bright store lights. Not that I didn't like crazy, I will so invest in hot pink lipstick and eyeshadow, though would have never drifted to those shades before.I've tried to get some good photos but they're just too dull, but at least you get an idea. I don't like taking photos right of my face either! I asked for bright eyes and pink lips and damn they give you BRIGHT eyes and PINK lips ahhhh. Well worth the money people!


Also I forgot to mention that my sister's best friends arranged for them all to go to London Fashion Weekend!!! Jealous much! They got her a huge box and filled it with underwear and bikinis for their summer holiday and buried at the bottom was a laminated card with the plans for the hotel and travel, how sweet!


Like I said, I didn't really know anyone as none of my friends could come (boo you guys!) but it was a rave 'til 4am and my sister had the best night ever. She's coming to Manchester on Wednesday, uh ohhh! Notice in the photos she has a necklace with a shot glass on.

cold shoulder

I'm not feeling girly at all at the moment, has the time ended where something strapless and poofy would suffice? Maybe when the summer comes back that might change, but I feel like purging all the prom dresses I own that make me feel guilty for reaching for another black dress. What's with all the black lately?! For the past few weeks I've worn tight black dresses almost non stop, here's the H&M dress that was only £8 with last weeks 20% off promotion. I saw a girl in the same aa dress in a club on Friday too, but they're not totally obvious so it wasn't really a problem.

I'm typing this from home as last night was my sister's birthday and today is one of my brother's so I'm here for the weekend! I'll post pictures of the party when they come in as I think she had the best night ever, there were about 130 people. I got Chloe a MAC makeover as her present and she loved it, although her eyelashes fell off in the night which was disappointing as they looked marvy. I needed some MAC stuff so I got one too, which was similar to my one before but this time was super hot pink and bright purple with the brightest pink lipstick EVER. It toned down throughout the night and I learnt how to actually put on foundation using a brush properly. Still my sister was super stressed throughout the day and I think spending an hour sitting still helped. None of my friends were home and someone I invited didn't come so I knew just about no one and spent the night going between my Dad and stepmom... and my brother and his little mates... and my Mom and her friends who danced until 4am. I did meet a boy whose brothers are signed to Select and Storm and he had the most amazing cheekbones like ever. But as I said, I didn't know anyone so spent most of the time watching my sister dance on tables and nearly get chucked out of her own party. She looked gorgeous too, I'll put up photos! I wore my Treasure Chest Vintage dress as I was banned from wearing anything short or tight or getting drunk by Chloe, go figure!

On Thursday my friend Katie and I tried to do our stalking coursework for hours and it was sooo hard! It's impossible to secretly follow someone around as they shop and I don't really blend that well so I think we scared a few innocent shoppers. We gave up and had lunch in the Arndale foodcourt and a random talent scout asked us to apply to be the face of some new crisps as he was looking for a red head and a brunette? You get £1000. Random stuff like that happens to me all the time.

thumbs up

I just looked at some really old posts, like really old, as I just found some old party photos and wow did I used to post some crazy stuff! Blogging has reached such a high quality that a lot of the time now I will think of posts but then they seem a bit stupid and so don't publish them. Do you prefer lots of posts even if they're a bit random or posts with a clearer purpose every once in a while?

Well in the spirit of some old school posts, here's some 2am gossip. A few people are adding me on facebook through here which is not the greatest idea because my friends make an album after every night out that might be fairly shocking! I forgot to tell you about our house party which was marvy and full of vodka jelly I baked myself. The entire house was sticky in the morning though. Thank God our landlord found some people to rent our house next year before the party as we were worried some would come for a tour and find loads of people crashed all over the place and it being a complete tip! Also I went to Bristol on the weekend to see my friend at uni there, and all my other college friends came up/down to visit too from their unis so it was a big rave up, even if it was very snowy. I miss living in halls! Hopefully that might explain some absences of late. Also lectures have started up again and they've plonked a huge workload on us, the best being some marketing coursework where we have to stalk two random members of the public round a shopping centre and record their every move! Katie and I tried it today but kept loosing people all over the place and looked so shifty hiding behind rails and hanging round outside changing rooms! If any of you are thinking of doing a Manchester textile course I might be at the open days answering questions too!

Stop by The F-Word for an article I wrote a while ago that they've just published. I know there's a lot of young girls reading here so tell me what you think!

I just read this quote from a Teen Vogue Snapshot and think it's a really sweet idea! "When I walk down the street, sometimes I play a game where I have to compliment one thing about the outfit of everyone I see-no matter how hideous.  It gives me a lot of inspiration."

Student loans and all that went in but I'm barely wearing any of my wardrobe so am *trying* to not buy anything more. It's my sister's birthday on Valentines Day (and my two brothers' on the 11th and 15th argh!) and she's having a huge party in a club at home so I booked her a MAC makeover as her present before it, but I might get one myself too! Not sure how the night will turn out as she things 150 people will come, but since she will have ID by then, next week she is coming up to Manchester to party! I have a new absolute favourite thing to do, if I ever have early lectures that finish for the day in the morning, I'll usually pop into town as my building is really close and wander into the Selfridges beauty hall. After about two minutes a counter will offer a free makeover or to sample their product on you, and then give you loads of samples! I asked about the face creams at Clarins and they gave me all these! But it also made me cave into buying some YSL touche eclat as it is marvy and the SA said that colour 2 is an exclusive, only available in Selfridges. Then I popped into cheapo shop Bodycare and saw they had it there for a fiver less! Cheeky! I'm on a fake eyelashes stint after getting the Duo glue from MAC for about £7 so you can buy any old cheap lashes and they will definitely stick! I've sort of managed to actually be able to put them on by watching lots of youtube videos; the trick seems to be to just balance then onto your own lashes and barely fiddle with them. H&M are having that fabby 20% off week and I was looking for a one shoulder version of u-neck dresses (like I need anymore?!) and thought they'd sold out, then Katie said 'do you mean this dress?' and picked one up in the right size that was hanging strangely on a random rail all alone, woo! I got this CDG jumper in the sale for only a fiver marked down from £30 but it's not so special, it just has a few crazy seams. I found out in Selfridges that Freedom jewellery by Topshop has it's own concession where they had an insane sale and have the whole range. Pity I just don't wear many accessories no matter how much I buy. And this hair mousse is marvy!

Ah here's a picture I took just before we went out on Thursday to Aquapop at Pure where Wiley was making an appearance that night, you know the 'wearin ma rolex' guy? We called him willy all night and kept asking people 'excuse me, when is willy on?'. Haha maybe you didn't want to know that!

ropes, zips, grommets

I'm feeling florals. They've invaded my brain! I'm trying to hold off on the tights front because I have an unimaginably HUGE collection of tights and sadly there are only 7 days in a week; probably only 5 of those where I dress to face the world. Sooo I ordered this Peeps skirt after reading this post on Dreamecho a few months ago on their seriously desirable stuff. If you're not a 'tops' girl, i.e. you tend to only buy skirts and dresses, then check out Amelia Lindquist's threads. I love it all! The deets added to everything are insane, therefore I had to pick the most loaded item in the form of this bandage skirt in washed out florals (!) with rope lacing up the sides (!!) and grommet edging (!!!) and it's all angled at the front aaah! Plus it's all handmade to order so you're getting something most likely no-one else has. Nowadays if I'm about to go high street shopping I'll find something online that I like and then anything I pick up, I'll think 'Hmmm is that as good as that item I could order?' It works! My hair's straight because I modeled at Trevor Sorbie again, I'm deciding whether to keep it for a few days or not.


I'm also in Teen Vogue's pick of young fashion bloggers!

Also can anyone give tips on American Apparel lamé leggings? I don't want to invest and see them crack a day after, but I impulsed on a skater dress and can't get a cash refund!